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  1. I think Ion's are ok as they are. But, as popemobile100 stated, you simply won't see them in many meta lists because most players are not using vehicles (albeit Bikes and maybe a ATRT here/there) as the way the most objective scenarios go, it's better tactically to use Infantry. Plus, many are vying to get more Activations in per turn. That said, most of my games are casually competitive and Ion is used more often because vehicles are definitely being used every game. I think once we get new vehicles.. as it will be the new shiny we'll see more on the table and then Ion will have a bigger role to play. - Cedric
  2. I got all 10 of mine from Frontline Gaming (FLG). Very good quality, many different prints and sizes too.
  3. Definitely can as some scatter terrain can play a barricade role. When I look at FFG barricades, I can conceptualize a soldier actually jumping over it etc. When I look at my scatter boxes and crates, most do not look like something that can be jumped over. Sure they can give off similar/same cover. But as far as looking the part of an actual barricade, they do not do it for me. (for reference, I use Imperial terrain 3D printed crates and containers). However, if I have a table set up and my opponent would like to use them as such, I can go with it - just hasn't been brought up yet. I do suppose that I may want to get *some* games in with them as when I go to tourney's or events I'm certain I'll be seeing some. To answer your question though, I use normal 'light', 'hard' cover and apply LoS rules. Though.. it may be fun to paint some containers up red color and have some house rules where these have 'wound points' and when a red container is out of wounds, it does a radius explosion! and then have a replacement terrain feature that shows a blown-up container. Hmmm.... I think I'm going to do that now. - Cedric
  4. I have yet to ever even use barricades in any of my games - only used them once in a demo back in early March before I bought into the game. They are not required and not always needed. If you feel you have to have them, then perhaps I'd look at how your terrain is set up on the game board, how much you are using, and what types. I prefer games with lots of terrain and my boards are dense with it, so perhaps that is why I'm not that big on barricades. Also.. I *do* have crates and other scatter terrain that are 'like' barricades but do not have the actual barricade terrain rules. Maybe I just don't like the looks of them - they really don't fit into many game-board aesthetics and game immersion is huge with me. - Cedric
  5. That's very cool. While I do not have a degree, I have organized and talked in medieval seminars with hands-on medieval replicas at schools, clubs, and colleges. And that literature is great! Going from literature to film, I love the Sean Connery adaptation of 'Sword of the Valiant'. - Lord Cedric
  6. I use two Star Wars Dice Bags - one for me and one for my opponent if he/she does not have one (and wants to use it, of course). I also have several X-Wing, Imperial Assault, and Armada dice bags that I can use too. Works great for the random command token draw. I also have each command token in a plastic coin capsules (Lighthouse brand) - perfect size and give more substance and weight while in the bag to draw.
  7. First buys after the starter boxes will vary from person to person. You'll have a competitive crowd who will get what their local meta needs. You'll have the ones that will buy everything released no matter what because they love Star Wars and have that need for a grand collection and list building availability. Then there are those who will only buy one faction and stick with it. You'll have mix of these and you'll have some that don't even fall into any listed. But we all have something in common: the love of Star Wars and the models we like. FFG gave us a list structure from which we have limits, min and max, for the different unit types. I'd start there. Take a look at your collection and see what you are missing from that structure. Take a look at the models available and see what you like. Ask yourself what are you playing for... fun? Competitive? Casual? Mix? Collector? There are plenty of resources available to know what the unit cards stats and abilities along with the upgrades are and what they can do. If you're not sure on what to get next, build some lists that look fun to you and then try them out via proxy. You can ask 50 different people what to buy next but only one person can truly answer that - you. - Cedric
  8. Thank you! I registered as Fadril Adren.
  9. I have been practicing medieval combat, both competitive and professional, for 20 years now - one with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and the other with a live-steel non choreographed fully armoured fight group. In both organizations, I am Cedric - having achieved the title 'Lord' and an esquire for one, and the other a knight. You know that a name 'sticks' when your family can't get your attention with your real name while in a crowded area and must call out your persona's name.
  10. Fantastic! Best of luck. How are you looking, terrain-wise? I do not yet know if I am available that day, but I am 2 hours away near Three Rivers, Michigan. - Cedric
  11. I have played a couple 4 players games (2 vs 2). We played it a bit differently than above though. Both teams built one list together each and then divided those units between themselves. When it came to the overall leader (if only one commander was present), then they both would decide together on what that model did. Teams went into separate areas to discuss their overall tactics and what each player was going to attempt before deployment but after the condition/objective cards were decided. Each team was given time between rounds to discuss new strategies etc... else anything during the round was chatted openly at the table. This was a lot of fun.. the game took longer but no one seemed to notice as everyone was very much into it. Afterwards we talked about how it played and everyone was quite eager to do another one. - Cedric
  12. I'm on the 'other' boat... where I get at least 2 of everything released. Some things 4-5 of. lol. Because.. it's Star Wars and it's my sci-fi kick (only sci-fi setting I actually highly enjoy). So, for those of you who don't buy everything. Thank you! More for plastic-crack gluttons like myself. :-D (seriously though.. this game plays very well so far without having to own everything) - Cedric
  13. Thank you! And you are most welcome. - Cedric
  14. I bought these from Mini Duels while at Adepticon this year. HIGHLY recommend them! And.. the top loadout tray can be switched with another design or a different game system! I also got a top for X-Wing. The drawer has several compartments which can also be moved to make different sizes.
  15. The next reveal is going to be a Rebel melee unit.. that much has been leaked already by a Dev on a podcast. Also, it was revealed by Alex Davey that Legion isn't yet complete as a game and won't be until wave 3. I'd imagine that means we have at least until then before we'd see any type of non original trilogy releases. So, my thoughts that Gen Con may reveal what that Rebel melee unit is going to be plus some new alt art cards or something along those lines.
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