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  1. I would think yes. With Cad coming in July and commandos likely in August. One would think at some point the reprints would be on one of these ships.
  2. You can pre-order from Miniature Market and never get your order. 😃
  3. My 13 year old son made the observation that the First Order was actually the Second to Last Order.
  4. You think they will actually hit the January release? 🤣
  5. Where do I get 4 hyperspace tokens to put on the table? I only have 2.
  6. Is this the first Gencon with no early release x-wing ships since its launch? I guess mom loves our little brother (legion) more.😢
  7. Designer article says available last week. 😂
  8. I like to lick my hands for luck before I roll. You don’t mind if we use your dice, do you?😂
  9. If I have one Upsilon in a list should it be Tavson or starkiller with Phasma?
  10. What happened to the Upsilon apocalypse?
  11. That tallon roll ruling isn’t consistent with how barrel rolls work.
  12. If I’m at a system open and my opponent wants to fly off the board and concede I’ll take it. I suck at this game and need wins any way I can get them.
  13. Game is unplayable, Ryan Farmer is the best mynock.
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