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  1. Recently played The Forgotten Age and I drew this card. On it, it says " You get -1 (Fight), -1 health and gain the Serpent trait." What is the point of the Serpent trait? I looked through the campaign and I could not find where this would come into play. Can someone point it out to me if they know?
  2. Spending the charge would add the additional bonus of +1 attack and +1 damage. So +2 attack and +1 damage in total.
  3. My suggestion is to errata the Phantom title. While you are docked, the Ghost can perform primary weapon attacks from its special firing arc, and, at the end of the combat phase, it may perform an additional attack with an equipped (Turret) that costs 4 or fewer squad points. If it performs this attack, it cannot attack again this round. This also prevents a double Ion cannon attack.
  4. I love this builder. The only thing that's missing and that I think would help a lot is an image of the ship template's arcs.
  5. I want a "small ship only" limit on TLTs.
  6. I would say make it "Small base ship only". TLTs on Ghosts with end of turn attacks are just too powerful. If I'm getting attacked by 2 TLTs, let it be from 2 different ships which might give me a chance to get out of range or in the doughnut hole of one. Also I would make it a 2 dice attack with 3 shots.
  7. Drop the Cruise Missile and chips and put Expertise on Vessery. Also consider changing the Linked Battery for Flechette Cannons. That gives you the ability to shoot with a weapons disabled token.
  8. I've moved to using the plastic covers exclusively for my dials as it saves a lot of storage space. In casual play I don't always put the ship silhouettes in the windows. I find it helps in memorization of the maneuvers on a ship's dial so that I know which dial is for which ship. I will put the ship silhouettes in the widows for tournaments for my opponent's sake.
  9. Lightweight frame adds "a defense die". It does not affect the ship's agility value so anything that would reduce the ship's agility would not affect the bonus die from Lightweight frame. It is the same with range bonuses and obstructed attacks. Those add dice but do not affect the attack or agility values of the ship. So for example: if Wedge made an obstructed attack on a Decimator at range 2, the Decimator would still get to roll 1 defense die because Wedge's ability reduces the defender's agility value by 1 but the obstruction bonus is an added die rather than a bonus to the ship's agility value.
  10. This is the same combo effect as you would get putting an Gunner and R3-A2 on an ARC. On your 1st attack you stress yourself to give a stress. On the ARC, if you are shooting from the front you choose not use your title benefit to only roll 2 red dice because you want to miss. If you do, gunner triggers and you take a second stress to give a second stress, but this time you use the title benefit to get the extra red die.
  11. SLAM, you cannot do a SLAM as a free action. It must be done using your given action.
  12. It would be a pretty strong combination if it works, except that Dalan is PS6. The best use of SoT is when you move after the opponent and at PS6 that is highly unlikely vs. the ships you really want to outmaneuver, so I wouldn't say this would be a meta changing combo in the least.
  13. When you're about to use a torp, missile or other alpha strike that you have a target lock for to make sure you get the full mod for the attack or when your about to get focus fired and you need to make sure your green dice are good to you.
  14. I've tried this. 2x Weapons Guidance and 2x Recon Specs on a Starkiller Base Pilot. So 3 focus tokens when you focus. 2 for weapons guidance and 1 for standard effect. I played it once. I found the need for the 2nd Recon Spec was overkill so I swapped 1 out for Adv. Sensors to focus before revealing a red maneuver. I still need to try the new version.
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