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  1. darkflop

    Squad Builder Bug Reporting

    Same here. All my Resistance squads disappeared!
  2. darkflop

    Hyperspace Resistance - XXYT

    That is a good point, she would fly alongside Bastian so getting only one die rerolled most of the time. She could actually be replaced with naked Ello or Nien (I think I would prefer Ello in this instance, white 3 tallon is probably more flexible) - is going I5 worth losing that one rerolled die?
  3. darkflop

    Hyperspace Resistance - XXYT

    So I've put various variants of my lists on the table, and I really like the coordinating ability to help double-mod or reposition the T-70s. Even just the double Calculate is really good when Coordinate is not needed. I also tried something different with Han+Finn+Rose. Now I'm torn between three lists: 1 - Minor variant of my second post, I5 T-70s supported by Chewie: Chewbacca (Resistance) (72) C-3PO (Resistance) (6) Tactical Officer (2) Ello Asty (56) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Nien Nunb (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Pattern Analyzer (5) Black One (2) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 2 - Replacing Ello with Bastian to provide rerolls to friends/foes and adding Trick Shot on Chewie - I feel this is better than list 1 because of M9-G8, but I don't know how valuable Ello's I5 is in comparison: Chewbacca (Resistance) (72) Trick Shot (2) C-3PO (Resistance) (6) Tactical Officer (2) Lieutenant Bastian (48) M9-G8 (7) Integrated S-Foils (0) Nien Nunb (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Pattern Analyzer (5) Black One (2) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 3 - Forget about Coordinate and go for Han with lower Init T-70s that still can take care of themselves. Han can fly independently of the T-70s, his ability being perfect for flanking or baiting: Han Solo (Resistance) (76) Heroic (1) Rose Tico (9) Finn (10) Lieutenant Bastian (48) Integrated S-Foils (0) Jessika Pava (52) BB Astromech (3) Integrated S-Foils (0) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Which would you pick and why?
  4. darkflop

    Hyperspace Resistance - XXYT

    Yes indeed, I’ve been thinking about it and I’m really liking his ability. I could actually upgrade the base YT to Chewie in the first two lists, by dropping the BB Astro (and Black One in the Rey version). So many possibilities, this is great! Now I have to figure out what is more valuable: Nien vs protorp Bastian vs Rey gunner...
  5. darkflop

    Hyperspace Resistance - XXYT

    It occurred to me overnight that I could drop the “fat” upgrades and raise the overall squad init, ending up with the following build: Ello Asty (56) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Nien Numb (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Pattern Analyzer (5) Chewbacca (72)Trick Shot (2) C-3PO (6) Tactical Officer (2) Total: 200 Out of the three lists, which one would you pick and why?
  6. I only have 2 T-70s and one YT in my Resistance collection, and I want to put them on the table in an upcoming Hyperspace Trials! I thought of this list, with two different versions. The core idea is a coordinating YT supporting the T-70s, with one ace zipping around and Bastian mopping up. I find it really fun to play, the coordinating shenanigans are just awesome. Version 1 - fat YT: Ello Asty (56) Heroic (1) Black One (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Lieutenant Bastian (48 ) BB Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Resistance Sympathizer (68) C-3PO (6) Tactical Officer (2) Rey (14) Total: 199 Version 2 - Protorp Bastian: Ello Asty (56) Heroic (1) Black One (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Lieutenant Bastian (48 ) BB Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Proton Torpedoes (12) Resistance Sympathizer (68) C-3PO (6) Tactical Officer (2) Total: 197 I'm not sure which is best. Is Rey worth it on such a low init ship? It does make it a bit more durable/consistent, but the idea of a nasty protorp coming from Bastian after the other two strip shields is very appealing and (I assume) makes it more difficult for the opponent to decide target priority. Thoughts?
  7. darkflop

    They're up!!!

    On the Scum side this truck swarm is now possible: - 4x Crymorah Goon + Dorsal + VTG - Drea + Dorsal = 200 Yikes!
  8. darkflop

    My new favorite activity, reading Archon names

    I was doing the exact same thing last night for a couple of hours! Here's a few more: Robert the Dirty - Dirty in what way? ? Hemipeeve, the "Predator" of Love - Don't let this guy follow you at night The Hero of Junkcon - I guess that would be the Hulk in Thor Ragnarok? Unless by junk they mean... ? Fiona, Queensbutte Count - Shave a letter here and there and you've got something Mendoza, the Earl of Kidnapping - yeah, kidnapping is a thing on the Crucible! The Woman who Demands Scolding - "I've been a bad, bad girl ?" Attractive "Trashcan" Breanna - How attractive can you be with a nickname like that? Princess "Wet Blanket" Kendall - ? And the best of my findings so far: Unstoppable Zizi of the Mountain - just look up the meaning of "zizi" in French ?
  9. darkflop

    Anyone play Fly Casual on a Macbook?

    I play on a Mac too. Never tried online yet. I can usually play in the evenings (I’m in Copenhagen time zone).
  10. If you were to use Unkar’s ability from a ship that has only one hull remaining (or has a nasty crit already and suffering one damage could trigger a self-destructive chain) - do you still get to do the action before being removed from the game? Say you have a spacetug on one hull equipped with Unkar and Deadman’s Switch that bumps. Can you tractor the bumped ship before blowing up and triggering DS?
  11. darkflop

    Y so serious?

    You can actually fit Guri and Talonbane Cobra with 2pts left for bid/upgrades! I’ve been tinkering with various builds (Palob/4-LOM, 4-LOM/Cobra, Teroch/Serissu) and trying them out on FlyCasual to little success (mostly because I keep finding bugs that break the squad interactions I’m testing ?). I haven’t tried that one though ? I would love to have more insights from @MasterShake2 on how to fly his squad and the ideal obstacle layout. I haven’t quite cracked how to fly it effectively.
  12. darkflop

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Something odd happening on 4-LOM with Title and Advanced Sensor: Planning Turn 1: select red maneuver Activation Turn 1: use Advanced Sensors to do an action Activation Turn 1: Executes red maneuver Activation Turn 1: skips action phase (as expected due to AS) End of Turn 1: Pass on a stress to an enemy ship at range one Planning Turn 2: select blue/white maneuver Activation Turn 2: skips Advanced Sensor, executes maneuver and skips Action step! Captures of the log for the above:
  13. darkflop

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Thanks so much for your hard work @Sandrem and the really fast, regular updates ? Super happy that 0-0-0 is in there now! Couple of comments/bugs: Might have been me not paying close attention, but I think there were instances where the AI was stressed and still got to do a red maneuver Spacetug doesn't have the Tractor Array action I created some sort of crit infinite loop there: Feroph took a direct full power Death Star shot in the face there ?
  14. darkflop

    Y so serious?

    The Y-Wing has been my favourite ship since I started playing the game. I'm so glad to see there are more ways to play them now than just a turret carrier going in circles ? I wonder if there could be a Scum equivalent to your list. ? There's nothing quite like Luke to sponge up incoming fire that I can immediately think of, but there must be something equally fun with a similar spirit... Fang Fighters? Kihraxzs?
  15. darkflop

    Dengar, 4-LOM and support

    Huh! I didn’t consider that... ? My initial build was a plain Palob with title. With L337 I’m at 202pts though, so I’d need to remove an upgrade on another ship. What would you remove? 0-0-0? That said, if I limit myself to what I own, I can put a Tactical Officer instead to make that coordinate white and be at 200pts (with R5-P9 on Dengar, 199 if I keep R3).