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  1. To get the most out of it, the ship that has it equipped needs to be the first ship activated for your side, you need at least 3 ships to take full advantage (squads are already pretty much immune to defense tokens for the most part already) and prioritize a single target to focus on.
  2. All I want to know is who that VSD was playing chicken with?
  3. Missed opportunity, should have posted "click here to find out how". Tsk tsk.
  4. Unlikely, so far we have seen that if a commander comes with a ship, they are the only commander included. We know (as much as you can) that Vader comes with the ISD. Based on that it is unlikely that he will be in wave 2 (unless he strangely shows up included with the raider). Beyond that.... who knows.
  5. 1. Modifying/Adding dice happens on the third step of attack so yes you roll then you can do a command via token, dial or dial+token. 2. Yes can use only the token but if you do only the token you cannot later spend the dial, you can only do 1 of the same command in a ship activation and choosing to spend dial+token is considered 1 command but you can do them in any order if that is what you are asking? 3. No, the decision to "bank" a token from the dial comes after revealing the dial, by this time in the attack that opportunity has passed.
  6. I use black primer and then drybrush the area, leaves the black and colors around the windows. If you don't use black primer or want a glossy black you could base coat and then blot out the windows, wait to dry and then drybrush as well.
  7. We need to think about the future as well, the largest ships we have right now are medium. When a large ship is added (thinking of ISD) and it can move at speed 3, it will probably need some room especially if there are more than one on the field. I think the size of the play area displays great foresight by FFG.
  8. So I got some new paints and painted some xwing and TIE Bombers and they came out great. I am now thinking about repainting some of the first ones I did, I am now wondering if I should strip off the paint I put on them ( I read an article that says an antiseptic called dettol works well) or should I just spray another coat of primer and call it good? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. You do know you can use engine techs on both the corvette and neb right? In the Rebs case you can use it as an aggressive ramming strategy or to better skirt around a ship and position for long range red dice assault. The Gladiator can't use most of its dice if it can't catch you and doesn't turn half as well as you do.
  10. Yes the setup area is a 3x4 rectangle in the middle of a 6x3 play area. It is made that way because on a 3x3 a area games just turn into jousting matches. The best setup for rebels is to point out from the deployment area to curve around your opponent. Also with objectives your focus may not always be death and destruction, rebels should use objectives that use thier great maneuvering.
  11. Well I'm going use X-Wing as an example but please stay with me. So in X-Wing the rules state that you cannot do more than one of the same action in that ships activation but later defines that if a card would otherwise assign a token it is not considered an action of that same type, so it would be legal to do a focus action to gain a focus token and then use an ability that would "assign" the same type of token to the ship (basically cards that exclude the word "action"). Now I know what you are thinking "he's made my point for me" but my point is that in X-Wing, that distinction is outlined in the rules book. There is no distinction outlined between "assigned" and "gained" in Amada and as such the only rule that relates to this situation is the RR quote I stated above. We can only take what is specifically mentioned in the materials we have, that's not saying it won't have an errata or FAQ in the future but for right now we work with what we have. Another arguement (that some won't like as it's a intent based one) is look at the expansion that Garm came in, it only came with 1 copy of each command token. In X-Wing if cards came with the expansion that would allow many of a single token to be gained, it came with a bunch of that token. So if this were possible wouldn't it have came with 2 or 3 copies of each token? (I know I will probably get an eyeful for this point but I don't care). One last thing is the benefits of taking all the same token are very limited. Personally I would rather have one of each for situations that may arise and not limit myself. You can't spend more than one token of the same type in an single activation anyway, so why limit yourself to the same token for up to three activations?
  12. You can only have one copy of a token banked on a ship, pg. 3 RR. "When a ship is assigned a command token, if it already has a copy of that command token, it must immediately discard that command token." You could get multiple of a single token but when you get it you discard the previous one, so you would be shooting yourself in the foot. There is nothing on the card contridicting the above rule so it stands, it would need a line that says that all tokens can be of the same type or something similar.
  13. Some people in my area plan to split fleets with a friend and buy a model every couple of weeks until they get competitive. If you demo/promote a LGS see if the owner can give you a small break on models if you buy exclusively from them. There are plenty of ways to get what you "need" for the game, it may be that you just need to determine what will suit your situation.
  14. Most people are picking a faction and sticking with it to save cash. I'm not because I hold a home game night for co-workers on Thursday nights and need enough to field 2 fleets in both factions and for demo purposes.
  15. But you can, the spending of the command is the trigger not the cost, so say you use a navigate token to increase speed of your original maneuver (trigger) you then exhaust (cost) engine techs to do a range 1 maneuver. That is what Joker Two cited in the rule above, it's saying that resoving the command normally is all that is needed to trigger it.At least that's how I read it, I could be wrong. Edit: Corrected wording.
  16. Agreed and they make effective squadron swarm command ships. 2 VSDs have the ability to command up to 10 squads during your turn on a single ship on a single arch that is 10 dice worth of damage (average of 5 hits) they will have a very hard time mitigating as each dice is its own attack (brace is practically useless, so is evade and redirect may be used but rarely).
  17. GSD + insidious + expanded launchers + Hyperspace Assult = 10 dice of pain and most likely one dead ship. If you are first player and see this situation, pick another objective. Oh and screed makes an average of 7 hits on that front arch too, so good times.
  18. Yep 2 damage cards for both of you, another reason I love that upgrade.
  19. Lack of the keyword "other" allows him to benefit from his own ability, if it had the phrasing "other friendly squadrons at range 1" it would be a different story.
  20. "You" in a ship upgrade card or ship ability refers to the ship.
  21. Yeah minefields is probably the safer choice. I wouldn't dismiss the utility of Hyperspace Assault, you have 3 monster 10 hull VSDs here, one that pops up behind your opponent 3rd, 4th or 5th turn to destroy any ship can win you the game. Positioned correctly you can get one hull facing of a single ship in 2 arcs or 2 different ships in 2 arcs. It is absolutely lethal with a VSD, GSD or AF if placed right when it appears. Also don't forget the objective points can move as well if they aren't used.
  22. I would say it is strange to see Imperials running without TIEs (considering even the GSD had a fairly large hanger). Rebels are more understandable, early on they were spread thin and sometimes fleets would be caught without a fighter escort (or have only have a few Y-Wings and X-Wings).
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