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  1. Wraithdt

    Ten Numb: Elusive or Debris Gambit?

    On certain lists maybe, but it’s a lot less enticing now that it’s 10pts.
  2. Wraithdt

    Ten Numb: Elusive or Debris Gambit?

    I’m currently leaning towards DG but Elusive is great too as long as you can keep taking those red moves and spending the stress. DG on the otherhand is better on the forward approach providing a guarunteed defensive mod and an offensive one, assuming you can keep clear of obstacles.
  3. Wraithdt

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Ok. Thank you for clarifying:)
  4. Wraithdt

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    The new update and aggressor AI is great. Thanks for the hard work @Sandrem. I was just building an A-wing list and I noticed for some reason Arvel Crynyd is missing. Is there are reason for this?
  5. Wraithdt

    Arvel and Composure

    I’ll echo what others have said. Predator is the talent you need along with Intimidate.
  6. Wraithdt

    Dear Devs: How to do patch notes

    I’m just giving you sound life advice. If a thing doesn’t give you joy anymore then it’s not worth your time. Am I not right?
  7. Wraithdt

    Dear Devs: How to do patch notes

    Its seems to me that this game is already dead to you OP. Why do you still bother? The game has clearly moved on, perhaps so should you.
  8. Wraithdt

    First Look: Alphabet Squadron trilogy and Tie Fighter comic

    This sounds pretty awesome! I’m loving the starfighter pilot love that Lucasfilm has been giving us.
  9. Wraithdt

    B-wing lists? X-wing 2.0

    I’ve recently been playing around with this list. I kinda like it:- (52) Wedge Antilles (0) Servomotor S-foils (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 61 (30) AP-5 Points 30 (50) Ten Numb (4) Squad Leader Points 54 (50) Braylen Stramm (1) Trick Shot Points 51 Total points: 196 Optional Swarm Tactics on Wedge if I don’t need the bid. Not sure if it’s better.
  10. Wraithdt

    Can Scum please have a small ship force user?

    Eventually maybe but at the moment Scum doesn’t need one. They already have all the tools they need to deal with every situation.
  11. Wraithdt

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Just found out about this neat app from a friend a couple days ago and have been playing a few games with the AI, which is admittedly a bit basic. Great for testing out lists though. Does anyone actually play online versus on this? I’m interested to try it out.
  12. Wraithdt

    January changes - prepare to be disappointed

    More like licked the salt off the ground;)
  13. Wraithdt

    January changes - prepare to be disappointed

    The level of salt here is even higher than that of Crait!
  14. Wraithdt

    GSP Appreciation/Discussion Thread

    I’m not a twitch subsciber or patreon supporter but I’ve been enjoying all of their free content on Youtube. Really awesome stuff. Props to Dion and the rest of his team for all the hard work they put in. Hope to meet them in person someday.
  15. Wraithdt

    Improving Cannons

    The “Linked Cannon” idea is interesting but I’ve come around to the idea that cannons should remain limited in use as they currently are except on a few specific ships. On those platforms (namely the B-wing) they could have an upgrade (probably config) where equipped cannons are buffed or limitations removed. Something like:- Gryoscopic S-foils - (Closed) Reduce the difficulty of all your straight maneuvers (Open) When attacking with a <cannon> you may treat it’s <bullseye arc> requirement as a <primary arc>. Tie Defenders could use a cannon buff too but probably more along the lines of the OP’s “Linked Cannon” idea.