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  1. Hi! My Herogrp and I just played now all of the Campaign released so far. Nice Quests and Expansions but it gets a Little bit boring, because you know the Quests and the tactics to win them. So we got an idea we want to convert the old Sees of Blood Campaign into the 2nd Edition. I dont know if that would work. So lets Brainstorming... what do you guys think about this idea?
  2. Got all of the 6 Guys and I have to say that Ariad (spiderform), Valyndra and Raythen are one of the best looking models in the game. I don't like to play with papertoken as my Agends. I've baned all papertokes the familars of the heroes are models too (Ferret, Falcon, Apetrap ect, ect) The Plot decks + marker are fine and a nice bonus and give you the chance to get some of the Lieutenants as Agends and the heroes have to handle with it. And if you got all of them you could play evertime another plot deck. Can't wait to get the new ones from Nerekhall, but no one got them in Austria and SoN isn't available in Austria eigther. As a collector I'm used to buy them xD I remember how it was in ED1...never got the Lieutenants for seas of blood...If somebody think the are overpriced should go and buy some models from Games Workshop or Warmachine xD
  3. I took Nurglings from Games Workshop for my Kobolds. I know this is proxing but Tomb of Ice and the other expansions are hard to get, and when you get them they are expensive. Searched for many Monster models. I only got starter set of D1 and Seas of Blood. Did the same with the heroes searched for some Miniatures that look like the heroes what are missing and Play them as Proxy until the 2 H&C's are released and arrived in Austria.
  4. wait wait wait...how could you reinforce 3 Goblin Archers? The Quests I've played with my group say that I can RI 1 Monster at the start or end of my turn (respecting Group Limits) am I reinforce wrong or was the 3 goblin Archer stuff a example?
  5. got the Valyndra Plot today...omg if u have huge or gigantic Monsters on the field the this plot deck is good
  6. 4 heroes is really hard for the OL, 3 Heroes when the Herogroup gets or Chose the right heroes the OL can`t win. there a quests that say when all Monsters are dead the OL loose the game and in the same quests there is no RI. SO WTF? I want back the RI Cards from ed1
  7. On the other Hand the OL is very weak when you play with 3 or 4 heroes and little bit stronger when you play against 2 heroes. When you play with agents and fortune marker and a plot deck the game is nearly balanced.
  8. HI! I miss the OL-Reinforce Cards from the 1st Version. I think the RI is a Little bit too weak in a few quests.
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