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  1. Noticed this game at Target tonight. (Star Destroyer Strike game) http://thedisneyblog.com/2015/09/04/star-wars-the-force-awakens-star-destroyer-strike-game-giveaway/ Has a model for the new star destroyer. Is probably too small as it's slightly smaller than the Victory, but was curious if anyone else had come across it.
  2. I saw this news article and immediately thought... wow, that's just twisting the knife in our armada news wound.
  3. No FFG tends to show off there new stuff right before the pending waves is shipping or close to. Also with the big push by disney for sept 4th I think we going to see something. I think it only makes sense for us to see something on sept 4th, if wave 3 really is Episode 7 based.
  4. I am trying to not get my hopes up for September 4th. But it really doesn't matter, I'm going to be upset / mad when there is no armada news on the 4th regardless of pre-accepting that armada products are unlikely.
  5. Why post in the Wave 2 speculation thread just to say don't speculate on wave 2?
  6. They didn't care about X-wing players having Wave 7 until announcing Wave 8.Uh, yeah they did... Wave 7 was on sale at GenCon. Wave 7 out, Wave 8 announced. I cant buy it yet. It is going to be another month until a full retail release so technically X-wing is 9 ships and 2 epic ship deep in spoilers. Amen. People who claim Wave 7 is available already are either full of it or were able to buy it at Gencon. Until it is released at retail locations it's not released.
  7. Wow, full previews are already up for both wave 8 of X-wing and the Gozanti-class cruiser! All this before wave 7 even 'officially' releases!! AND full previews for the Imperial Assault new wave and Hoth expansion. All this with no Armada love at all...
  8. Your expectations are your problem, not mine and not FFG's. It's your own fault if you had an unreasonable expectation. VanorDM you're right they are my problem. And this is where I am voicing them.
  9. If you didn't expect anything for Armada at this Gen Con good for you. I on the other hand did and when our only Armada news for the convention has been bad news, Wave 2 not available until 4th quarter.. I'm going to voice my displeasure.
  10. Everything we know about wave 2 we've basically known since GenCon 2014. So please don't give me the, we have wave 2 still...
  11. This is very dissapointing. I don't care about Imperial Assault and I stopped playing X-wing when scum released. I'm actually mad right now..
  12. Don't take everything in the world in your own context. I enjoy reading about historical events (including one's written very recently) and **** can be used as a term for destruction, abuse and plunder of a land, rights or many other things. The word is used to describe to what extreme extent these things are happening. Because this definition of the word doesn't fit your own singular definition doesn't make it archaic or me stupid for viewing it in that manner.
  13. Before having a discussion about the political correctness of a word you should look up the definition of a word. The definition of the word **** From: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/**** noun 1. unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the ******, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the vitim 2. Statutory **** 3. An act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; depoliation; violation: "the **** of the countryside" 4. Archaic. The act of seizing and carrying off by force. *Edited since posted text was illegible
  14. I am also trying to figure out based on this FAQ if it is then possible for a Vic I (or any other ship with both red and black dice) to declare a long range attack and then use concentrate fire to add a Black die. Concentrate Fire only lets you add a die color that's already in your attack pool. If you were only able to roll red dice for your long range attack, you can't add a black since your attack pool is all red. If you somehow were able to roll a black die into your long range attack pool, you could then be able to add another black with Concentrate Fire. Thank you for the clarification! I finally found the exact wording of Concentrate Fire Concentrate Fire: "After a ship rolls dice during an attack, it may spend its P command dial to roll one additional attack die. That die must be of a color that it already rolled."
  15. I am also trying to figure out based on this FAQ if it is then possible for a Vic I (or any other ship with both red and black dice) to declare a long range attack and then use concentrate fire to add a Black die.
  16. Q: When a ship resolves an ability that allows it to add dice to the attack pool, can it add those dice if their color is not normally appropriate for the range of the attack? A: Yes. The range restriction on dice color applies only when dice are gathered during the “Roll Attack Dice” step of an attack. So this means a Vic I could use black dice at range three. Are there actually any upgrades that could allow this for a Vic I?
  17. Without squadron commands his fighters must have really been struggling to deal enough damage. Hopefully beefier Rebel ships will help make 3 vsd's a less overwhelming list.
