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    Rupenink reacted to clanboston in Plan for expansion specific campaigns?   
    What is the plan for future campaigns in the Road To Legend App?
    I just downloaded the RTL app and bought the Descent Core Set last weekend and it was a great time!   We are really looking forward to our next gaming session.
    But I am not really seeing an incentive for buying the expansions right now for anything but getting some new heroes and classes.
    To me, its not enough to just add a new side quest and a couple new monster groups to the RTL campaign.
    I think that each expansion should have its own campaign in the RTL app.  Now I know that isn't going to happen immediately, but I want to know that this is planned for the future
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    Rupenink got a reaction from RedfordBlade in Naming Your Ships   
    My group are flying an aging Ghtroc Freighter and named her the Great A'Tuin, quite amusing once I realised. 
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    Rupenink got a reaction from Skie in Help me make the finale truly epic   
    Maybe once the stealth guy has disabled the shield, the pilot can do a bombing run on the building in the process giant war machines start to emerge from the planet's surface the droid character then has to try and control the machines while the pilot flies in and out of the machines and the flak cannons from the base to deliver the payload.
    If successful the group push through the wreckage to the bunker the villain is hiding in to confront them before they finish their final transformation or unleash the final doomsday device. Maybe the alien guy is the mastermind behind it all and once the villain is dead, this is revealed or it escapes or it possesses one of the characters.
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    Rupenink reacted to Desslok in 'Collateral' in Star Wars   
    You'll have to bury that news story in a flurry of other news items. Otherwise you might as well hold up a sign saying "Your passenger just murdered that guy!"
    And the game ends right there, with either Mister Mysterious floating home in a body bag or all your PCs dead. Either way, any player worth their salt is unlikely to continue past this point. Either they'll overwhelm him right there and then, catch him when he's sleeping, abandon him on the next planet as soon as he walks off with his backpack, or throw him under the bus to the Empire for no doubt sizable bounty he has on his head.
    But no matter how you slice it, the game as written is not progressing past this point.
    Byond that, the game is mostly the players being co-stars in their own story. As a player I'd resent the hell out of being lead about by the nose like this. So, lets see if we can salvage this and make it more PC friendly. . . .
    So, what's the story about - Prax and his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Fine. Lets turn it on it's ear slightly. He doesn't out himself to the players, he doesn't threaten them or hold them hostage. Prax is also not as subtle as he'd like, and the players figure out what he's up to before he knows the jig is up.
    What to do about it? Turn him in? get help from the Empire? Unfortunately his actions have brought heat down upon the players, naming them as accomplices (inadvertent tho it may be). Capturing and turning him in might work, so they'll have to catch him with his guard down.
    Also, I don't like the Jedi idea. Dump that. Oooh, wait - make him a ex-confederate badass commando. Lots of skill, no Force powers.
    Okay, we've got him captured and tied up. If you make the guy a power tripping psycho, you'll never get the players to follow along with his scheme. They'll sell him to the Empire, collect the bounty and try to clear their names - so you need to make him sympathetic.Make him a tragic figure more than a jerk. Justify his roaring rampage of revenge, just dont drag the players along for the ride.
    Even at that, you've probably got one more Hit out of them before you lose your player's tolerance - so make it a good one. Also, dump the whole Vader thing. There's nothing more frustrating that watching a cut scene of the climax play out when the players should be driving the action.
    So - bring up the climax, make the last hit someone big, something that you can turn up the excitement. Get the players involved somehow in the fireworks, instead of just being passive.
    Wait - I know. Spread it out over several games. Make Prax the B plot for several non-related games. Open with a passenger run, delivering him to a planet - he pays well, they part ways, say nothing more of it. A couple of games later, let them hear of an incident going down elsewhere on the planet, a hit against the Empire. As they're loading up their completely unrelated cargo, Prax shows up and pays well for a ride off planet.
    Two more unrelated games later - Special Investigator Smith from the Imperial Intelligence corners the players. Ah - they're waylayed by a customs frigate as they lift off, under the orders of Smith. He's made them as Prax's ride off the planet the last time he hired them, so some fast talking to get the players out of trouble is in order. Eventually Smith comes around to believing their "We're just the ride!" story.
    Smith tells them that if Prax ever contacts them again, to play along, do what he wants - but contact him via this special number. That way the Empire can set a trap for him.
