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  1. ElderKoala

    Intro Adventure: How close to maybe death do you like to get?

    The Intro adventure is almost typed out. I'm on Act 4 scene C. There's 5 acts. Once that's done, I'll share what I have along with the big baddy boss, 1 optional boss, 1 hazard trap, 1 social encounter (which I'm still working on making smooth), and a small ton of "Candy Covered Kobolds" for people to rifle through.
  2. ElderKoala

    Intro Adventure: How close to maybe death do you like to get?

    What I have so far (and yes, it would be an Ability): Deformative Mitosis: Whenever <Rival> is dealt damage, spawn a <minion> with HP = to the dealt damage in the Engaged band with <Rival>. They do not act the round they are formed and act last in Initiative.
  3. ElderKoala

    Intro Adventure: How close to maybe death do you like to get?

    The idea behind C, and this is where I got nervous is you chopped down the Ooze to bite sized minions, the minions lose the 'split' ability, but you then have to tackle them. So, let's say Ooze has 50HP. You'd chop him down into 10 5 HP minions. Then clear them out. (You'd probably be clearning the ooze and the add-ons at the same time in practice.) but my thinking would be it'd test the players to think tactically. If they simply go hog wild and chop down the Ooze instantly, they'll get over run quickly. If they hit the ooze, then the minions then back to the ooze, it'd be a challenge. But, if they screw that up, I could seriously drop the entire team on the intro.
  4. So, I'm fine tuning the last of my initial adventure (yes, once it's done or close to done and open to constructive criticism, I'll post), and I'm wondering how 'challenging' or 'I MAY just kill a character with this' do you guys like to get with the first run of a party? I've got a design on a the final bad guy. There's a monologue, the 'villain' escapes and leaves a Jello-esque Ooze, complete with shiny reflective shimmery skin!, to do battle. I've got 3 versions of this dude. A is a cake walk. He just sits there, does physical attacks and makes you move. (Don't stand in the fire.) B is a bit more interesting. If he hits the hero, he creates a 1HP / 1SOAK copy that joins the fight. C. is way more troubling. Every time it's hit, it creates a minion with HP = to the damage it was hit for. I really like C, but I'm thinking it might be 'too much' for an Intro.
  5. ElderKoala

    Guns in Terrinoth?

    THAT is the best part of this toolkit. You want it in your universe, plug it in!
  6. ElderKoala

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    There's other parts of the book? Huh.. you're right! Seriously, I grabbed crafting, Kobolds and the talents / heroic abilities and ran! Btw. Kobolds, dressed up as life-sized wrapper covered chocolates similar to Hershey Park in PA, are FANTASTIC intro bad guys! lol
  7. ElderKoala

    RoT: Crafting a Magical Lock

    The magic is you touch the lock to the door, and presto chango, the door has a new lock in it. Instead of grabbing a saws-all, chisel, drill. Carving out the place for the lock, etc etc. But you have an interesting point on Summon.. hmmm...
  8. ElderKoala

    Gah! 50 bucks!!

    Think of it this way, it's more fun and more time played than a poorly made Xbox One game. Like that pirate game that has no content.
  9. ElderKoala

    RoT: Crafting a Magical Lock

    Well that didn't take long.... Mage has an idea for a utility item. Crafting a Magical Door Lock. Narrative: When 'installed' on a door, creates a cylinder lock and two keys. Lock is Average and adds one setback die to physical pick attempts. Craft check: Hard. Requirements: a padlock for magical focus. I'm not seeing any huge issues with this. 3 days to craft it. Only creates an Average lock. Could be useful in emergencies. Anyone have thoughts?
  10. ElderKoala

    Magic & Genesys

    My mage character is rather enjoying not being stuck with "level 1 spells". I warn him to be careful with his difficulties, but outside of that, he's got his crib sheets and he goes crazy.
  11. ElderKoala

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    You could definitely take those and tune them to your setting with very little difficulty, I would say.
  12. ElderKoala

    Advantages and Triumphs with Magic

    Oh, I LOVE the wild card narrative roles on magic. It's magic. Narrator's McGuffin! Fireball with a Triumph? Not only did make the bad guy go boom, it reduced his body to inorganic ash. They can't get DNA if they tried! Forcefield with an Advantage? The way you move and bend the shield to protect you also starts shooting out the lights around you, giving you better cover. ...and it's even MORE fun when they start to get the evil die results.
  13. ElderKoala

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    While I'm at it, Special Modifications from Star Wars is a neat little add if you already have EOTE at your table. And the force books can be okay to supplicant into Magic.
  14. ElderKoala

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    PDF it. Definitely worth the price of the PDF. As for me, I'm not running RoT, but it did flesh out what was missing from Genesys Core (Crafting imho) to now I can get my campaign off the ground. Plus I needed some solid Alchemy rules for my big bag.
  15. ElderKoala

    Terrinoth PDF