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  1. I am one hundred percent prepared to be a member of the "I played Unicorn at release" elite
  2. Also have a friend who is interested (not Uni), so expect two more shortly.
  3. Bored Uni with too much time on his hands, ready for duty!
  4. Gimme a way to send my dudes home in my conflict deck and another in my dynasty and I will show you a happy pony player (me)
  5. Having a high skill floor doesn't necessarily mean something is weak. That is entirely dependent on the skill ceiling and what power level that corresponds to. That's not to say I have any clue what the ceiling is for Unicorn, nor that I think they are top of the power level. I also think very few folks have had the time to refine play, given that the game isn't released yet and has many more layers of strategy than a typical game.
  6. Meh. Without diving too deep into the constant hyperbolic discussion of Unicorn power levels, I don't think it is unfair to say they have one of the highest skill floors as a clan in the game. That's more or less inherent to playing tempo in a system like L5R's; when you are making all the right plays you are bleeding the opponent dry, making them waste fate and cards, but as soon as you make an error it can swing and swing big.
  7. I do want to actually add to the discussion (shocking), and to that end I think Unicorn need a zero cost event that sends a cavalry personality you control back home during a conflict.
  8. Just want to play a little devil's advocate, namely that I am unsure if claiming FFG might have been lying has any strong evidence. Surely a company can re-evaluate the model of their product as it develops over the years. I'd imagine it is nearly impossible to predict how a game will evolve over the course of several years of its life, and how the inherent pros and cons of its initial model may warp the product and ultimately be to its detriment. At which point there's a choice to be made: stick to the initial model at the cost of the game's health, or go back on your word for the potential benefits of altering the design philosophy. I guess my point is that realizing that your early promises aren't sustainable for the game is, in my opinion, by far the lesser of two evils and in no way is proof of an intentional falsehood or scheme.
  9. Seconded most of what fellow Uni's said, but with slightly less salt. I'm waiting for dharmatic balance to be achieved with the inevitable Rokugan Wars (Rune Wars Mini variant... please...?) release where mounted archers must invariably be as hilariously OP as they are in all settings and game mechanics. Turns out it works that way in real life, too.
  10. Honestly I was hoping that FFG would utilize the advancing plot structure of L5R's fiction as a method of creating a cycle not only of expansions, but of core sets as well. Ideally the timetable would be several years for each core just so that it doesn't feel like gouging, but I feel like that could create a really cool evolution of clans over time to reflect both the story and mechanical development over time. Perhaps they could have introduced different formats highlighting different time periods that could be drawn from, somewhat similar to how Wizard's does format rotations with MTG. I realize that's mostly wishlisting, but the point is that I would be totally on-board for a core set rotation after several years if for no other reason than to prolong the health of the game while, simultaneously, servicing the theme of Mono no Aware and the plot itself.
  11. Oh definitely. I've got another deck I haven't gotten around to testing yet that runs 3x Let Go and 3x Mirumoto's Fury, but I also want to test Indomitable Will and MF as well
  12. Definitely seconded on the returning home point; Favorable Ground is great but having more than 3 ways to send a character home would be superb. That being said, I find that sending in one guy with two plus available to add to the conflict can already create huge trades in the Uni player's favor, even if they will ultimately have to bow that single guy more often than not. With regard to Voice of Honor, I find it works extremely well, although I do only play constructed games with the clan's official role so far. Being Keeper of Fire results in swinging for Fire rings often enough just to get those Keeper Initiates for free that I find it fairly easy to satisfy the conditions for VoH. Between having a swing for fire each turn (more often than not) and running Shameful Display I don't seem to have much trouble having more honored characters in play than the average opponent. It isn't always the case, but it is fairly consistent.
  13. Crane splash is already excellent. Been running 3x Admit Defeat, 3x Voice of Honor, and 1x Steward of Honor with good results. Each of those cards do wonderful things for your ability to out tempo opponents
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