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  1. Oh yes. This random hobo is now going to be the coolest random hobo ever. The Lando from Solo of Hobos!
  2. I love these moments. So, we've got a party now fully introduced to Genesys and having fun. We took the World of Android had it have a head on collision with Terrinoth and the First Responders are from the Lovecraft Fire House who drive a Ghostbuster-themed Ambulance. Weird stuff is starting to happen in the world and the heroes are poised as the only ones to know enough to stop it. So, their first mission after Introductions to the systems in the world. Family of a Farm House has gone missing. Police found TONS of blood and bloody marks EVERYWHERE, but not flesh or bodies. Open case. Mystery. Local townsfolk blame the father who was low on money. They think he killed everyone and took off.. but no one has seen him either. And the cars are all accounted for. Last straw sister of the father hires the 'Investigation Inquisition, LLC' as a last ditch effort to get some info. In the course of their early investigation, I add in a random homeless / squatter / hobo character just kind of lurking in an alley. For the next TWO HOURS we stake out, investigate, try to get info on, hire an informant to find files on and otherwise OBSESS on a random piece of environment I added in.
  3. Solid work for me. Knowledge (Explosives). Make Explosive. -> Mechanics. Turn Explosive into Sophisticated Device. -> Skullduggery. Turn Sophisticated Device into Hidden Trap. That thought pattern make sense to everyone?
  4. So, Knowledge (Explosives)?
  5. ElderKoala


    So a character wants to replicate Mr. Torgue. For the life of me, I can't find where land mines, C4, Symtex, etc. would cover? Skullduggery for traps? Gunnery for munitions?? Anyone tackle this yet?
  6. Knowing our luck, we'd get 5 desert islands and a mountain and everyone would be WTF No Jungle?! lol
  7. It's actually quite simple. We like to own all the components of a printed game. This design seemingly makes that 'very difficult' and thus a turn off.
  8. I'm currently like minded. The only thing I can think of that Unique helps is set-up time. Something like Elrditch Horror can take a bit to set up and get everything ready. Outside of that.. "It's a single box experience" which I guess is a neat idea, I'm just struggling to get on board.
  9. Now THAT is a helpful selling point.
  10. True, but at the $250USD mark, I'd have to check my library but isn't 7th Continent at like 3-4 expansions, a small ton of backer only promo swags, etc. My point was if you wanted everything (like you get for the $250USD in 7th), with a UNIQUE game, it could become very pricey very quick. It was more of my collector's brain not being happy with the word "Unique" and then trying to figure out just how expensive all the biomes would be in one collection?
  11. When I was a kid, I was the player popping 7 Leviathans before I ever saw Force of Will. (Different sets, I know, but you get the idea.) I do not like randomized games. It drove me away from WoTC RPGs, out of MTG, etc etc. I like to know if I hand you $X I get Y in product. I also like collect-ability that also has replay-ability. I don't mind Legacy as long as the game has some decent table time built in. (Charterstone, Pandemic, etc.) If I go in knowing a game is Legacy, it's got the base and 4 expansions, I'm perfectly okay. This UNIQUE thing? I dunno.. I'm trying to like it but I've got 2 major stumbling blocks. 1. I own 7th Continent. 2. I keep hearing Brad Pitt's line from Seven. "What's in the box?! WHAT'S IN THE BOOXXXXXX????"
  12. This whole "Random $60 Board Game" gimmick isn't sitting well with me at all. It's why I left Magic: the Gathering and picked up NetRunner, LOTR and now Arkham Horror. Part of it is 'having all the components', the other part is just I hate not knowing what I'm handing a company $60 for. It's like going into a Restaurant and saying "I'll have the $30 Meat plate" and hoping for the T-Bone and dreading the sliders.
  13. At $60 a box, it could be a very expensive re-imagining of the 7th Continent.
  14. I went with the fast and easy method with traps. "Makes Sense" skill check. Example: The Dreaded Koala Musk Bomb. Perception (1 to Notice) & Skulduggery (2 to Disable Trap) / Athletics (3 to Dodge Effect) Koala Musk (Lingers for 5 rounds): Anyone caught in or entering the 3x3 area of Koala Musk suffers 1 Downgrade and 1 Setback to all Social Skills until they can shower and change clothing. (You smell something awful.... and then you realize that it's you.) Anything like a dart trap or tripwire'd shotgun, I use combat as above folks have said.
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