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  1. The Captcha's are built into the forum software and can not be bypassed by Admins. I was able to register a test account from my PC, though I did not try from a phone. Please try from a computer and report back any issues you are having.
  2. Account creation issue is fixed. You should now be able to register. You will need to register from scratch or provide me with your username so I can manually activate your account. Sorry for the issue and delayed response.
  3. Thanks for getting this up. The site crashing has been a nightmare
  4. I must apologize for the inconvenience. Rider's guild is my site. I recently disabled email notifications board wide as it was exceeding the limits I am allowed on the server. I must have forgotten to change activation to be automatic. I just checked the settings and they have been updated by the other administrator. Please feel free to take a look around and inquire about any open games. Also, the site has several other features including a FFG dice roller and a mechanism for tracking and updating Destiny Pools for PbP games. These resoruces are free and open to everyone.
  5. Than you, that deck plan is perfect for what i was looking for.
  6. While not typically known for its simplicity, I liked the way D&D 3.5 handled swarms (mobs) any creature in the path of the mob was delt damage each turn. Some swarms had different characteristics and were often immune to different things while others were more simplistic. For an edge of the empire setting I would see it being perfectly acceptable for the PC to take automatic strain each turn depending on the size of the mob (much like the would for being in various other environmental hazards such as radiation). This can be in addition to any attacks the mob may make against them individually.
  7. It needs to be space worthy so the party can move from their ship to the surface of other planets to resupply get parts etc... Long through the options provided above I think the lifeboat is perfect. Cheap basic and realistic. Thanks for the help everyone.
  8. Hello everyone one of the games I'm running had the party salvaging an old crashed capital ship. I want there to be a cheap landing craft on the ship that can carry 5 people and is not capable of hyperspace travel (more than the hyperdrive is broken or removed). Any ideas on a good ship meeting this description?
  9. Another option I have not heard discussed is to roll a check while setting up the ambush such as stealth to let the party hide or leadership to get the plan in order. Give this an easy or average difficulty and let them spend triumphs advantage etc like normal. They can either use any boosts etc on either their initiative check or their first action. This provides a slight advantage without being over powered and also give the chance for negative outcomes. IE that being rolled and then hiding behind a loose boulder.
  10. I can't find what I'm thought I had posted but I found this topic on the subject. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/193217-capital-ship-as-a-mobile-base-of-operation/?hl=shadowport#entry1886337
  11. My campaign was designed to eventually have the PDA start their own shadow port on a damaged capital ship. The players are just about to salvage the ship and will need to decide if they want to take that route or not. It is heavily damaged but has a large hanger bay. One of the players has rebel contacts so the rebellion would likely make use of the shadow port. The ship is a quasar class bulk cruiser. It is entirely home brew and I mentioned it a few months ago on these forums but someone else may have Something more formalized. It is a pbp game so if you want the link to see what has happened Send me a pm.
  12. You may consider having the be multiple smaller factories and a larger assembly plant. They will have to go from plant to plant with security being more likely altered to their presence at each facility. The plants may also contain innocent workers our forced laborers that need to be assisted. Add in hot vats of molten metal automated cranes and conveyerbelts and noxious fumes/low oxygen areas/ radiation testing areas/and areas with low lighting the place has lots of hazards before you add in security guards. Of some areas may be unstable and not used but the players don't know that our something they need is stored there.
  13. Thanks for your help everyone. I decided to go ahead and have the speeder sink, fortunately the person they were pursuing was incapacitated by a rifle bolt and crashed his vehicle as well so they are now all sinking in the middle of a lake. It will be up to the players to determine what happens now.
  14. It's a lake and they are at extreme personal range from shore. So it could matter. However they can also radio for a rescue. I was thinking failure meme they go under but they are still able to hold their breath for a while. It's the difficulties I'm struggling with fire swimming. I'm thinking average to tree water with one setback for each range band Traveled And an increase of one for swimming with equipment.
  15. My game has entered a situation where the ability of a speeder bike To remain hovering after exceeding it's strain threshold is important. (I. E they are over a lake). My guy instinct is to say no but I want other opinions. I'm not concerned with them kissing the bike as the just "inhereted" a half dozen, but it sinking will mean they need to swim.
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