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  1. I'd say each player getting two additional obstacles to deploy would likely solve the issue of players putting all of them on the sides. The side areas always being open are ok, but some more variability in the game would be good.
  2. Seems like a black sun ace with bodyguard would be ok. Maybe another with draw their fire?
  3. What I mean is getting a target lock and a shot in one turn is difficult with them.
  4. It's a solid pick on ordinance carriers. The free focus is really great. Target locks are still tough to get on lower PS ships but it can be done.
  5. imo, not good enough Xizor and Guri will be estatic for the emergency teleport, but they already come in with built-in defensive mechanisms that let them see the light of day poor Cobra, on the other hand, would've actually been competitive with a stygium + cloaking device getting him across the battle-field and trading dice in one piece. Now he can still do that, but when that evil eye comes up he's going to be left adrift with an absolutely worthless mod Stealth device might be the best possibility here. It still works if the cloak fails and every turn you choose not to cloak for as long as it lasts.
  6. I think an older, cagier Han would be interesting. Maybe a lower PS and a crazier ability? Vetran skills to make up for a slower reaction time.
  7. Salacious B. Crumb Unique Enemy ships at range 1 - 2 that perform an action receive a stress. Jabba Unique 2 crew When an enemy ship at range 1 - 2 performs an action you may perform a free action even if you have already performed that action this turn.
  8. Han with R2D2 and Vader crew. Talon Bane with VI illicit cloak and advanced cloaking device along with Palpatine crew on something hard to kill.
  9. These things are beautiful, and they are even better in person. I stopped by Covenant this week and they have them out to look at and handle. They are surprisingly large and look great. I'm fairly certain people are underestimating Talon Bane he's going to be brutal. Once the illicit cloak hits he may be the best ace in the game.
  10. Ryther

    S & V Aces

    How about an aces pack that included the Syck and a new ship? Maybe a dune lizard? Nothing says you can't have an aces pack with a new ship. Scum needs a few more options to equal the other factions anyway.
  11. Do you have to trigger Zuckuss' ability on the first shot? It would increase your odds of getting a poor shot through the first time.
  12. Torkil Flight instructor Stygium Cloak and auto blaster turret Lots of defense for his good ability.
  13. Could it be scum and imperial? Probably not but it is possible.
  14. Rhymer paints the target with adv homing missiles. Then your high PS ties beat them down. Sounds fine to me. Howl runner VI Mauler Mithel VI New guy with VI Rhymes with VI and adv homing missiles Night beast That's four PS 9 or 10 to get arcs and shoot first and a durable Night Beast.
  15. The new tie that attacks for extra damage against ships with a damage card loves this missile.
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