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  1. What good guy wouldn't want to sneak into Heil SauerKraut's secret lab and steal his Bratwurst & Surströmming fumigator to then re-purpose it as an anti-panic cold northern mountains smelling aerosol gadget?!
  2. I agree. But then I point to Starlight who, before XYZ, she was a super hero with a personal radio scanner in her mom's kitchen. So you could play to the middle. There's heroes who do hero work... and then there's The Seven and people like them. Just a theory. Heck, they could be like a private investigation firm. Outside of Iron Man and Batman, super powers are kinda free. And if they want gadget hero, they either have a get rich scheme or rob the baddies!
  3. I'm going to counter ague with "The Boys". The heroes are corporate denizens. Why can't Heroes make money from work?
  4. ElderKoala


    Doesn't one of the holy grails of IPs run on Genesys? Star Wars? Not to be argumentative, just pointing out that Genesys 1.0 was an IP so, maybe?
  5. Hi. I'm a Koala who mastered the art of Human language via Eldritch dark arts. I learned RPGs in D6 Pool (Shadowrun & WEG SW). Then came D20 (D&D and SW). Then came D20 3.5 (D&D). Then came D20 3.75 (Pathfinder), then came D20-Spycraft 2.0 and Fantasy Craft. So far the only two games to have serious staying power was D6 Shadowrun and D20 Spycraft. Though FantasyCraft is our go to D&D session. (I'm just not keen on that story arc.) FFG SW came along. It was good. That system went GM toolbox. And that was good. So... here we remain.
  6. If you trade some 'realism simulation' for 'narrative co-op play', and are okay with that trade, yes. It's worth it. It takes a bit getting used to, but yes. Worth it. Bonus points: Look at the Master Resource list. There's a ton of good stuff. (Especially the Expanded Talents...)
  7. Most of my comments will always come from the vein of "My players are rulemongering a-hats and try to break everything they can within reason. So beware. They tried to do this <applicable thing they tried to do as per thread>." Like appraising items. Every mission they go on turns into a Cat Burglar scenario. "Rescue the political prisoner?" Okay great. While we're at it, do the prison guards have any gold stashed near by? I have literally been asked "Does anything look old?" The stapler looks very old. "Like collectible old?" ...you have no idea. "What skill would that be?" ...oh boy....
  8. We need the ability to like and thanks something. Spot on for that intel! Thanks mate! http://podbay.fm/show/276381727/e/1439185550?autostart=1 ^ Link to the podcast just to be nice!
  9. Just a follow up. My players say "Thank god he doesn't have to improv!". So, thanks from my players too!
  10. Just a point in consideration. Someone who can negotiate is charismatic and fundamentally skilled at turning a conversation (or negotiation) in their favor. An top tier negotiator may know nothing about the price of an original print of Picasso, but an expert tells him going in that it's worth $500,000, he'll walk about with $500,000 and a bottle of Glenlivet Aged 50 Years Single Malt Scotch. (It's like a $40,000 bottle of Scotch.) So letting a negotiator also appraise his own objects may be a bit too powerful. but, as GM Hooly said, your game, your rules.
  11. YES! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks gang! My would be "We joined this company because we were almost on the verge of starvation and homeless" heroes can no slowly build their way up from the slums to the penthouse!
  12. The "YES!" a triumph offers or the "Oh god...." the despair brings... don't mess with that.
  13. So, I've been debating this post in my own head for a bit. Is it the "Everyone is too reactive?" all the way to "Are humans just a-holes by default and people need to learn to accept their own conditions?" (Full disclosure: I lived through and less to a point today than in my youth live with a TBI that turned my memory into Swiss Cheese. 1 step above Memento. Event to event sticky pads and notepad? Did it. So I can understand "Oh, I just have a bad memory" and literally wanting my eyes to burn laser holes through the person who said that flippantly.) In reality, there would be no "Hero" personality complex character. Everything I understand is it's life defining and debilitating, so I suppose there's the crux. Unless you're playing a debilitated character who struggles through every day because of decades old massive trauma, it's not the story you're claiming it is and people will take offense. I do like Haphazard's idea. If you can, take the idea and just twist it just enough to not be referencing the DSM. It's kinda like "I want to play a rageaholic who was a **** victim". Just in lesser defined terms. If you don't, it's not the end of the world, but if you do, it'd be from a point of trying to be understanding. I think we'd all agree BiPolar Depression, Depression in general, etc. would be off the table. Socio and psychopathy may get a pass, but baby steps. And i'll be totally honest, before this thread, I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it if a Player wanted that backstory. Now that we've had the discussion, it would at least be a discussion.
  14. Basic idea: Sliders meets Killjoys with a dash of Dresden Files. My players are playing a team of contracted mercs. They're no names, no reputations with barely a credit to their collective names. But they get by. I've got an okay handle on monthlies, the cost of contracts and managing gear / fencing loot. What I'm struggling with is upgrading their "base" (it's an apartment in the slums right now). It's very possible I missed it in the 3 books or I can kidnap it from Star Wars. I don't mind Story GM Hand waving, but on the other hand I don't want to make it feel generic "We have an upgraded house." And that's where I'm stuck. I don't want to get crunchy, but I do want to a.) make any upgrades a financial drain and b.) if you install a hidden vault in your house, that's cool. But.. how? Thanks!
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