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  1. Yay!!! We finally got a subforum for Repaints and MODs. Now please, someone put this topic in that subforum... lol ... there are a lot of useful info here, ase well as marvelous projects!!!
  2. I've got some realy nice tips in this topic. Plus, there are a bunch of wonderfull pics of mods. Let's keep up with this! Ow, btw, I've just receive my Plasmablast minis. They look fantastic. Any tips on how to paint them like stormtroopers? I was thinking about using a needle to do the details... anyone with experience in 6mm soldiers?
  3. I took a shot and watched SW Rebels. One of the first scenes portraits a Star Destroyer flying above a tower. Are all capital ships capable of flying in a planet's atmosphere? If so, would it be too "blasphemous" to run a scenario with some friends where the battle takes place over a city or over the sea like in the Mon Calamari invasion? I can't imagine a Nebulon-B in a planet's atmosphere... lol... or even a Super Star Destroyer... but now I'm curious to see that... Thanks a lot for your enlightment, guys.
  4. Wow!!! Thanks! That will make everything easier! Have you tried this method with common B-Wings. I'm waiting for a batch to arrive and I'll do that as well Thanks a lot!
  5. I'm gonna try that. Thanks for the tip. If it works (or not), I'll post it here... lol... as soon as my new batch of ships arrives, I'll take my old B-wings and try the experiments
  6. Wow! Thanks a lot, guys! I mean it! Has anyone tried using hot water or some kind of product to unglue the cockpit? I'm afraid to use blades and saws becaus I'm not very steady... lol.
  7. REGARDING B-WINGS Do you guys know if the cockpit comes out easyly or should I saw it in order to make them rotatable? Any hints or tips upon that? Thanks for the help, guys
  8. Wow! Thanks! I really loved the CinC ones. I've just ordered some from Plasmablast Games. When they arrive, I'm gonna post the pics here. I've ordered some GW epic as well. But next month, I'm surely buying something from CinC. Thanks a lot, mate
  9. Wow! Thanks! They have very nice minis.
  10. 6MM MINIFIGS? I won't create another topic, so... guys, do you know any 6mm infantry out there that I could use as stormtroopers for my own mocs? I also would like some civilian figures to place inside space stations and bases for aesthetic purposes. Do you happen to know any good place to buy them? Thanks a lot,
  11. Wow... nice... did you also paint the back windows? I would love to see that
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