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  1. Instead of errata, why not release a different unique card called Steward of Gondor with different abilities (maybe a different sphere) that would compete with the Core set version? This would not be so different from getting multiple versions of unique heroes/allies. Of course, a new "Steward of Gondor" card would need to be situationally better than the current one (perhaps depending on solo/multiplayer or deck archetype) without being universally better. There are several ways the designers could represent the wealth/knowledge of Gondor with such an attachment. For instance, they could print a Lore Steward of Gondor that attaches to a Gondor hero and exhausts itself and/or the hero to either use Henamarth's or Lore Denethor's ability. A spirit version might exhaust to ready another attachment, replicating the ability of Unexpected Courage for attachments.
  2. Most of the year it is hard for me to play the game regularly due to my schedule, so I don't mind when a delay happens. As has been discussed above, FFG is working to produce a fairly large amount of content with what seems to be a pretty small but talented team. Part of the issue may be that the LCG model makes the statement that there are monthly packs alongside the larger releases (unless they have amended this since I last looked). Regardless of whether this level of production is feasible for FFG's development team, it suggests that there would be ~2 full cycles released each year rather than the one we have been seeing for LotR. When it is roughly 3 months between the end of a cycle and the release of the next box, with another handful of months before the monthly releases begin, I think it is understandable for there to be grumbling from the consumer base. Longtime fans of the game who end up here or at other forums understand that there are not monthly, but more frequent packs released along with the larger boxes, but the average time between products is closer to 1.5 to 2 months when the whole year is considered. We can only speculate as to why The Land of Shadow was delayed, but I'd be curious to know if getting the smaller print run done for GenCon somehow pushed the larger print run down the printing queue for them overseas? I believe The Road Darkens was highly anticipated to be at GenCon and then was not available there last year. Perhaps the folks at FFG wanted to make up for this, but it came at an unforeseen cost in terms of the official release date? ...all that aside, I am looking forward to being able to build Faramir decks, get the last Rohan cards for my spirit Theoden deck, and add to my grove of Ent allies.
  3. In solo I have played him as the focal piece with Vilya several times, but in multiplayer I have enjoyed using his resources to play ranged Silvan allies boosted by Galadriel and Celeborn. He is quite strong in either role, of course. I like him a lot as a hero for his versatility, though I haven't made much use of his healing ability in either of these decks.
  4. I deck build out of binders also. I organize them by release date only, placing all the heroes on one page at the front of the cycle. Then each AP takes up one of the 9-slot pages with 3 copies of each card per slot. I like this method since I know exactly where new cards need to go and it reminds me about older cards I might not use as often. When I am working on monosphere decks, it can be a bit much turning of the pages, though.
  5. AW - Treebeard 3P - Gandalf Treebeard can contribute to any part of the round admirably, sticks around, is Neutral, enables a powerful archetype but merits inclusion even without the other Ents. I have to give him the nod, here. Arwen is strong, of course, and she is a finalist over many other strong allies. I just don't think she carries as many games as Treebeard does, based on my own experience. Gandalf is the epitome of versatility. Competing against a Leadership ally, he is still the better Sneak Attack target. I still think Gimli is quite powerful for being able to quest and contribute to either side of combat against a new enemy, but Gandalf can do similar (usually to greater effect) for any sphere.
  6. I think it should be once per round at 2 damage or just 1 damage once per phase. Rumour from the Earth becomes a potent healing event with the current version since you can recur it once per phase as long as you have the resources. Also, consider that most repeatable healing is still pretty expensive compared to your card. To heal 2 damage once per round is typically 3 resources (Daughter and Self-Preservation). Warden of Healing is 2 damage, but not from the same character at once. Have you thought about a version where you can discard X cards to heal X damage on a character once per round? Still powerful when you have to heal, but probably a bit more tame than the current version. Not to mention the Noldor mechanics we're starting to see more of.
  7. AU Arwen AV Treebeard I think Gimli is a fine ally and he may prove more powerful than Arwen in the long run. They both provide willpower and sentinel defense in one way or another. Arwen is a bit cheaper and always provides her defense, whereas Gimli can't do both unless a new enemy shows up. It's a difficult decision, but for now I give Arwen the advantage. Treebeard sticks around and either readies himself or plays nicely with other ents. Gandalf does make a splash, but his cost is high if you aren't bringing him out with Sneak Attack-type effects. Treebeard sticks around and pays for himself while providing round after round of stats better than most heroes.
  8. The fact that Dori is not an attachment could itself be important depending on the quest. The best example in the game right now might be NM Shadow and Flame, where your super-defender's attachments are not guaranteed to stick around and chump blocking is a risky proposition. Also, hero buffs like Dori's don't require you to draw them. Having the effect available on Round 1 every time is solid, even if it isn't always needed. I wonder if they would have made Dori a bit stronger if he were not a Dwarf. As mentioned in the Second Bfast article, he and the new Longbeard help address one of the few weaknesses of the trait. If they did the defensive job too well, then we'd be back to complaining about how Dwarves are too strong. I hope they play around with other variations of his ability. It seems like a smart way to design new defensive heroes without reprinting Beregond's stat line.
