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  1. I like how TurboLasers basically explode many of the StarFighters in the game if they hit it. So in theory you can perform 5 attacks with an Epic ship. I wonder if there is a cap?
  2. Wow, I agreed with one of your posts. Maybe I ate something weird...anyway this show isn't good at all so I doubt they would let her stay a bad guy.
  3. I really hope it is not a Jedi or even someone force sensitive. I hope I never see a lightsaber ignite in the entire show.
  4. I always head-cannoned the relatively slow speeds in atmosphere to the fact the Repulsor lifts take up most of the available power/fuel the fighter or craft has available. SW ships are actually manipulating gravity when they are subjected to it, they are not generating lift from any air source. That's the reason they can just escape a planets pull without gaining tons and tons of speed. The escape velocity of the Space Shuttle is 25,000mph. SW craft can simply ignore the gravity of a planet or at the very least mitigate it greatly.
  5. Instead of Off Topic, it should be Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun's Intel dump
  6. To be killed like any of the cannon fodder the bad guys throw at the good guys.
  7. I mean you could just take the X-wing ruleset and throw in speeders and say hey you are in atmosphere, but I don't know what you would do with obstacles besides clouds. You cannot have ground obstacles without including some sort of altitude component to it. I mean you could, but you would just have to pretend everyone is flying arbitrarily low for no good reason. That would just feel kind of cheap to me.
  8. That gun sight doesn't make any sense (which I am just assuming it is one). Unless somehow the helmet has a zeroing system that has a rear aperture on your eye that you use for targeting. If not these guys will be as inaccurate as Stormtroopers.
  9. Blackout will shine in the Environment Scenario where you keep throwing obstacles down and you end up with 9. I pray those become part of official OP rules.
  10. Its just hard to actually Ion a 3 agility target.
  11. rl usually means 'Real life', which doesn't make any sense in this context.
  12. Yep. I feel like they did a pretty decent job with 2.0, but the one big swing and miss for me was not incorporating at least 1 more set of dice. Accuracy dice or ordnance dice, something like that. I would like an atmospheric mode, but if you made it different enough it would probably have to be an entirely different game. Altitude, different maneuvers, etc.
  13. There are plot spoilers that explain the fleet and which are now a bit corroborated with this new footage.
  14. I wish Disney could make these movies as good as they can make a **** trailer.
  15. I usually like what Jon Favreau does besides that awful chef movie. So that has me fairly optimistic. I wonder how brutal this show will actually be. Do we see the guy actually get cut in half or does it cut away?
  16. It was more of a long teaser trailer than anything. I'm sure we are going to get a longer trailer with more plot details. This trailer did get me pretty giddy though. I have almost written off Star Wars as the ST has done nothing for me except getting me to not care about Disney's lackluster attempt at putting out good SW content. However, I am looking forward to this series, with baited breath mind you. I was giddy as a school boy when TFA's trailer dropped.
  17. Jo Jo

    Rename X-Wing

    X-wing: Where escape Pods are legitimate attack craft.
  18. If its a TV show its got to be pre-TPM which I guess he'll be CGI'd young? There is no way you could have enough content to have Obi Wan: The Desert Hermit, the series.
  19. I want Lt. Lorrir, but without the stress part of his ability (he would get stress as normal with ATs). That made him far too useless in practice. Make him I3 or 4 and he wouldn't be too OP even with ATs.
  20. Or perhaps Disney execs checked reviews online and said you get one more.
  21. It's 2019. You know you can't make a joke about ****ing anything.
  22. I found the extra Tie Fighter isn't really necessary. I've played him against quad Tie SFs and the quad T-70s. The T-70s were a bit tougher as they have pretty consistent dice with AO. The SFs since the AI doesn't ever rotate the arc forward usually don't have enough dice to chew through the 3 agility plus all the tokens you have with Vader. I would actually love to fly Vader as he is in the sim against a human, or fly against him. He is an absolute beast, but he is very beatable if you can set up a decent trap. However, if you get to a point where its Vader vs 3/4 or half of a list and Vader is still pretty healthy you have basically lost.
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