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  1. Jo Jo

    SW The Clone Wars is coming back

    If they do I hope they are their own game and not compatible with 2.0. FFG could barely balance 3 factions in 1.0, albeit with points set in stone. Now we have 5 which will be very difficult to balance even with point fluctuation. 7 potential factions will be nearly impossible.
  2. Jo Jo

    What Are You Taking to Store Champs?

    Part of me wants to play in a Store Championship or two as a last hurrah to 1.0. Meanwhile another part of me never wants to play against 1.0 reinforce ever again.
  3. 38 points on a 8 HP 1 agility ship? You are a brave man.
  4. Jo Jo

    MG-100 Starfortress for 2.0

    Definitely. I imagine the Resistance Bomber basically acting like their version of the ghost. Reinforce, crew slots, maybe a primary arc with a bowtie mobile. Or an ability to fire more than once.
  5. Jo Jo

    Why is the k-turn all or nothing?

    Yeah, I agree that it would be way to hard to implement. What would be cool is a pilot talent that allowed you to complete a Koiogran turn even if you bump for an additional stress.
  6. Jo Jo

    Fang Preview is up!

    Threat card for Fenn Rau shows two modifications. So there is that.
  7. Jo Jo

    Kylo Silencer Is Still Cooler Than Everything Else

    Yup. Kylo gameplay in a nutshell -
  8. Jo Jo

    Kylo Silencer Is Still Cooler Than Everything Else

    The Silencer is almost too good for its own good. Its in this weird realm of nearly feeling broken against your middling power level ships but ineffectual against the top meta lists. The simple fact is that Kylo is just too expensive for the amount of damage he can put out. For a ship that is half your list in cost, he just doesn't cut it with 3 attack dice, even well modded attack dice. I think Blackout is better, but he takes more careful flying and over the course of a tournament its just too tasking.
  9. Jo Jo

    Any point of using Tie Bombers in 2.0?

    And without the 4 point restriction. Make it at least 5.
  10. Jo Jo

    Scum and Villainy Unboxing

    Arc-restricted, but so are a lot of things in 2.0. The HWK chassis got one of the biggest buffs, if not the biggest buff. Torkil's ability was actually pretty darn good in 1.0, he was just on a ship that sucked. I imagine a Moldy Crow HWK is going to be a ship to reckon with in 2.0.
  11. Jo Jo

    Imperial conversion unboxing, a PSA.

    Kind of disappointed the Delta Squadron pilot is still initiative 1. Thematically it just feels wrong. I know it makes them actually a bit better as you can freely know you can k-turn most of the time. Also, why in the **** did they keep the horrible 1.0 art on the card with the floppy solar panels?
  12. Jo Jo

    Imperial conversion unboxing, a PSA.

    I don't think its worse and might even be better. You just have to use him as a blocker instead of just ramming something. Move into blocking position and target lock a ship. They hopefully run into you and then you can fire at them without the threat of return fire. Instead of one auto damage you can potentially drive 4 damage into a target.
  13. Jo Jo

    Any Methods Necessary - Firespray 2e article

    Krassis Trelix is going to steal the Andrasta. With white reload, he's going to be really good in that ship.