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  1. When I was just getting into the game and catching up with new packs I used book depo. Luckily for me my local shops owner is as keen on the game as I am so he gets packs in ASAP.
  2. I'm glad someone appreciated my ideas enough to quote them. I totally forgot about these ideas.
  3. I would also be happy with that, and think its perfectly doable.
  4. Is there any kind of legal constraint regarding using art for a digital version? Legal issues often stop good ideas in their tracks. If me buying the app and rebuying the 'DLC' packs of adventure cards gave FFG more money and made them notice that LOTR LCG was heaps popular I would.
  5. It'll be out shortly. I was just being a smart mouth. Haha.
  6. tey do?... link please! War machine war room. Warhammer quartermaster.
  7. Perfect timing, I just started holidays. I'll definitely be involved in this.
  8. Warmachine, hordes, and warhammer all have companion apps. There would be 0% loss in sales if they distributed a companion app with quest logs, faqs, rules errata and a deck builder. I don't know why they haven't. I already have this forum, a few card search sites bookmarked and I have a notepad for a makeshift quest log. All of this things in one place with official support would be amazing. An actual digital version of the game I'm going to say a short no to. Just doesn't seem likely. Which is unfortunate, because it could be really fun.
  9. I think we are all much better off working the sphere out through statistics first, then use theme to back it up. There should be 2 of each sphere per cycle on average. The alternative is asking 'what does spirit MEAN?', which is a much less structured way to guess an answer. Theoden is a master tactactian and able warrior (tactics), who fights with everything he has (spirit), he knows many things as a wise king (lore) and he can muster and lead people (leadership). So how do you work out where he fits? He fits better in certain spots, which is also determined by card pool and existing heroes. So it's hard to say.
  10. I included it, since the sooner I establish my board position, the sooner I lock the quest. Much more draw is always better than more draw. It's just that I find that, in my deck, DK's cons outweigh the pros. I 'll try WANI instead. Less impressive (in my non-Dwarves deck, that is), but more trustworthy. What's WANI? I can't work it out.
  11. You're knocking these games out quick! I need to get back into the swing of it now. I got up to 24 over a 2 week period, and now have to refocus after exams.
  12. I think it's time for me to make a super elaborate first player marker.
  13. Yeah I know right, I don't even know where to look in Aus.
  14. Nice job, Carrock is very satisfying to beat. Welcome to the game.
  15. Are you going to add ??? Rohan hero and ??? Ranger hero like you did for the unknown spirit one? It's still confirmed information.
  16. Completely agree with this. If he gets nerfed (even just cost of 5 instead of 4) I will be upset....If anything he should have only been able to ready OTHER ents and not himself as well, but I would kinda rather this not be changed either as it detracts heavily from how good he would be and I would not use him at all if this was the case. Good point. I noticed that he can ready himself but the readying is really, really expensive, considering that you would probably be wanting to spend his resources on paying the Ent cards. I am excited if there really are Ent cards other than allies, that would be jolly sweet.As for powerful, I always think the iconic characters should be powerful. The only time I am calling for errata is when one specific effect is outright stronger than other (whilst doing the same thing) or when there is a stupid strong synergy. But characters like Gandalf, Treebeard or Glorfindel should be "better" than others in a way. Now for Tom Bombadil, him and Goldberry! The only great icons still not portrayed by the game... I am honestly thinking of running him without other Ent allys... it is expensive and it is awesome to spend on getting ent allies out while keeping resources on your heroes and saving them for better use HOWEVER, his stats are better than the other ents.... so I'd pretty much always rather just have a second action with himYou do make a good point though. Plus getting more allies out helps against treacheries, archery and much much more Definitely either running him on his own, or with x3 Booming Ent in the same deck. I've thought about adding just him to my existing decks. Heavy hitter that can double action every two turns.
  17. I dont understand.... which combo is it? it's just a silly method to make him Outland so he can gain bonus from the other outlands. 6/8/7/9 or more if you play with partners that discard outlands and you brought them back with stand and fight + map of earnil + dwarven tomb. You're a sick sick man... I like it. Haha
  18. Doesn't this go for any card that costs more resources than you have? There are much more expensive cards that aren't neutral. Gildor for example.
  19. (Ill just @ whoever I'm directing my comments at because the quoting system is cumbersome on my iPad) @Pharm, regarding the ent traited events, I think this is a definite possibility. We have eagle traited events and that trait is very small and self sufficient. So I'm going to say yes. @Estel, I think you're right, if not exactly right. What a neat card. @Catastrophic, I thought of archery and other 'damage when revealed' effects straight away too. The 3 hp is an awesome amount. When we saw wandering ent I thought it was maybe too much, but now I see why. Pippin is lore and Merry is tactics the same as the ents revealed. Is this a coincidence or am I blinded by Hobbit love? I thought it was just coincidence but now that we have been told we won't get any more ents in this cycle, idk... I think the next lot of ents could be in one of the two towers boxes (that's the big battle at isengard, right?). PS, is there any reason Treebeard couldn't ready himself? I can't see one. 3 4 damages attacks every 2 turns is pretty epic. I think I'm going to use this cars a lot, even by himself.
  20. When I googled hobby lobby it came up with some political group. Haha. But I found it. I'll have a look at my local Australian equivalent. Thanks.
  21. Where did you get the box from? And did you make the divisions yourself?
  22. I like bigger encounter decks for exploring searching type quests, like Emyn Muil, but that's not a great example. I like the feeling of searching through easy and mundane cards then finding the winning card (victory points, winning condition) or something dreadful you didn't see coming.
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