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  1. I appreciate the effort, but I wouldn't even want to spend 4 minutes watching a video about the ST, let alone +4 hours.
  2. I don't see how X-wing is a good example here, since in X-wing you can field twice as many Ties as you can X-wings. In a game you can only pilot one Tie Fighter at a time, its not 10 vs 5 (as far as we know, maybe NPCs will balance that out). If its a true 5 vs 5 then there is no safety in numbers as you get with the Empire in other games. Not saying Ties should have shields, but I would wager that they have struck a balance where Ties are more durable than they ought to be so they are more forgiving for newer players. I do agree that since Ties will only have to worry about 2 sub-systems, so they may be the easier craft to master than an X-wing. There should be less emphasis on sub-system management and more on just pushing the ship to get the most out of its maneuverability.
  3. But who would actually fly Tie Fighters if they were easy to destroy? No one likes to play as a red shirt and just be cannon fodder for another player. Which I why I hate playing Battlefront 2 with all the hero spam. They have to make them fairly even, its a clear gameplay over lore here.
  4. No problem. Once thing I did forget to mention is that new generations of processors (AMD 4th Gen) and GPUs (NVIDIA RTX 3000 series) should be out this year. So it might be best to wait to either look at getting the latest stuff or what usually happens is the last gen stuff goes on sale. Shoot me a message if you have any other questions.
  5. You can build a really competent PC for around $1000 nowadays. By competent I mean new AAA titles playing at well over 100 Frames Per Second (FPS) with max graphical settings at 1080p resolution. But yes the whole thing can be intimidating but in reality there isn't that many components to a PC - Motherboard, Processor, Video Card (GPU), RAM, Power Supply, Hard Drive, Case, and accessories like CPU Coolers or more fans (usually not needed unless you want to get crazy overclocking). For gaming its always best to spend more on the GPU than other components, but there is a balance there. If you haven't already go to https://pcpartpicker.com/ They have a bunch of build guides to help figure out what you might want to purchase to meet your needs. They even give you prices and tell you what Wattage your components will run at to make sure your Power Supply is adequate to power all of your components. The biggest thing to note, is that companies tier their products. Low, Mid, High. So the AMD processors are - Ryzen 3 (low) Ryzen 5 (low-mid) Ryzen 7 (Mid) Ryzen 9 (High). Naturally the more you spend the more performance you get. Same with the GPU you mention. The NVIDIA (company) GeForce (Brand) RTX (Ray Tracing, fancy rendering technique for light, makes a game look more natural), 2070 is the version which is their mid-tier card. They have 2060, 2070, & 2080. Also, there are other companies (Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA, etc.) that make each tier of video card, but bottom-line I would look at reviews and videos on each. I personally have an RTX 2060 KO Ultra by EVGA and it can take whatever game I can throw at it at max settings at 1080P. While I do recommend building a PC, there are prebuilts that can come close to what you can buy if you bought all the components separately. The main problem with a prebuilt is sometimes they come with bloatware (unneeded software) and they always skimp somewhere to make the money. Either a very generic power supply or a basic motherboard that may choke the system when you try and upgrade. There usually is some sacrifice with the "cheaper" end of the prebuilt gaming PC's. But keep watching YouTube videos. While a bunch of channels throw a bunch of techno babble at you, the more you research the more you will actually know what they are talking about.
  6. What platform I get this on will be my problem. I have a PS4 and VR Headset which has been collecting dust for the better part of a year. I have recently built a new PC and prefer PC gaming. However, already having a VR headset and not having to buy one for the PC might push my platform decision in the PS4's favor.
  7. Because its 40 bucks. I don't expect a robust singleplayer at that price point. My guess is maybe 10-12 missions total (5 or 6 per faction).
  8. One minor nit is the use of the MC75 vs MC80 in Fleet battle. I would think an MC80 is the more appropriate (and more iconic) ship to go toe to toe against an ISD. Don't get me wrong I like the MC75 but I would have preferred a proper MC80. Overall it looks impressive, but I am still wary of this being a letdown. Primarily with lack of content right off the bat.
  9. Its 5 vs 5, but there may be AI controlled fighters like they did with BF2 that can help even out the disparity in power levels of the player controlled ships. Which would make sense with Fleet Battles, those would feel pretty sparse with only 10 starfighters out there.
  10. Last time I checked, PlayStation and Xbox are consoles. If anything it will be more like the newer Battlefronts then Rebel Assault, it won't be a shooter on rails. I doubt we get the true "Flight Sim" mechanics of the X-wing series of games and I am guessing it will be just a deeper version of the BF2 flight model. It does look like there is power management (shields, weapons, engines), but to what extent is or how much control you have over that remains to be seen. I do hope that it will be a bit more skill based than BF2, not to say that game didn't require skill, but it was too heavy on upgrades and gimmicks for my liking. Please no hero ships either, that just ruins balance too much. Hopefully a lot of questions will be answered soon:
  11. "Revenge" could also mean after the first Death Star. I hope we get a campaign that spans a decent amount of the era, and also one that isn't just a half dozen missions.
  12. Not much there as far as how actual gameplay is going to be. I do hope for a deeper gameplay experience than the BF2 Starfighter mode. I hope this isn't the Starfighter mode but with a singleplayer campaign and more ships/maps. I don't need a full sim, but I want to be able to manage something besides the throttle. The Trailer is pretty sweet though.
  13. Trailer is going to drop at 11:00 am EDT.
  14. https://venturebeat.com/2020/06/12/star-wars-squadrons-tease/ Some details leaked on a Star Wars game expected to be based solely on space combat. Not many details known right now except for a trailer that will be dropped Monday. Its EA though... so expectations are very tempered.
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