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  1. Sorry for the late response but I didn't see this until just now. I've learned a little trick for painting simple eyes that makes it very easy. First of all, you have to start with the eyes. You paint the white first and the secret is that you don't try to paint a dot in the middle, but instead you draw a vertical line straight through the eyes. That's why you do the eyes first so that you can draw this line basically from eyebrows down to cheekbone without messing up the skin. This line is your eyes. Now all you have to do is paint the face around it and shape the eyes using the skin color. Remember that using this technique you will not be able to do a flesh wash on the face without it looking weird. I never use flesh wash anyway, really. Anyway, that's how Wendy's eyes were painted too and if you look closely you can see that her pupils aren't really round but you can hardly tell.
  2. So after all this back and forth about Wendy, I finally completed the miniature on Saturday, but then I went to spray some Army Painter matte varnish over the gloss coat but in a moment of temporary retardation I grabbed the Army Painter white primer and this happened: Luckily, the the front was spared, but nonetheless I can't help but feel pretty discouraged at this point. Looks like she's been sleeping in a snow flurry or something. I guess I'll paint over it at some point...
  3. Thanks for your response, Elrath. I guess I'll just have to make something up...
  4. I have a question and I hope someone can help me. I'm a perfectionist and it would irk me if I made an obvious mistake painting my minis so I thought I'd ask other painters here but I'm sorely confused by whatever the hell Wendy Adams is wearing, the reference picture only shows part of he outfit and it seems different to the sculpt, and it also doesn't help that I'm red-green colour blind. Reference: On the picture above it looks like she's wearing a grey shirt, over that a white blouse, and over that a purple dress. On the miniature, however, that wouldn't make any sense because she also has an apron in addition to her dress and it looks like the apron and the blouse are the same piece of fabric, but at the same time from the back it looks like she's wearing a dress with a blouse over it and no sign of an apron going past her waist in the back unless it's part of the actual blouse but then is she just not wearing the apron in the picture? Or is the apron part of the purple thing she's wearing in the picture? The miniature has a what looks like an open row of buttons in the front that would match the blouse in the picture above, but there's no sign of another layer in the miniature that would suggest that she's wearing anything over the white blouse, at least nothing with a round neckline like an apron would have. So what colour is her actual dress? Is it grey like her sleeves or white like the blouse or purple like in the picture? Then what colour is that darn apron? Where does the dress start and the apron end? At first I thought it's kind of an Alice in Wonderland style apron but there's nothing in the back that would separate the apron from the blouse. I'm just sorely confused at this point. Also, whatever the miniature is wearing surely doesn't look like the's some destitute street urchin... Idk. I know I'm overthinking it but if there's anything I hate when painting miniatures then it's when I have to guess that the hell the sculptor tried to depict because it makes no logical sense or is so mangled that you can't make out what it's supposed to be (looking at you 15mm pewter miniatures). Anyway. Hope someone has any insight that makes sense.
  5. I searched various forums but couldn't find anything specific. We read a passage along the lines of assigned damage tokens can't be blocked but the language on the cards always talks about dealing damage and assigning dice so... Can damage dealt by tactics cards in combat be blocked or do you automatically put damage tokens out?
  6. ^ Yeah, basically what he said. That's what I tried to say but he did it better
  7. I feel like that's a very weird thing to ask because the nature of the game obviously depends so much on faction, play style and army building. From my experience, ranged attacks and impact usually don't kill alone and it's always used in a joint effort with melee units. Melee by far causes the most deaths per round. Ranged units outright killing other units does happen but it's pretty uncommon compared to deaths from CQB. Obviously, if you typically play Empire, and compose your army of crossbowmen, wizards, pistoliers, and hellfire cannons, you will have more deaths from ranged attacks than from melee. If you play Chaos, and compose your army of two bloodthirsters, plaguebearers, and marauders, then you will obviously have mostly deaths from melee. It also depends how smart you play. It's part of the game to position yourself in a way that you will not get killed by impact units for example by using terrain, shielding with other disks, or pinning the impacting disks first before they get to move.
  8. Timpro


    Welcome to our little part of the boards! You'll soon notice we're unfortunately not nearly as active as the X-Wing forum, but it's a cozy little community here nonetheless. I'm sure as the expansions are released it'll pick up as well. And hells yeah, am I excited for the expansions
  9. It actually specifically talks about terrain in deployment zones in the FAQ
  10. 2.1) Yes, according to the rules they are placed immediately after they are picked by the players so the player with lowest initiative picks first, places it, then the next player picks one, places it, and so on. 4) Yes you can. It's pretty low, but yes, you can. I personally house-rule that you can't place terrain in the deployment zones because I like it better that way. For the other answers check the other, almost identical thread you probably posted accidentally
  11. Westonard is spot on about #1 As for #2: I'm not sure the numeric restrictions apply for reinforcing later on in the game. However, when it comes to the zone's abilities, you have to differentiate between cards specifically mentioning deployment, and cards that do not. If the card specifically mentions deployment, like "Ambush" for example, then you are only granted that special ability in your deployment phase before the game actually starts, and NOT for reinforcement later on. Thus, Ambush really only affects up to 3 cards before the game, whereas other card effects, for example the one that grants cover, last throughout the entire game. Hope that helped.
  12. I tend to agree with MechBri.Zilla I can't think of a single disk with mobile that would in any way worry me if I were to face it on the battlefield. The Imperial Steam Tank is about the only strong disk I can think of that has a decent ranged attack and mobile. All other disks with mobile (Hochland Pistoliers, Wold Riders etc.) are either pretty weak b/c stats and range, or have a focus ability or magic attack instead--again, nothing OP in my eyes at all. I'm not trying to be rude, but if even after a couple games you still think it's OP, are you sure you're playing right, using all the right rules etc. ? Somehow playing with slightly off rules is the only thing I can think of that could make you think mobile is OP. Do you maybe have specific examples of situations in which mobile disks have dominated or done whatever makes you think they're OP?
  13. Man, this is even more exciting than the Hammer & Hold expansion! Initially I wasn't too excited about Vampire Counts but this looks fantastic! I can't wait! And yes, two of each box is a no-brainer I think.
  14. That is correct but in my eyes pretty standard. If you think THAT is broken, wait till you discover the relentless/impact combo
  15. ...And about the extra dice: They are clearly just a "nice to have" feature. Not having them doesn't make it less fair for anyone, doesn't limit the game modes you can select, doesn't limit your fleet selection or tactics, and doesn't limit your options or ability to play in any way whatsoever. You just have to re-roll some of the dice, that's all. Is it more convenient to have more dice? Sure. Is it like you say "required"? It sure isn't! With WHDW, the exta cards make it more fair for each player (and ideally you even had 4 sets of cards), the extra terrain lets you play a new game mode, and of course the disks vastly expand your armybuilding capacity.
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