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  1. I think you need to read the whole text of the card. The last few lines say it does not remove a die even if the attack is also obstructed by a card effect. Sounds like he does counter Cracken.
  2. I guess you might need multiple range rulers? I don't know.
  3. The red tinted attack pool box suggests to me that the Onager SD shoots only at long range with all of the dice in the pool regardless of color. This makes a lot of sense to me given that its a siege artillery type ship and one that we’ve not seen before in the game.
  4. Its most likely joint designed with LFL, like what they did with the Raider Corvette. A hangar surrounded by powerful tractor beam arrays as described in the Aftermath books. Its definitely not a huge cannon.
  5. It’s not that they’re small it’s that the only military force the New Republic had was at Hosnian Prime. The Starkiller base attack effectively knocked out the NR government and its ability to effectively retaliate leaving them open to full scale invasion but that doesn’t mean the rest of the NR can’t defend itself as each member world would have its own planetary security force. It would take time for Leia’s Resistance to rally these worlds into a force strong enough to take the fight to the First Order. I reckon that’s what we’ll see in TROS.
  6. Hi Sandrem, thanks for all the hard work. Any idea when we can expect the wave 4 ships to be fully updated? I want to test the Resistance transport but not all the pilots and upgrade slots are there. Thanks again.
  7. The new B-wing sculpt is awesome but not as awesome as being able to finally store them flat on top of each other. Hooray!! On a related note I agree that they didn’t get it quite right with the T-65 wings but they nailed it with the T-70. Mine stays closed and opened with just enough friction on the pivot joints to keep it from flopping about. I really love the look of that model. The new B-wing is a close second.
  8. You’re welcome:) So glad you got the gig. I was just wondering if this is yours. It looks awesome! Did you do any of the Hyena Bombers as well? A couple of those look like your handy work. They put our names on the lcgs and the tcgs cards but for some reason they don’t do it for any of their other games that use cards. I do agree they should be doing it for all their cards though;)
  9. This supposed discrepancy is very easy to reconcile. That episode in Rebels is just a story about how the crew of the Ghost found the very first B-wing prototype and handed it over to the Rebel Alliance who then handed it over to Slayn & Korpil to be mass produced, even using the project name Shantipole, named after the planet where it was found. It took them years to figure out the engineering problems of making a ship that was flyable for most pilots on top of having to completely overhaul the weapons package hence why it only started seeing action post-Hoth. Up until then the B6 prototype was the only workable version, so as far as fitting in with the established history of B-wing production it fits quite nicely, at least thats how I see it. The only real change is the ship’s designer being a Mon Calamari named Quarrie instead of Ackbar, which is a change I’m willing to accept.
  10. I love B-wings and this topic caught my attention so I thought I throw in my 2 cents. Firstly I'd give the developers more credit, they know what they're doing with this ship and what its intended capabilities are in the game and in lore. Given the scope of X-Wing they have had to find a nice middle ground between a capital ship hunter and a ship to ship dogfighter. The result is a tanky knife fighting cannon platform which suites the game quite well. The chassis itself is very solid and is competitively priced but currently its in-game role as a cannon carrier is under-served due to lackluster cannon options and a lack of a config upgrade that synergizes with those weapons. I had hoped we'd get those upgrades with the re-release of the B-wing for Wave 4 but it seems we'll have to wait a little longer. Thematically speaking I think the B-wing will never be the capital ship killer it is suppose to be in this game, perhaps in Epic, but regardless I'm fine with that because as I said the scope of X-wing doesn't allow for it. As it stands I think all it needs are cards that allow it wield the big guns effectively and more pilot options. If you want B-wings that melts the armor and shields of any capital starship it comes in contact with, look no further than Armada!
  11. Back on topic, I don’t expect the Resistance Y-wing to be an updated version like the T-70. Rather given the rag-tag nature of the Resistance and the sad state of their military at the end of TLJ they would be reusing a lot of Rebellion era tech or whatever they can get their hands on. And being rebels they’re good at turning old junk into usable fighting machines so reckon it would be a retrofitted BTL-A4. The FO though, I’ve heard on good authority that there will be a handful of new Tie designs. The aforementioned Tie bomber could be one of them. It fits the narrative of them having the technological edge over the Resistance.
  12. It seems we both have different definitions of what crashing a franchise is. To me they just made a bad turn but I guess we’ll just have agree to disagree here. I don’t know what portion of the fanbase you’re connected to but from where I’m sitting hype for the Mandalorian and Clone Wars season 7 is pretty high. The hype for EpIX is less but not insignificant but once SW Celebration comes around I expect it’ll spike up. I have a few friends who are simply not interested with any of new stuff but majority are at least looking forward to the tv shows if not EpIX. Well TLJ may have split the fan base but it still made a lot of money. Solo did not. As far as Disney is concerned the former was a success but the later did not pan out the way they’d hoped so they had to make some course corrections in response to that. I’m not convinced that TLJ played a big part in Solo’s lackluster box office performance either. What I think happened was the casual movie going audience did not go watch it as either they were unaware of its existance or due to a general disinterest in a Han Solo spin off. I haven’t personally met any who did not watch Solo because they were mad at TLJ, but I’ve met a lot who just weren’t interested enough to go out and watch it or did not know it was even out. Even amongst my friends who hated TLJ most of them went to watch Solo and ended up liking it a lot more.
  13. As overzealous Cpt Lackwit is with his his defense of Disney Era SW your claims of its failure is equality as exegerated. Disney had to do some course correction after Solo, yes, but it is not evidence that the franchise is dead or dying. With the Mandalorian, Clone Wars returning and Ep IX closing out the Skywalker saga there just too much coming down the pipeline to not get excited about something. Besides, no movie franchise is perfect. Even Marvel struggled during it’s first few years until Avengers came out but even then they still had a few hiccups along the way. Its how well they recover from their mistakes is what makes a great franchise and there are alot reasons to believe that SW is getting back on track. Thinking of the slew of quality content we’ve been getting since Rebels and TFA I can’t fathom the notion that any of it was simply rushed without much thought or care or even lacking in craftsmanship. Some of it may have fallen short of expectations but none of it was done willy-nilly and a lot of the new stories, designs, characters and world building are just straight up amazing and an improvement of what came before. Thats just my opinion though and you’re free to have yours but as far as I’m concerned there is no better time to be a Star Wars fan:)
  14. Assault on Jakku!? That sounds like a huge EpIX plot spoiler.
  15. On certain lists maybe, but it’s a lot less enticing now that it’s 10pts.
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