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  1. Thanks. If that happens that would be Epic. its like a Civil war to have one Uthuk warband go against another warband for supremacy. I played Uthuk with another player and towards the end of the game we were maneuvering our armies around the board and we both were getting mixed up on what army belongs to which player. (we both have our Uthuk army painted in red). So we decided to insert banners beside each tray representing each player. We are still working on banners. Kind of wished FFG would have had banners for each army to go at the edge of each tray. (Like Uthuk banner in different colours).
  2. Is it possible to have final game same one faction to be represented by the two player and they go against each other ?
  3. Forgive me for my stupidity who is the second hero ? You refer to the hero as she-female. thanks
  4. A Fantasy miniature game without Orcs or Dwarves is like reading a book with missing chapters. Dragon Lords would be nice addition too. I like your replacement idea’s. I will use my warhammer Dwarves and replace them with runewars Daqan army in tonight session just for fun.
  5. i am looking forward to purchase Neutral units (hopefully to be published in a box). Would you not prefer to enhance your army by adding group of Neutrals as mercenary unit as oppose to more factions ? or perhaps both ?
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