  18. I think that you'll need to go with large point numbers as you want these battles to be simultaneously happening for a long period of time. Too small, point wise, and some battles will end well before the others. But, the question of point size cannot be separated from the objectives at each level of the game. First, let me ask you a few questions. Timeline from my understanding: Imperial Assault: My knowledge here is very limited so if I embarrass myself, I'm sorry. Battle begins, Rebels have to make their way to the shield generator. How many turns do you expect this to take before Step 2 (Armada Battle) begins? What happens if the Rebels don't make it to the shield generator? If they have to make it in order for the subsequent steps to happen you have to deal with balancing for this component. Balancing is tedious because it still needs to be fun for both players. When does the Imperial Assault portion end? When they destroy the shield generator? Must they hold it for X-turns? Must they battle their way out after? Basically, what is the final goal (beyond destroying the shield generator) for this portion of the mission. Armada: My understanding of this portion is that it is about getting squadrons to the objective after the shield generator is down. That is a fine overall goal, but you will need an objective for the Armada players to be trying to accomplish. At this point in time, a pitched battle too strongly favors Imperials so something else will need to keep these players engaged. Again, what is your final goal here? Do you require the Rebels capital ships to survive until the objective is completed or can they flee, etc. X-wing: The final goal here is probably the simplest. Make a trench run, etc and destroy the ultimate objective of the game. But any other goals? Such as escape afterward etc.. Deciding points for this ahead of time will be difficult as you will want the Armada battle to play into the points being used here. Eg: each x-wing squadron and tie fighter squadron gives x-points to the X-wing players to build their squads. (or however you'd like to decide which ships are used in the X-wing portion) My Early Suggestions: Since this has an all-day expectation. Establish winning scenario for the overall game (objective is destroyed) as well as for each portion (Imperial Assault, Armada & X-wing). Players will have to be around all-day to see the outcome and best to keep them engaged in the story for the duration. The overall "destroy the objective" goal will be important, but consider including other ways the game can be won/last. Example, if the rebels destroy the shield generator (Imperial Assault) but are all killed before they can escape that would be a terrible blow to rebels future operations. Consider if Rebels are completely wiped out in 2/3 systems then even if Rebels destroy the objective, the Empire wins. Have you thought about anti-squadron attacks of Armada interacting with the X-wing portion? Could be interesting and would provide some incentive for Rebels to want to control the area near the objective in the Armada game. It is a lot to consider, but if you can start to answer these questions then figuring out points for each system will become easier.
  19. 1st List: With enough Tie-fighters to screen your 3 x-wing (or however many manage to survive the swarm) won't likely play a strong role in taking down the enemy Vic SD. IMHO. 2nd List: Your second list is good, but without a second Neb B Escort beware Most Wanted as enemy squadrons will all get 1 extra die when attacking the objective ship. Especially scary when facing a swarm of Tie fighters.
  20. Truegreek's post above and my response below are from another topic but relevant to your question I think. I played my first 180 point game last night and used the following list: 2 x Escort Frigate (2 x 57) CR90a w/ Dodonna (44 + 20) Total: 178 points I liked Truegreek's idea that at 180 points including an extra capital ship provides a better firepower advantage over including X-wings. And my 2 escort frigates served as decent counters to enemy fighters. My opponent was running a decked out Vic-I. He had included the Most Wanted objective so I chose that since I had more ships and thus should benefit more from it. The Vic-I is definitely a scary ship, but with so many black dice it was fairly easy to stay out of close range. I think a Vic-II with the additional range would have been harder to deal with. Conclusion: We beat the hell out of each other and no capital ships were destroyed though the Vic-I had 5 damage cards and only 1 shield remaining. I stupidly split up my escort frigates so his tie fighters were a nuisance, but I won the game by destroying 1 enemy tie fighter.
  21. If you are going to play rebel at this point in the game (core only), then winning the underbid is essential. Your missions must be played to have a chance imho.
  22. I too am getting a little bored with my 2 core sets and am very much looking forward to Wave 1 helping to balance the objectives. However, to those that have raised the issue of the Armada core set being bland and not a complete game. How was X-Wing with just a core set? I didn't get into X-Wing upon initial release, but I read a few reviews that basically said the x-wing vs 2 tie fighters (core ships) was a very one-sided and boring battle, but the reviews universally encouraged people that the system was sound and with more ships the game would be amazing. I feel that this is exactly the same situation Armada is in now. The players want Wave 1 out asap. FFG wants Wave 1 out asap. We just have to wait as patiently (or impatiently) as possible.
  23. Yeah, I understand your sentiment. But just because the strike ended in February the strike was estimated to set them back several months. So this delay is likely still due to the dock worker strike.
  24. I think objectives offer a completely different goal than X-wing where it is solely based on destroying your opponent. However, I hope that over time and at higher point totals the objectives will be balanced. Right now I am worried. NO game is fun when all you do is run from your opponent.
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