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  1. Bottle of Jack, Salt and Vinegar flavor Pringles, a 10" cheese and pepperoni Pizza and a bag of double chocolate chip cookies. If you can include a few crates of blaster rifles and a dozen or so thermal detonators I'd be much obliged. I'm....having a party.
  2. So what do we have so far: Klingon Bird of Prey in a Star Wars game. Supported by or crewed by Transformers? I'd say supported by Transformers, such as Optimus with his jet pack and the Transformer space ships. Crewed by....Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Will need crew cards for each of the Turtles. It's been a long time so can't remember the names of the Rat or the woman but perhaps have crew cards for them. The only turtle I remember is Raphael, who I think had the two daggers. Leonardo was another.
  3. Good idea. Sadly any suggestions I make are probably going to cause a lot of but here goes: "Only One" - flown in support of Obi Wan during Clone Wars. "Utter Pow" - support during battle of Utapau. I'll leave it there.
  4. TomRK

    This is terrible

    hehe HunterEste must be a prophet for he predicted it would happen. Now normal conversation can resume.
  5. TomRK

    This is terrible

    Ok. You want me to drop the fun and speak man-to-man. WAR CRIME POVERTY DISEASE These are terrible. Not what someone does with something they own and can do what they want with. If you are an adult and wanted to talk seriously then you will no doubt agree that my point of view here is valid. How many children have died while we've been here on a forum for toy planes?
  6. TomRK

    This is terrible

    Didn't think I was talking to one.
  7. TomRK

    This is terrible

    I'm sure there are starving children in Africa who are setting up a charity for you in your difficult time WonderWAAAGH. The inhumanity of someone selling Tournament results. You have my deepest sympathy. Chin up. You'll get through this. Just give yourself time. Has anyone got a Kleenex I've got something in my eye....sniff.
  8. TomRK

    This is terrible

    Using that logic all men who self-pleasure are guilty of mass murder. Though it is their "toy" to play with in their own time, they are wasting enough "stuff" to populate a country. In fact, if they are playing with their toy while watching a "movie" or looking at a magazine, or even if they're just thinking of that special someone. If the said target of their "play time" has not given them permission to "slap the salmon" then they're guilty of ****. Edit: **** means: the crime of non-consensual hubba hubba Think before you post!
  9. TomRK

    This is terrible

    Why you so angry? Don't you know what happens to angry people.... Could it be that the individual in question had reasons other than "money grabbing jerk" to sell it? Can't make it to the tournament due to (1) sudden family/friend emergency (2) sudden change in financial situation meaning can't afford to go (3) cruel tyrannical boss that won't give the time off. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that this person, rather than keep it, sold it so that someone who missed the opportunity can now have it?
  10. TomRK


    Just need a BBQ add some MnMs and the obligatory BYOB and that could be a fun MNX.
  11. If movies are canon, then you need to watch the fan movie "Imps". Episode 1 has a Predator in it. Awesome!
  12. Movies and Series are canon: Star Wars Episodes I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX The Clone Wars The Rebels But from the perspective of MY games and MY characters in MY part of the galaxy, the movies and series are just what they truly are "just stories that don't effect my life beyond their entertainment value" When it comes to canon VS fun I'm on the side of FUN. That's why non-canon aliens might well be turning up. Friend wants a Klingon and who am I to say no when I want a Predator.
  13. So here is what I know about the Birdy (not the finger the ship): Wings at side when moving at speed. Possibly meaning it will need two movement dials. One for "wings up" and the other for "wings down". With the "wings up" giving more green arrows. Millennium Falsehood just posted so I will agree that even with "wings down" the movement dial will still reflect speed and maneuverability. It has a cloaking device, though I suspect that it might be better than the Tie Phantom. Two wing laser cannons and torpedoes. I'm thinking the lasers should be similar to those of the Tantive IV. Torpedoes could be either Proton or Advanced Protons. Being the smaller B'rel class, I've seen it sized at 160 meters and 110 meters. Meaning it could be a bit longer than a Tantive IV or a bit shorter. It can have a crew of between 12 and 36, and those can be represented by some of the Crew cards.
  14. mughwI', qatlh? Just in case anyone, like me, doesn't speak Klingon. Got to get a Klingon Dictionary and finally seal my fate as a geek.
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