    Another couple of games later - Prax gets in contact with them again. This time, he's got a bigger target in mind, something better defended than usual, so he actually hires them as muscle to help on the job. Now is the time you make Prax sympathetic. Here's where you make the players doubt their motivation to throw Prax under the bus.
    So, depending on how well you sold it, the players have to help Prax infiltrate a target (and get off planet) or they help him infiltrate and notify Smith. Either way, they'll have to pull the job of getting him inside The Compound where The Target is. The climax could be Prax figuring out that he's been sold up the river and engaging the players while the Stomrtroopers (who are not very discriminating) try and cut EVERYONE down.
    There - much better!
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    Rupenink reacted to New Zombie in Diaries of a Greenhorn GM   
    To help your brother, you could grab a white board and place it on the table. I use white board markers to roughly sketch out an abstract map, then use minis to track characters and NPCs. I then describe the distances in an abstract manner, players simply indicate where they want to move to or shoot and I tell them how far it is.
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    Rupenink reacted to Deve Sunstriker in Story Idea: The Running Men   
    What was I thinking... This is Star Wars so we need more appropriate one liners for a Running Man story set in a Galaxy Far Far Away...
    "He had a blast!"
    "You look cramped. How 'bout some space?" [opens the airlock door]
    "He was a Jedi... Now he will just-die."
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    Rupenink reacted to Wookiee Scholar in Everything is Cool When You're Part of a Team!   
    I'm the GM of a group consisting of
    -My 11 year old son runs a Human Smuggler modeled after Han Solo, but he carries a sniper rifle.
    -His 11 year old friend runs a Wookiee Marauder modeled after Chewbacca, but he carries a vibro axe.
    -His other 11 year old friend runss a Human Slicer
    -My 64 year old father runs a Mon Calamari Scholar modeled after Sherlock Holmes from Elementary.
    They are basically a bunch of criminals that will steal anything they want, and potentially kill anyone that gets in there way of them taking it, while the Mon Calamari provides insight as to doing these things without getting caught.
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    Rupenink reacted to AgentShadow in Rules you forget most often?   
    Not to talk about fight club
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    Rupenink reacted to hencook in Share your Funniest Situation(s) during a Gaming Session   
    Trandoshan PC grabs Jawa.
    Trandoshan PC says: I pull off the Jawa's hood! What do I see!?
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    Rupenink got a reaction from Seiito in Everything is Cool When You're Part of a Team!   
    My Human Smuggler/Thief was killed in a shoot out with bounty hunters in the final session of our Edge campaign last night and you guys have been giving me a few ideas as to what to play next, so thanks.
    The next part of our campaign involves us working alongside/joining the rebellion so I may play a rebel and one other might retire his character. From what I've read in the beta the rebel commando seems pretty good. 
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    Rupenink got a reaction from Col. Orange in Vader and the gang...   
    Vila: I'm entitled to my opinion
    Avon: It is your assumption we are entitled to it as well which is irritating.
    Love Blake's 7. Now that is a show they should try and remake.
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    Rupenink reacted to Col. Orange in Vader and the gang...   
    Wait, I've got it.  British + Star Wars isn't 40K - it's Blake's 7!
    Roj Blake = Diplomat: Agitator
    Kerr Avon = Technician: Slicer + Outlaw Tech + Scoundrel
    Vila Restal = Smuggler: Thief
    Jenna Stannis = Smuggler: Pilot
    Cally = Spy: Scout + FS Exile
    Olag Gan = Hired Gun: Marauder
    Dayna Mellanby = Bounty Hunter: Gadgeteer
    Del Tarrant = Ace: Pilot
    Soolin = Bounty Hunter: Assassin
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    Rupenink reacted to DavenQuint in EOTE supplements you'd like to see   
    Definitely knock out the other career sourcebooks (Colonist, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, and Technician in that order) and probably another two-three adventure modules, but I'd also like to see the following for EotE
    Hutt Space Sourcebook (similar to Suns of Fortune; include Nikto, Jilruans, and Rybets as playable species) Off the Beaten Path Sourcebook (basically a non-sector sourcebook that includes obscure or new worlds for players and GM's to explore and incorporate) Organizations Sourcebook (a detailed look at Hutt kajidics, Black Sun, Bounty Hunter Guild, and other outfits and how to incorporate them into a group or into an adventure/campaign) Edge of the Empire Campaign Setting (basically a massive module incorporating adventures, setting material, NPCs, and a storyline that takes a group from beginning to "end")
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    Rupenink reacted to tuco in Edge of Empire system in other settings   
    I'd love to see this re-worked into the Dune setting.  I don't think that the Bene Geserit, the Mentat, the Sardukar, or the Fremen are any more powerful than a Jedi, and in fact I think they're less powerful than a full Jedi Master.  Short of someone wanting to play the Kwisatz Haderach, I think this system would work closer to perfectly than anything I've ever seen.  
