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  1. Raider II and HIE

    It’s nice to hear others are finding success with HIE Raiders too. Good to see the otherwise unused Raider II having new life.
  2. Raider II and HIE

    I’m a big fan of the Raider I corvette but I’ve never laid hands on the Raider II. That changed with Wave 7 and the introduction of Heavy Ion Emplacements. I watched Crabbok’s batrep where he melted the shields of an MC75 early with the Raider w/HIE + DCaps combo. Intrigued I tried it myself and achieved a similar result against an ISDII Sloane list. A single Raider II stripped at least 5 shields over 2 rounds not counting regular dmg. And just yesterday a friend of mine completey burned the shields off an ISD with a pair of Raider IIs in his opening salvo. Thats 6 dmg to shields from HIE plus 4 more regular dmg after brace. Based on my admitted limited experience with this built, its seems to me that the HIE Raider II is quite a potent little opener ship. A pair of them can leave a large ship very vulnerable to follow up attacks early and with DCaps they can deliver their payload from a safe distance. They cost 9 points more than a Raider I w/ER+OE, significantly more pricey but I feel its worth it for the ability to burn shields at long range. Works best with Screed and Vader, while still pretty useful with most other Imp commanders. Their only weakness is against CR90s and MC30s and possibly flottilas but those shouldn’t be your prime targets. I was wondering if others have tried this build and what are the community’s thoughts on it. Seems legit to me but only time will tell if it becomes a thing.
  3. Second attempt at wave 7

    If you’re flying the Raider like a CR90 you’re doing it wrong. They don’t do well as vanguard ships. They’re best when you hang them back and then pounch on a target with a good burst dmg from ER/OE combo. Let your ISD lead the charge, that way your opponent will be forced to choose between the big threat or the small one. I play alot of ISDs and I’ve found Raider-Is to be great companion ships that can punch well above its weight class while also performing a dual role as anti-sqd flak platform and anti-ship support. You just need to learn how to use them right.
  4. Clone Wars?

    Based on my working experience with FFG I do occasionally get hints of things to come. Though I'm not referring to Armada specifically, if the general vibe I'm getting from FFG is correct, we may be getting Clone Wars material sooner than we think. Or, I could be totally wrong.......but I still want that Imperial Venator:)
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

    I’ve heard it mentioned that it could be the nebula clouds surrounding Kessel, which I think is more likely. It is a very cool shot nonetheless.
  6. Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

    Looks like we got ourselves a new Tie variant.
  7. Rebels artist aught to be ashamed

    Well, I stand corrected on that then. Thx.
  8. Rebels artist aught to be ashamed

    Ashamed? Did the artist commit some sin? Did they blaspheme against the sacred image of the Chimaera? Lol! As others have said a Chimaera is just an amalgamation of different creatures into one. In the case of Star Wars it looks like a creature that is a cross between a serpent and an insect. It doesn't strictly have to be a creature with the head of a lion, a ram and a serpent, animals that do not exist(as far as we know) in the SW universe. Its even spelled differently to suggest that it is different from the creature from our own myth. The use of artistic license here is valid. Ralph McQuarrie's designs literally inspired the whole look of Star Wars so I don't see why it's an issue if they chose to honor him through a stylistic interpretation that harkens back to his earlier designs for certain ships, in particular the ISD. I personally prefer the look of Clone Wars but even that took a little time to get used to. The Rebels look, while not as appealing, is far from terrible.
  9. Strategic Advisor: A Poll

    Question is what is he gonna do with all those likes he farmed?
  10. If the empire get's another small ship?

    They would need a redesign but I would love see canon Carrack cruisers and Lancer frigates. The Vindicator seems like the Gunboat of Armada, haha.
  11. Yes, I’m absolutely sure its 2 copies. Its part of the reason why I posted this thread because I also recalled seeing only 1 copy of Hardened Bulkheads in Crabboks review.
  12. Why can't the Raider, raid?

    The trick is getting to close range without getting blown up.
  13. Its an Arquitens Light Cruiser.
  14. https://www.artstation.com/wraithdt