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  1. I know. Was just curious as to whether there was, in fact, a way to measure nerdism. I'm always referring to myself as a hobbyist or gamer, because I see myself as an ordinary everyday bloke who likes games in his spare time. I know someone who likes to label people, but doesn't realize that no two people are alike. It can be frustrating when she labels someone and then gets upset with them for not acting the way she thinks they should. Some people are funny. Obviously I tend to be against the measuring stick approach. It's the same thing that get used to ostracize women who show some interest in "nerdom" by telling them they are not nerdy enough. But regardless, that is how some people are, so I guess we can't change things.
  2. I used the term motivating factors, but perhaps a better word for obligation is impetus. It is what helps drive aspects of the character's own story within the overall story that the GM has. Take Han Solo. His debt to Jabba is the impetus that got him to take the charter flight with Obi Wan and Luke on board. That resulted in the rest of the GM's (Lucas' story). Now the impetus could have been a lot of different things, but Han had debts he had to pay. Had Han been a rebel sympathizer maybe that would have been the impetus, or if he had been an Alderaanian maybe he would have gotten involved to help his home world's princess.
  3. I'm not sure I understand the "ostensibly bad" part of this. While my game is still in the early stages, I don't think there is any reason to look at obligation as bad. Even from a character perspective these are just motivating factors. Certainly a bounty obligation is going to have negative ramifications, but whatever was done to earn the bounty doesn't have to be "bad". From the GM and player perspective, I see obligation as a great way of weaving back story into the over arching story. Like the CRB says, sometimes it can be something as a little added strain due to stress of knowing the obligation is out there and needs their attention, while other times it can be a huge part of the sessions plot, like a bounty hunter coming after the party to collect on the bounty for one of the members. Even with group obligation, you're bringing up the history of the party and how they've interacted with the galaxy. For me this is a very good thing. I agree with Zilvar, in that I can't see a party ever having no obligation. At least in EotE, we are talking about the "underworld" type of setting, things are just too easy to run afoul of someone or some organization in this setting to not get more obligation at some point.
  4. Well I was a jock and a nerd in high school. I don't think the two are as mutually exclusive as people think. I took Latin, was in the robotics program and played hockey, ran cross country and rowed crew. I had more friends in the computer lab than I did on the hockey team I played on. I think we do children a disfavor when we try to force them into a one size fits all label. Yes it is fun to wear our nerd badges proudly, but in all honest we are all more complex than a single stereotype.
  5. Other than a trivia contest where does raw factual data have a purpose? Easy access to the data certainly provides an advantage. One of the problems with encyclopedic knowledge is it is often "common" knowledge in greater detail. So let's say your PC is working for an Ithorian and he wants to earn some brownie points by bringing him a tasty treat. Now it is common knowledge that Ithorians are vegetarians, but your PC has access to a digital encyclopedia, so he knows not only are they vegetarians, but they love Ithorian saffron, so he gets an advantage here, not a huge one though. Let's say he's actually going to try and cook a dish with Ithorian saffron. The encyclopedia doesn't really help here, his knowledge and skills as a cook are what are going to help. I just don't see many situations where even the biggest and best encyclopedia provides more than one or two boost die. Now if you're PC is playing trivia down at the local cantina and he's allowed to use the encyclopedia than it should be rather advantageous, but otherwise it's just a boost in knowledge in my opinion.
  6. Favorite sith? Maul despite his under developed character, even the return of Maul in the Clone Wars didn't develop him as much as I'd liked to have seen. Bane, there was just something about Bane I liked. Does my Sith Juggernaut in SWTOR count? I liked him, nice and evil and a pure blood sith.
