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  1. So does anyone really like TLJ but did not like at all TFA?
  2. Expert Handling, Debris Gambit? I dunno... I think Crack is the way to go, there really isn't that many 2 point EPTs that make a whole lot of sense on a Gunbaot. Keep the bid, you never know when it might come in handy.
  3. Yeah... did Wingman really need a nerfed interaction like that? I like AP-5 with Weapons Eng and M9-G8. For 21 points its great little support piece. I tried it paired with Poe and Miranda, and I like the flexibility it gives both those ships when to TL them. Honestly I really didn't need the re-roll on Poe a lot of the time, but it came in handy for a few shots. Advanced Optics really boosts Poe. Miranda on the other hand loves the re-rolls for her TLT. Your opponent really needs to deal with AP-5 which kind of gives you a Biggs-like ship, but one that really doesn't need to be close to buff your ships. I might drop Weap Eng for Sabine or C3PO though on Miranda.
  4. I could say the same thing about someone who likes the PT
  5. I think FFG definitely had the Jumpmaster in mind when designing this ship. They didn't want another balance fiasco with a large base PWT, so they seemed to have played it very safe with the Resistance Bomber. I for one won't bother picking one up. There really isn't a card in the pack that seems like a must have. They look badass in The Last Jedi trailers, but the model is very 'meh'.
  6. Need a ship with cannon and Salvaged Astro slot first.
  7. Initial reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Hopefully my low expectations will be exceeded.
  8. Snap Shot. I shoot from the hip a lot.
  9. Yeah, to me it was pretty clear who the girl in the trailer is suppose to be. They go from a shot of an older Iden, then some X-wing carving through some landscape, then a shot of the girl in question. We should know for sure Wednesday when the Resurrection Campaign chapters hit.
  10. I'm not sure you can find a better 22 points to spend than a Nu Sqd. with LRS and a Harpoon.
  11. Do you think Homings would be worthwhile if you could not spend/use ANY tokens in defense? I am thinking primarily of reinforce tokens.
  12. I think the dish is a Corellian design thing. CR-90 Corellian Corvette has a big ole dish. I think this debunks Rey being Iden and Del's offspring: @ 1:03 you see a younger female that I have to assume is Iden's daughter. She is definitely not Rey.