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  1. Well the first ship that comes to mind is Wedge. He is good value at 52pt but he still dies quickly if you’re not careful. I don’t see his cost changing anytime soon, if at all.
  2. Wraithdt

    First quarter Reviews

    Just had a thought.... Although the Rebel’s faction indentity is supposed to be focused on defense and cooperation, they are oddly very vulnerable to token disruption. FFG should double down on the defense mantra and give the Rebels a way to protect their tokens from being taken away, or at the very least make the opponent pay for doing so. This would also make the faction more distinct from the others.
  3. Wraithdt

    New Source for Rebel Ships?

    Not necessarily. The later New Republic stuff would natural go to the Resistance but the bulk of what the New Republic had prior to that period would fall under the Rebel Alliance since it is the same faction but in its final form. Anyway as I said, if The Mandalorian series delves into the New Republic it should potentially be a new source for Rebel ships. Its doesn’t make sense to me if anything from that show goes to the Resistance, since they would not have existed yet. Good catch! I completely missed this one. According to canon a handful of them were at the Battle of Endor so that counts. Looks like a medium ship to me.
  4. Wraithdt

    New Source for Rebel Ships?

    I don't know why but I don't like the idea of the T-wing. Something about it being a failed replacement to the A-wing and being more popular among pirates rubs me the wrong way, but I do accept the possibility of it.
  5. Wraithdt

    New Source for Rebel Ships?

    Ever since they announced 2nd edition I have been thinking about how FFG could expand the original 2 factions in terms of new ships based on existing sources. The Empire still has the Tie Brute and perhaps a couple ships they can mine from Legends but sadly I can't say the same for Rebels. Apart from the R-41 Starchaser and the YT-2000, I'm hard pressed to find another ship that can be added to the Rebel roster, or at the very least any that excite me. The Rebel well seems to have run dry. Having said that there is hope on the horizon, in form of The Mandalorian and the recently announced Cassian Andor series. It will be a while until we see anything from the latter but I am interested in the Favreau series as a new source of ships. Granted it will be New Republic ships rather than Rebellion era ones but considering that the faction already has Legends NR ships like the E-wing and K-wing I highly doubt this will be an issue. Of course this is with the assumption that the series will delve into the New Republic, which I have reasons to believe they would. If so I hope they take the opportunity to introduce new ships in the show. So what do guys think? Can we expect canon New Republic ships to be added to the Rebel roster in the near future? Or do you think there's still a some life left in Legends?
  6. Wraithdt

    X-wing game considered legends

    I’m with others who say that the Legends label may just purely be for organizational purposes. The game as a whole is neither Canon or Legends as it contributes no lore nor narrative but it does contain material from both continuity. The Raider corvette though, that’s canon via Battlefront II. Whichever the text is referring to it is just simply misleading.
  7. Wraithdt

    Happy Friday - How to Fix the E-Wing

    I think they just need a price decrease. The platform itself is pretty good. It’s just about 8-10pts overpriced.
  8. Wraithdt

    Braylen Stramm

    I really like both B-wing aces. Braylen with Cassian can get fully modded shots almost everytime. Ten can solo and manage stress better although there are times where you’re not able to get rid of it. I give him Electronic Baffle in the off chance that that happens and I need to k-turn or t-roll the following turn or just keep it if I don’t need to. I usually give them Adv Sensors but Collision Detector seems good too especially against Quadjumpers. You just sacrifice some flexibility for that tractorbeam insurance. Also something about Ten I didn’t realise until only recently is that he makes a good coordination platform with Squad Leader. Coordinate and get the stress for him to spend. Even better with Adv Sensors.
  9. Wraithdt

    T-70 article.

    Yes, it was. I got the new pilots and cards from the T-65 and Y-wing boosters in my Rebel conversion kits. Looks like you have missing components my friend.
  10. Wraithdt

    U-Wings in 2.0

    Now that pivot wing flips at the start of activation it is a lot more fun to fly. Heff w/ Jyn + Tac Officer + Adv Sen is a very solid support ship.
  11. Wraithdt

    Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)

    Regardless, I’m still gonna read this book. Sounds like it could be exciting. Speaking of which what are people’s opinions about Twilight Company? I’ve only read Freed’s adaptation of Rogue One which I thought was decent.
  12. Wraithdt

    Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)

    As someone who loves the X-wing novels & comics I feel its loss too.....but I also love the new canon so I don’t have the same level of resentment. I look forward to Freed hopefully giving us our new canon version of Wraith Squadron, and if Wedge is in it all the better:) The title is a bit silly but I’ll wait to see what they do with it before judging.
  13. Wraithdt

    SW Resistance tv show ships

    I get this feeling that the T-85 is the F35 of the SW universe. A multirole starfighter that excels at nothing. Visually the design looks like it’s more armored and packed to the brim with advance NR tech but it comes at the cost of speed and manueverability. Perhaps to differentiate it from the T-70 it will have more hull, extra tech and sensor slot but with more red moves.
  14. Wraithdt

    SW Resistance tv show ships

    Having watched the first episode I can say it’s 99.9999999% a T-85. It can’t possible be anything else. Lucasfilm and Dave Filoni would be trolling us big time if it isn’t.
  15. Wraithdt

    T-85 and TIE/FO Interceptor? Let the theorizing being

    You’re in the wrong universe if you think SW is even science fiction. Its science fantasy with the first part serving more as the paintjob to the latter. Shapes, symbolism and visual themes dictate how ships look rather than what is technically or scientifically sound. Perhaps thats not your cup of tea, thats fine, as long as you understand that this is how Star wars works.