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  1. Loving the app as it has enabled our group to play the game together, however we really would like some additional campaign material. As there is the option in the store for campaigns but this option is blanked out. Does anyone know when Fantasy Flight are releasing new material?
  2. Maybe once the stealth guy has disabled the shield, the pilot can do a bombing run on the building in the process giant war machines start to emerge from the planet's surface the droid character then has to try and control the machines while the pilot flies in and out of the machines and the flak cannons from the base to deliver the payload. If successful the group push through the wreckage to the bunker the villain is hiding in to confront them before they finish their final transformation or unleash the final doomsday device. Maybe the alien guy is the mastermind behind it all and once the villain is dead, this is revealed or it escapes or it possesses one of the characters.
  3. My group are flying an aging Ghtroc Freighter and named her the Great A'Tuin, quite amusing once I realised.
  4. I was thinking of doing something similar with Rodian hunters, hostile wildlife and creatures in a game reserve with some unsavoury character watching over them in a kind of Hunger Games/Running Man/Predators mashup.
  5. Our GM rolled percentile for the group's Obligation as a whole rather than broken down. Once Obligation was rolled it was then narrowed down by player using a D4. Not sure if this would work when character's have differing amounts of Obligation and whether this would be fair or not but it worked for us.
  6. I've played 3-5 player games and it is just as fun with 3 as it is with 5. Okay you may not have access to all the Houses but you can still plot, scheme and ruthlessly stab each other in the back to win the Iron Throne. Great game.
  7. I agree with That Blasted. The astromech has set off a distress beacon and the players have to make their way through the wilderness to reach it in time before the Imperials intercept the signal. When they get there maybe some hostile creatures have snatched it and damaged the mech in the process, queue fight/trickery/persuasion to get it back. After this they could find out the parts they need can be found in a nearby town. Have to lay low while the Imperials search and make a deal with some local lowlifes or pirates etc who run the town to get the part they need. Whilst there they hear the Imperials have a survivor from the raid and are going to torture him for information. This leaves the players with a quandary, do they leg it back to the base, pack up and leave, rescue their comrade or infiltrate and silence them before they reveal some sensitive information. Kind of like rescuing Morpheus in the 1st Matrix movie.
  8. Really like this idea. Would the players be the overall commanders for this cell or would separate groups go out on raids/mission while the PC's do their own but under the orders from the PC's so they won't know how they did until they got back? What happens when the threat level rises too high or they meet with consistent failure? Will all the agents be killed on mission, tortured to reveal the location of the secret rebel base? Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing.
  9. Old D6 Star Wars game - in the final session of a campaign the failed Jedi, who was wanted throughout most of the galaxy for crimes against the Empire, crime syndicates and former business partners comes to in a room full of his own clones. His actions over the campaign has seen him kill dozens of Stormtroopers, gangsters, bounty hunters, blow up a church full of wedding guests to get back at a rival, push the passengers off a stolen speeder/bus during a high speed chase, murder his former business partners in their beds, punch a prostitute in the face and turn to the dark side only to ask to continue playing him. As a one off that evening everyone played one of Franko’s clones and as the facility came under attack, some choose to fight, some to question their surroundings, some wanted to flex their Jedi muscles, some to flee. Leading the fleeing Franko’s, the original legs it to the escape shuttle. “Quick” he says to the remaining clones “give me some cover while I start up the engines”. Climbs in the shuttle, seals the doors and leaves the rest of the clones to die. Classic Franko.
  10. My Human Smuggler/Thief was killed in a shoot out with bounty hunters in the final session of our Edge campaign last night and you guys have been giving me a few ideas as to what to play next, so thanks. The next part of our campaign involves us working alongside/joining the rebellion so I may play a rebel and one other might retire his character. From what I've read in the beta the rebel commando seems pretty good.
  11. I agree with the others about introducing a nemesis. Maybe it could be a droid, some semi aware AI (let's call it Master Control) which forms a rivalry with the slicer and the first he finds out about it is being thrown out of a connection abruptly, then over time the AI could start taunting him, denying him access to systems, uploading viruses into his datapad, telling him I know its you patrolling my circuits Kinsa. The one up man ship between the two should give him something to think about, allowing you to look after the others.
  12. You could always have another cell join up with the group to work together against the Imperial presence in the region, this can bring some interaction for the players back at the base rather than off on mission all the time, and allow for interesting hooks like a possible Imperial spy amongst the new cell who the PC's must stop before he exposes them all, or a disaffected civilian whose partner/family was killed in the recent fighting and they want to stop the war.
  13. This sounds ace and could be a great way of getting my other group involved in the new system.
  14. Vila: I'm entitled to my opinion Avon: It is your assumption we are entitled to it as well which is irritating. Love Blake's 7. Now that is a show they should try and remake.
  15. I've only created the one character so far but they are a human with three stats of 3 a couple of talents and skills after a few sessions at 2 pips. Right now he is the best shot, best pilot and I've chosen skills to compliment his thief skills and in time I want to get dedication to raise one of his stats further. So I wouldn't say its is essential you dump all your points in stats.
  16. After 4 sessions it certainly would lend itself to a Mass Effect conversion. I used to run a conversion of WEG Star Wars system which was good but it got really unwieldy in combat with shields and armour and soak dice and round after round of people missing. A friend has talked about an agents of sheild conversion which could be fun.
  17. I like the idea of players being out of light side points and having to potentially call on the dark side but I'm not sure how this would work in-game.
  18. As others have said real world, real consequences. Firefights tend to be deadly and if they can't paid for jobs because they are a liability then they'll find themselves running out of money, luck and help real fast. Once the dust settles after the fight with the stormtroopers it might be an idea to find out what kind of game they want to play. I've had a disconnect with Star Wars before on the old WEG where everyone wanted to play a Jedi and they suddenly got pissy when everywhere they went the Empire were trying to murder them.
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