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  1. Jo Jo

    Rename X-Wing

    X-wing: Where escape Pods are legitimate attack craft.
  2. If its a TV show its got to be pre-TPM which I guess he'll be CGI'd young? There is no way you could have enough content to have Obi Wan: The Desert Hermit, the series.
  3. I want Lt. Lorrir, but without the stress part of his ability (he would get stress as normal with ATs). That made him far too useless in practice. Make him I3 or 4 and he wouldn't be too OP even with ATs.
  4. Or perhaps Disney execs checked reviews online and said you get one more.
  5. It's 2019. You know you can't make a joke about ****ing anything.
  6. I found the extra Tie Fighter isn't really necessary. I've played him against quad Tie SFs and the quad T-70s. The T-70s were a bit tougher as they have pretty consistent dice with AO. The SFs since the AI doesn't ever rotate the arc forward usually don't have enough dice to chew through the 3 agility plus all the tokens you have with Vader. I would actually love to fly Vader as he is in the sim against a human, or fly against him. He is an absolute beast, but he is very beatable if you can set up a decent trap. However, if you get to a point where its Vader vs 3/4 or half of a list and Vader is still pretty healthy you have basically lost.
  7. Finally downloaded the most updated version. Vader is hilariously OP even at 125 point base but still can't just be jousted at a full list. You have to actually fly him carefully but he can solo a squad if done so. I was running a completely loaded Defender Vader at around 157 points, SR, HLC, Prockets, CD.
  8. The 180 arc is likely going to force you into taking ordnance or other weaponry to cover the large aft blind spot.
  9. Oh, no doubt, but you've been around here a while. PEOPLE WILL COMPLAIN.
  10. I hope these environment cards end up in one of the OP formats. I'm sure people will complain they have to buy the environment pack to play in said tournament, but that comes with just about anything.
  11. Deplete has to be negative attack dice for sure, what will be interesting is if its primary weapon only. These guys could make missiles actually good.
  12. The rear reminds me of a dreadnaught a bit as well.
  13. The more ridiculous a leaked plot is, the more I believe it.
  14. I got the old DVD set that have each movie in its original form, but in crappy 4:3 format. Does not look good on a modern HD TV.
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