  9. Looks like the images are fixed in the article now. Picked up the pack this afternoon at the FLGS, but have not had a chance to "sleeve it up".
  10. AQ Arwen AR Gimli AS Treebeard AT Beorn Note how I prefer allies that aren't always going to leave at the end of one round. Treebeard gets my vote over Legolas since he is easier to slot in to decks, being Neutral.
  11. I love the new Mount, Dwarf, Ent, Leadership attachment, Fair and Perilous... What a pack. Dori is very interesting, even if he doesn't appear as potent as most of the recent heroes. I think it is awesome when they play with the design space like this.
  12. I think you might have misread John's original post. He was pointing out that, rather than deal shadow cards correctly (by engagement cost), for part of the video the dealing was done left to right by mistake. Even if that clears things up, don't let that stop you from watching Seastan's video.
  13. This challenge may give me an excuse to stop by the LGS -- I haven't played any of the non-Saga/Nightmare PODs yet.
  14. Is it just a coincidence that you used those terms, or did you used to play the Dragon Ball Z card game? To stay on topic, I think it would be interesting to see them continue adding recursion effects, but they will need to be creative/limited like Caldara, To Me! O' My Kinsfolk! or Ered Nimrais Prospector to avoid printing anything on the same level as (or strictly worse than) Will of the West, Dwarven Tomb, or the Record attachments.
  15. It's slang from Magic: The Gathering for cards/effects that blow up everything. The card "Wrath of God" destroys all creatures in Magic, so any effect that wipes out (or even damages) all allies in LotR would be similar.
  16. He's the third 4 WP hero after Eowyn and Galadriel. I'm glad that he's got a few more points of stats and threat than those two, though -- I'm looking forward to letting Cirdan hold onto the Light of Valinor rather than Glorfindel for a change. EDIT: I'm excited to see how they handle the ruins of Numenor. Maybe we'll find relics of when Sauron was visiting them. I'm excited for any additional 1st/2nd Age lore they can pull in. Also, having a nautically themed cycle is a nice change of pace from an art direction. Though there is high quality art throughout the game, I'm happy to see things get shaken up. The mechanics seem promising, as well. Looking forward to future previews and its release in the "4th quarter" of the year (aka sometime around February ).
  17. Sorry Arwen... I am a big fan of Saruman's hard work in several solo games. Many of my aggro decks have put him to excellent use tucking away Hill Trolls or high threat locations just long enough to secure a win. It feels a little funny to put Bofur (Spirit) ahead of Elrond, but I love the feeling of getting +2 WP for one resource. Despite Elrond's versatility, I still like his hero more. On top of that, three resources has always felt steep for a one-shot effect in lore. AI Galadriel AJ Saruman AK Gimli AL Bofur AM Treebeard AN Legolas AO Beorn AP Gandalf
  18. You have been playing it right. Enemies always get their attack during combat even if they got to attack earlier in the turn from some other effect. For whatever reason, immediate attacks like the Bear frustrate me more than additional attacks from shadow cards.
  19. Welcome to the game! Events are the player cards that are single use by default. You play their action or response, follow its instructions and then discard the event. Allies and attachments stay in play unless a card tells you otherwise.
  20. Thanks for catching that. I meant Shadowfax, but apparently I'm just too excited for the next saga box.
  21. I went for a tried and true trio of Gandalf, Glorfindel (Spirit) and Elrond against Into Ithilien. I tried to avoid combat for the most part, though eventually one Company and one Mercs each slipped by my Saruman and Ranger Spikes. After landing Vilya early on I was able to set up with Unexpected Courage, Snowmane and Light of Valinor so that my heroes were always at the ready. Treebeard and a few ents rounded out my questing prowess while I ditched some spare uniques to Flame of Anor and Elvish Jeweler. Rounds completed: 5 Threat: 43 Damage: 7 VP: 1 (Flame of Anor) Score: 99 I'd also like to say it was nice to have the Cloak of Loriens on Glorfindel and Elrond help with the final Siege push on 4B, though most of the characters I had in play were 2+ defense without any help. Thanks for the excuse to revisit this quest!
  22. The "big roller" challenge sounds fun. One of my favorite formats in Magic: The Gathering is Highlander where you have 100 cards and can have no more than 1 copy of each card. We might not have enough player cards to pull that off (~400 based on a recent post's count), though. I should get to this week's challenge tomorrow. Just finished a big exam today.
  23. Of course no one would expect the murderer's hideout to be The Prancing Pony itself. Brilliant!
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