  7. Should people be banned from using wikipedia on Who wants to be a millionaire? As someone who teaches online history classes, I can tell you using wikipedia doesn't help my students. Most people who rely heavily on wikipedia and do not realize it is only really good as a starting place for research quickly find themselves failing my class and that's even when they don't plagiarize. A resource like an encyclopedia might be useful for something like an un-timed quiz, but the real key of knowledge is not the facts and figures, but making use of that knowledge. A scholar in my game is going to be useful at deducing clues based on their character's knowledge, not spouting facts. I have a player that has an "Indiana Jones" like character, that often takes the group to tombs and such in search of riches, that's something a digital encyclopedia couldn't do.
  8. That would be nice even if it takes a while to eventually achieve.
  9. This is kind of where I fall on the matter of the uninitiated. Getting the info on the bounty may or may not be that hard depending onthe bounty, but collecting on it is going to be a hassle, since you are not "in the system". Nothing "law enforcement" hates more than amateurs doing their job.
  10. Sadly nothing special planned here, just getting house work done, but maybe I'll find time to pop ESB on and enjoy some classic Star Wars.
  11. Part of me really wants to see this system applied to the Farscape setting...
  12. With Abrams, (and I'm not a fan boy or anything) we have to keep in mind that he was brought in to the Trek universe to bring in the crowds. Trek has been niche for a long time, where as Star Wars has always been more "mainstream". I say this as someone that has a SW tattoo on one arm and a Trek tattoo on the other, so I walk both sides. I don't hate what he did to Trek, it was different it wasn't TNG, but I'm ok with that. I tend to prefer Trek on the little screen anyways and I hope Michael Dorn gets to make his Worf show.
  13. I have a friend that calls the show "Nerdface humor" as in Blackface, but for nerds instead of blacks. I have a friend that calls the show "Nerdface humor" as in Blackface, but for nerds instead of blacks. That is a disturbingly accurate description of this show.... I saw a meme once that had a picture of the cast of Big Bang Theory next to a picture of Arrested Development. On the BBT side it said, dumb jokes about smart people on the AD side it said, smart jokes about dumb people. I always liked that and I'm not the biggest Arrested Development fan.
  14. I don't think you are going to be able to come up with a one size fits all fantasy that appeals equally to everyone. So it is zero sum. For some people to like it more others have to like it less. This will be my last comment on this, as honestly the sheer anger of some people in this discussion about having a few more women is disturbing and sad for a Star Wars community of all places. No one is trying to make a "one size fits all" Star Wars cast. People have pointed out, the cast as it stands is heavy on the dudes. There is nothing :natural" about that, sorry, but it is not. There are millions of women around the world who are Star Wars fans, give them more than one character that is the same sex as them and you've done all that has to be done. Women in Star Wars especially the EU have a tendency to be pretty strong and independent, so no need to make some galaxy shattering changes to the lore. I'll bet most female fans of Star Wars will continue to be fans even if we don't give them more women characters, but what is the harm in doing that. It certainly doesn't make me feel like less of a man seeing a heroine instead of a hero. I'm a man, I grew up playing as Luke I enjoyed it until I found out he had kissed his sister, then I wanted to be Obi Wan. There were plenty of choices in the SW universe for me to jump around in. For women the films had Leia and Padme. No choices, no ability to find the right fit. What's wrong with giving them a few more choices? Strong women are real and not an invention of modern culture. Vikings the TV show is based on history/myths. The little we know about the historical Lagertha is that she was a warrior and there were shieldmaidens, Norse women did fight and die in battle. These are not the only examples, just some of the freshest in the cultural consciousness. We keep seeing WWII imagery, but I've yet to see any Soviet pictures where Women fought as pilots, snipers and partisans. When you're invaded you make use of every asset you have, and that's what the Russians did. I can't imagine the Rebels would have turned down a good woman pilot or solider based on her sex. If in order to enjoy Star Wars fully you have to have fewer females, I do believe there is something skewed in your world perspective. Women exist in the world and seeing them on screen shouldn't hinder ones experience of the Star Wars universe. An all women Star Wars cast would be just as strange as a sausage party (should I make a lightsaber innuendo here?). But no one is asking for that. They are just pointing out 1 women out of 7 actors is a little odd.
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