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  1. Jo Jo

    U-Wings in 2.0

    The medium base plus the stop can really allow you to slow roll up the board. I flew Saw who actually is pretty decent, and he never passed the half way mark of the board the entire game. It was a long game too.
  2. Jo Jo

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Yeah, that looks like you have arc and its not even that close of a call.
  3. Jo Jo

    The Mandalorian

  4. The Firespray titles don't make any sense. The best title is the cheapest. I'd make Slave 1-2 points (or free on Boba), Andrasta-3 points, and Marauder-6 points. Or something like that. That should help the Han crew problem or at least make you think twice about going that route on Boba. Han Gunner is probably too cheap, but I don't think he's a problem on any other platform.
  5. Jo Jo

    Flight School: Defender interception

    Why would the others just go straight? I got to assume that the Defender pilot is going to try and maximize his ability. So A does the 3 or 4 straight with B/R to block the 3 bank and I'd 3 bank the rest of them in to get shots. I do like the 1 bank though. Sets up the K-turn in behind them. The 1 forward boost and K-turn isn't awful either. You might take a shot from 1 or 2, but you position on their flank and they are kind of forced to K-turn next turn. Should easily be able to pick off one.
  6. Jo Jo

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    The engines on the young girl racers craft are A-wing engines. I like the cobbled together look of the ships actually. I'm not sure if we will ever see them in X-wing as they are kind of one-offs. We are for sure getting T-85s and that FO Interceptor though. I have a feeling that Disney won't be able to help itself and we'll get a Jedi or force user at some point.
  7. Jo Jo

    Coruscant Top 16 Lists

    Of course. Which is why you have to pay attention to what your opponent does no matter who it is.
  8. Jo Jo

    Coruscant Top 16 Lists

    He also forgot that you still can't action after going over a rock in 2.0: @ 1:03:00 - Miranda goes through the rock with a 3 bank. He rolls for damage and then throws a focus token on Miranda. I don't think it mattered in the end, but he does spend it later that turn on defense.
  9. Jo Jo

    Coruscant Top 16 Lists

    Yeah... I wouldn't take these results too seriously since you had to take Ruthless, Boba, and Leia and they were free of cost.
  10. Jo Jo

    2.0 Interceptor Pilot Ability Dreams

    Yeah, a force user in an interceptor would be pretty sweet even if its only 1 force point.
  11. Jo Jo


    The generics are basically the same from 1.0. They are 1 point cheaper and have the slightly better dial, but that's about it. I might just try throwing a Ion Cannon on one in a list and seeing how it goes. I think they may be a better cannon or system option from being a decent ship. I might try 4 of them with HLC and Shield Upgrade. That's a lot of beef and you aren't dodging that many bullseyes.
  12. Jo Jo

    lets talk Kihraxz fighter

    I think there is something there. Drea doesn't necessarily need to be in formation to provide a buff. She can hang back or flank to then side with a turret.
  13. Kind of surprised the Silencer didn't get the medium base treatment, but I guess the model is actually way larger than it should be?
  14. Jo Jo

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    Yeah, if they get dropped a point you can fit 3 with R3 and FCS. That seems like a pretty decent squad. I kind of wish one of the linked actions was to a focus or evade instead of TL.
  15. Jo Jo

    Cream of the crop.

    No, it's too expensive. That costs 4 shuttle expansions and two conversion kits to run.