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  1. Thanks for that... haha.. okay i take it back I did not check on the pilot card and on the screenshot with all the upgrade it looks like a TEAM slot.... Well then.... i need to get wrapped up warm since there will be some crazy things coming at us! Thank you again!
  2. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news... maybe you take a look at the picture again... R2d2(mech) and c3p0 R3a2 and gunner R3a2 and tactician R5p9 and recon specialist Targeting astromech and hera It is not a crew slot.. its the same slot that the epic ships have... it is a TEAM slot. If you look closer you see the 2 people in front of each other... Sorry!
  3. Well, this ship man... i tell ya... That ship gives me sleepless nights. Anyhow, i totally agree with the SAR and same PS. If a PS 9 attacks Dengar first and he would explode... he gets ONE op. to attack... either way... What really breaks my head is the ruling on lower PS ships blowing him out of the water... A PS 4 attacks Dengar while he has 1 Hull left... he would explode but did not use his ability yet... He defends... rolls his dice... gets the 1 Hull damage that is needed to kill him... BUT before damage cards are dealt his ability would trigger since it happens after the defense but before the damage was dealt... Which would be in the Rules Reference Step 5... Step 6 is Compare the results.. which is already after the defense step. And then Step 7 deals the damage.... Dengar is doing a simultaneous shot and whomever attacked him. I might just not understand the rules anymore... so be it... But im sure we need a FAQ on that. He does in fact, no matter if blown up or not, defend. "Defending" is the trigger not "after damage is dealt". horrible.... i better stay with my empire... they just plain suck without needing lengthy FAQs
  4. A stunning but not less awesome 1st Place by Bryan G. with a nasty list! Congratualtions! http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=1118
  5. they won't FFG uses teh "attack hits" and not "attack deals damage" and that's normal. Ruthless is a poor underused ability with stellar cost and limited use. This.... And then there is the potential danger of hitting your own ships since you MUST choose a target... which can be your friendly ships. (not your own ship at the time)
  6. At least assault missiles do damage. I can see that effect making sense much easier than I can this one. No he does not need to do damage.. thats the whole point. Blount: "When attacking, the defender is hit by your attack, even if he does not suffer any damage." Assault Missles: "If this attack hits, each other ship at Range 1 of the defender suffers 1 damage" So its the exact same situation.. he shoots AM at enemy but roles 0 hits.. still everybody gets hit. So there is no difference in the ruling.
  7. So wait a sec... people need an FAQ (or want) for this combination but where able to understand Lieutenant Blount + Assault Missiles?
  8. Hey Mathew... We (so.. some guys and me) are mostly playing at the GameCave in Hermitage every Sunday. http://www.thegamecave.net So you are more then welcome to chime in and give it a spin. Mostly we play very casual. Actually next weekend we have even a tournament (on sunday the 30th) We got the Summer Kit 2015 in. Hope to see you then... TDP P.S.: Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/272939982880253/
  9. Well, i was there at the reveal and was not as excited as i wanted to be tho... What i find interesting is that the Rebels have a ship that was, maybe, engineered as a counter part to the Decimator. Still we have a ship that can potentially dish out 7 Red Dice (4 main 3 Shuttle) and might have a Turret and as well can take a natural Evade action that ONLY cost 40 points. WOW.... just wow... Let me see... Decimator... okay got 1 more PS (8)... 3 Red Dice... no evade... well it is a turret... oh 48 points. So one more PS and a turret make it worth 8 more points? For whatever reason that makes no sense to me... But that might just be me... Nothing against the ship tho... well maybe a little since i did not want any of the Rebels Show ships... but well.. They know i will buy it anyway... Maybe... Hmmm... or maybe play more Armada..
  10. Hey looks awesome... One thing i would do... go away from these bars... It might even look cooler to do any kind of symbol for the fire power (how many dice) and Hull... I dont like the Bar idea at all... looks weird therefore that it is supposed to be a static value. Maybe instead just use a picture of a black,blue,red die... and then of course the amount.. so Gladiator Front 3 Black Dice symbols and 3 Red Dice symbols. Everything else so far looks cool!
  11. Sorry Dude, i will just have enough money to get a Raider, Wave 7 X-Wing and one of each Wave 2 Armada. (Which, most likely will be the whole money I make there so I, more or less, work for free.. haha) Dang I am happy I can get in there a day earlier... must love Artist Badges
  12. Well, I tried a Outmaneuver on Scum Kath Scarlet and that is awesome. The Aux arc does count as an Arc not so the 360. Fly past your opponents with Kath and fire onto them with your Aux.. well +1RED -1Green... awesome! Well, as long as they did not perform a K Turn.. hehe
  13. Well, i never ordered from CorSec so i cant say anything but at least the prices are okay. I always ordered from LITKO Dude is very friendly and answers emails right away, mostly the same day. Anyhow, the prices at AP are overdrawn no matter if they are painted. What the heck, with a correct etching (engraving) you don`t even need paint since you can see all the symbols correctly. I never had anyone askin me.. oh what is that .. evade or focus? (Okey does not count for me since i got the stand up tokens (and yes there i was willing to pay $1 for each since it is really something different and you get more or less 2 plastic pieces.. harhar) Anyhow, i also think it is all personal preference. I can post the link to LITKO but he does not have anything for Armada yet.. but already got the section so maybe keep an eye on it. http://www.litko.net
  14. Are these prices at Applied a joke? $1 for a token? So 5 tokens for $5? Ya no... thanks... and i cant even change colors... Oh well at least it says PREMIUM... maybe they can brew some coffee... lol
  15. I skip the Perform Action step.... thats the whole issue....
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