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  1. Haunted City Chase

    The only time I've ever seen Chases done right was Spycraft 2.0. They're hard to do without turning them into just a battle of who has more skill ranks or terrible luck.
  2. Endearingly Weird (and Humorous) Adventure Ideas

    I got slightly behind with work this week (and a 3 year old daughter who was all knowing I was coming home late and was NOT having it. lol) so I'm a bit behind on my Genesys creation. But, here's what I have so far. If you have ever been to Hershey, PA, that place is AMAZING. You have a zoo, a theme park and a commercial zone. And a pretty decent town but not really "huge city" around it. So that's my set up. We're taking that and putting it in the Midwest somewhere. Trying to make it believable that people would still go there, but yet it could 'go dark' without having anyone just take 2 minutes from the town over and see what's happening. Progression goes City -> Zoo -> Theme Park -> Commericial Candy Mega Store. City is abandoned but no bodies. A really CREEPY feel. Power is off. ISP, Cell Towers, etc. Off. SatComms work but for some reason they're INCREDIBLY fuzzy. First encounter with a patrol of Chocolate Armored Kobolds with Hard Candy Weapons. Rival will be a Carnival-Face Painted band of Kobolds dressed in souvenir attire from the Candy Store's zoo. 1 Kobold survives and flees to the Zoo on the back of what can only be described as an animated Animal Cracker. Cutscene later, war horns sound from the direction of the Zoo. And the only lights in the city turn on. And they're creepy as ****. Zoo is made up of Kobolds with Candified (Candy version of) Animals. Gummy-iranhas. (Piranhas). Jawbreaker Apes. Rock Candy-antulas. (Tirantulas). Licorce Rope Python. (Working on others...) Rivals will be a Kobold Zoo Keeper and a pack of Animal Crackers. Theme Park. TBD. We find a new ride is open and that's where all the people went. Some sorta VR device that pacifies the person and uses the left over brain power to power candy constructs. (Super McGuffin, I know.) Commericial Mega Store. TBD. Nemesis shows up. Not a straight up fight. Traps and tricks galore as she would know she's out gunned at this point. With Minions and Rivals thrown in. That's what I'm working on right now.
  3. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    Well, ****... everyone else is doing companions... why not this thread too! Maybe we can get sponsored by Hershey! LOL. *starts lining out the thread for ideas* Stand by for some really strange Eldritch Candy....
  4. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found my RIVAL!
  5. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    You folks are awesome and I'll spin up a separate thread with the Wonda Bonkers Candy Factory of Sugar-fed Nightmares with my Works-in-Progress. Watercolour's "You get excreted into the next mission" has altered my plans quite a bit. And will serve for a good intro to their agency. I've changed the Saltwater Gummydile to Gummy-rihana's. We also have Rock-rantuals (Rock Candy Tarantulas), Salt Water Taffy-o-Wars, and more to come. (Those Kobolds are going in as oompa-loompas!)
  6. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    What's that... I should include a semi-terrifying monster at the end to make sure the players understand that while it was messed up, the danger is real? ..and.. wait.. what's that.. there should be an other-dimensional Jello Gibbering Mouther? Except it should be the size of a metro bus? Watercolour Dragon, I like you're thinking! Then end up 'freed' during the necroposy of the monster after the agency now recruiting them kills it after they weakened it yet still ended up eating them? I LIKE IT!
  7. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    I was going even simpler. Skipping the "grapple" part and rolling it into action. Big Gulp!: As an Action and a Maneuver, this character may make a [Engaged] Brawn (3) check. If successful, the engaged character is 'swallowed'. 'Swallowed' characters are considered grappled, may not disengage and may not normally move. 'Swallowed' characters may use the "GET ME THE *BLEEP* OUT OF HERE!* talent ability. This character may hold two characters at one time.
  8. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    You're right. I was falling back into the old trap of 1 round is 1 action and 1 action is 1 roll. Where in Genesys, one roll is a myriad of actions that happen and the result is the combination of all that. You might take 6 damage from a revolver, but it's not just from 1 bullet. It's the combination of the glass that cut you from the first bullet, the grazing of the second bullet... etc. combined. So... TALENTS it is! (Brawn!)
  9. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    While I'm not looking for theoretical physics-level rules of grappling, I am in need of Initiate, Counter or Control, what you can do if they fail to counter. Namely so my Saltwater Gummy-dile can go GULP!
  10. How deadly is combat in genesys

    I think that's the part I like the most of Genesys' combat. It's not outright deadly but it can definitely beat you upside the head very well. You can be still standing but you've been Maimed, Knocked Senseless, Winded and Hamstrung. ..and you've got 3 minutes before the ship blows up!
  11. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    I try to aim for a cross between Law and Order and Jerry Springer (best way I can describe it.) If anyone is familiar with Spycraft 2.0, we ran a campaign where a terrorist cell was planning to ruin a mall christmas event. Agents went in hot, and legit had to call a gaming time out to recover from the laughing fit when they discovered the terrorists were all legit 'height restricted genetic individuals'(?). (I know you can't say midget, and Dwarf has the wrong definition here. lol) One player literally, between laughing fits asked.. "Wait.. you're telling us the terrorists are a cell of ..legit santa elves????" Yes. <insert more laughter.> There are definitely some serious, straight moments. Bank robber with a ski mask and a 12 gauge. ...and then there's the "Go check out Harristown. They were ******* about an earthquake.. (in the middle of Ohio...) and now we can't get them on Radio." Players drive up to find rampaging bi-pedal Rabbits with re-purposed garden tools as melee weapons ravaging the town while a super intelligent turnip dove in their backseat and demanded "DRIVE **** IT DRIVE!". Some days you just never know what the universe will throw at you. Is it me or is Genesys missing rules for grappling??
  12. Original creations or re-skins?

    All of the above. If I can save some time with minion reskins, I have no problem with that.
  13. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    Their first real adventure is going to be going up a Candy Maker akin to Willy Wonka driven mad by Elridtch Influence. Mini-boss one is the Saltwater Crocodile. So, the biologicals still work in these mad creations, but they're candy based. That'd be the defacto "You failed to get out during the scene, eventually, you manage to claw and bite your way out. You gained 7 lbs and have early onset diabetes, but you're finally free."
  14. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    A giant, saltwater crocodile modeled after gummy crocodile. About the size of a School bus. It's hide is rock candy, it's teeth are shattered jaw breaker frags. It's innards are that sloshy gusher candy fill stuff.
  15. Escaping the "Belly of the Beast"

    So, I'm working on a Rival... possibly Nemesis that will use a Grasp / Bite / Swallow attack. Biologically, let's use the Sarlacc for comparison. Once it swallows you, you're going to starve to death long before it digests you. I was thinking of an Escape? ability? Maybe? Athletics (3) or Weapon (2 Advantage or 1 Triump) to escape. The trick is being eaten by the bad guy isn't the problem. It's while you're in its belly you can't stop what the rest of it is doing.