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  1. I agree, but it depends on what else is in your list. I've found that most people will chase Fel or Whisper, leaving a fully loaded Redline destroying anything in front of him. Cluster missiles on him can be very effective.
  2. I flew this at regionals last weekend and did well. Redline with munitions and FCS can put out a lot of damage. Test (100) "Redline" (39) - TIE Punisher Fire Control System (2), Proton Torpedoes (4), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0) Carnor Jax (34) - TIE Interceptor Push The Limit (3), Royal Guard TIE (0), Autothrusters (2), Stealth Device (3) Captain Yorr (27) - Lambda-Class Shuttle Darth Vader (3)
  3. Ok, playing a game with a ship that is firing cluster missiles at Dengar and is in his arc. Questions is, when does Dengars ability trigger with double attacking ships (also like TLT). We are thinking that's it's based on initiative, but are looking for some clarification.
  4. It's already be mentioned, but to get the most out of Vader, you should add Engine Upgrade. If you want to have some fun with Dark Curse, I would suggest adding a Stealth Devise.
  5. For me it's a community that understands that we're playing with plastic space ships. A wonderful change from the 40k universe.
  6. I agree with Parravon. It's the asteroid that causes the damage and not a damage result from an attack.
  7. I'd would have to pick up a few more ship/cards to make that swarm list work. While I do like it, I also like the omegas with the comma and juke for the built in crack shoot every turn.
  8. Mr. Donut, Rebels are an option, but there’s just something that feels dirty about playing them… I like your suggestions on dropping the torpedoes and rolling with the upgrades on Kavil and Guri. Especially the fire control on Guri. I think this list will do well against aces that want to be at range one. I just worry more about the TLT’s and them trying to stay at 2-3. I suppose the banana zappers would be good blockers. I don’t feel that option number 2 provides enough targets to force my opponents to split their attacks; although, it is an unexpected list that may surprise people who have built their list for anti-swarm.
  9. I like the idea of Predator on Guri Jo Jo. Really what I was trying to accomplish with him was to make him a threat at all ranges not just range 1.
  10. Looking for some help picking a list for a store championship the weekend. My play/practice time is pretty limited, so I have really had a good opportunity to test all of these. Any tips or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! Option #1 (Scum 100 points) Kavil- Y Wing 24 · Predator 3 · Autoblater Turret 2 · Proton Torpedoes 4 · Extra Munitions 2 · Unhinged Astromech 1 o Total 36 Guri- StarViper 30 · Proton Torpedoes 4 · Autothrusters 2 o Total 36 Binarye Pirate- Z-95 12 · Feedback Array 2 o Total 14 Binarye Pirate- Z-95 12 · Feedback Array 2 o Total 14 Option#2 (Imperial 100 points) Kath Scarlet- Firespray 38 · VI 1 · Mangler Cannon 4 · Rebel Captive 3 o Total 46 Captain Oicumm- Decimator 42 · Expert Handling 2 · Darth Vader 3 · Gunner 5 · Anti-Pursuit Lasers 2 o Total 54 Option #3(Imperial TIE 100 points) Omega Squad Pilot- TIE/fo 17 · Juke 2 · Comm Relay 3 o Total 22 Omega Squad Pilot- TIE/fo 17 · Juke 2 · Comm Relay 3 o Total 22 Omega Squad Pilot- TIE/fo 17 · Juke 2 · Comm Relay 3 o Total 22 Omega Squad Pilot- TIE/fo 17 · Juke 2 · Comm Relay 3 o Total 22 Academy Pilot- TIE Fighter 12 o Total 12
  11. They're glass cannons. No doubt about that. What about Turr with auto thrusters? As long as you can stay within range one, they'll never get the TLT off.
  12. Ok guys, I'm looking for some advice for a time strapped x wing fiend that can't always get a game in with a friend. I'm not interested in setting up Vassel, but more in a logical way to play against myself. I'm sure this topic has come up once or twice before, so I'm sure someone has a great method to help scratch the itch.
  13. I just started watching the clone wars yesterday and noticed that one of the clones was nicknamed echo. Is this purely coincidence, or is this truly the origins of echo the pilot?
  14. Ok guys, I'm looking for some novels that have a more imperial tone to them. Is there anything out there that contains more back story for pilots like Echo, Fel, or Kath?
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