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    Rupenink reacted to mouthymerc in Star Wars: Rebels   
    Can we please not have a retread of the older Jedi dying and the younger one carrying the torch onward? Why not have him rediscover what it means to be a Jedi, and in the meantime mentor a young person in what it means to use the Force for the good of all? Why does he need to die?
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    Rupenink reacted to copperbell in Doctor and Trader...   
    Take a good look at their character sheets, sometimes the solution to these is to base your games around their abilities and motivations.
    Do they start off with their own ship?
    Do you plan on creating npcs' for their ship' crew or do they have the skills necessary to not rely on such characters?
    For example your doctor is working as part of his medical thesis so he develops practical skills to go along with his education in return he works aboard your trader's ship keeping him and his crew healthy and because times are hard he's had to develop a few extra skills to remain useful.
    Your trader is always looking out for the next score, even just to keep his ship running he has to keep his options open so does he rely on the doctor only or includes a couple of temporary crew for the next trip and if they leave recruit replacements as and when needed.
    On the plus side he can keep costs down but that doesn't help him cover the debt he's paying off for the ship and other expenses so he has to keep an eye out and so does the doctor since he doesn't fancy being left stranded without any options of his own to fall back on.
    You could run games where the temporary crew have their own agenda not necessarily hijacking the ship they might want to escape bounty hunters, simply looking for adventure or wanting to make a fresh start somewhere else...
    Now what are the motivations and obligations of the two player characters?
    That might give you some insight on what type of game you might want to run, did your players give you any background on their characters?
    Game Ideas:
    1) The Doctor encounters a badly injured woman clad in laminate armour and feeling uncharacteristically heroic decides to help her.
    It turns out she's a former Corsec operative whose unit was dismissed due to corruption charges and she's been trying to earn her living as a part-time bounty hunter albeit she was left for dead by her former comrades who were trying to blame her for their recent crimes.
    Taking her back to his ship he learns once she's conscious that they're organleggers who she thwarted freeing their erstwhile cargo but they didn't know that before they tried to kill her so they will be heading back to check on her and she needs the PCs help to get their prospective victims offworld and she's willing to pay 2,000 in advance and 10,000 when they get there if they agree.
    The reason for her charity is that without the doctor's help she'll die during the trip to that world leaving them with only the 2,000 advance but if they keep her alive she'll honour her deal and the pair will have earned a new friend if they keep their side of the deal since unless they try to contact her former allies they won't be any danger but if they do those former friends will try to take the lot of them out to insure their cover isn't blown after all many of their recruits were being led to believe they were going to be taken somewhere safe.
    2)The trader encounters a new recruit who claim to be a mechanic but hasn't the credentials to prove that's true.
    If believed he will sure enough prove to be an experienced mechanic but he was also linked to a rebel cell that the Empire recently wiped out and he's trying to find a way off world to escape the Imperial Agents looking for him.
    On the plus side this means a mechanic who'll work on the cheap a long as they cover his living expenses on ship but unless they're careful they will be hunted and watched by Imperial Operatives who suspect them of also being rebels...
    3) The Trader receives a request for passengers to be delivered to a destination normally off his usual travelling circle in return for 5,000 would he deliver a small group of survivalists to a forest world of which little is known about.
    Once delivered they're supposed to be paid an additional 10,000 but upon arrival discover an Imperial base that immediately impounds them and their ship leaving them in custody.
    About a few days later they're released and an Agent and a squad of Storm troopers are sent aboard ordering them to a nearby Garrison, upon arrival they're kept inside of their ship as their passengers disembark later the garrison goes on alert as a fierce firefight begins inside and the PCs are woken up to realise the group they delivered were Rebels who are busy securing the base as an Imperial Star Destroyer jumps insystem and starts blasting the entire base apart... your PCs have almost no time to flee but can they get their ship launched and far enough from the base to escape pursuit let alone try to reach hyperspace or hide out somewhere else on the world and hope the Imperials assume they were shot down and killed?
    Well its a start!
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