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  1. Anyone else going to Star Wars Celebration in April?
  2. There is so much great artwork produced by FFG, I'd love to see some of it in an art print form or even desktop wallpapers. Star Wars in particular has been fantastic!
  3. just picked this game up! http://xwaupgrade.com/ this site has some higher quality models. You have to install them individually (packs dont work on the GOG version) but it makes a huge difference.
  4. I had no plans on buying this... untill now.
  5. Commander card sounds amazing! A card that grants an ability that covers the whole game and applies to the whole squad. A 10 point card that allows a k-turn to be white for all units? 10 points allows all units to perform a barrel roll but if they do not have the icon, they take a stress.
  6. Sweet thank you for the list! I'll be living between Lynnwood and Mill Creek, so it looks like I'll be at Round the Table thursday nights lol.
  7. Might have to jump into this, sounds fun!
  8. I am moving from Portland, OR to Seattle (closer to Bothell) and was wondering if there are any groups playing around there?
  9. It makes more sense for it to start from the back and radiate forward. Seriously looks amazing though!
  10. PJSkittles

    Jansons Hammer

    I discovered this build a few days ago and its done pretty well. Wes Jenson: Vet Instincts Ibtisam: Heavy Laser Cannon, Opportunist Biggs: R2-F2, Stealth Device. Wes strips the targets of focus/evade tokens. Ibtisam hits hard with 5 dice (plus a re-roll for being stressed). The enemy must fire on Biggs who gets 3-5 defense dice.
  11. A strategy I have found interesting is Biggs flying along side a transport rocking the EM emitter. Behind Biggs is a a pair of y-wings with turrets to cover the rear and fire out from behind the transport. Everyone must fire at biggs 5-6 defense dice. Its defensive, but worked pretty well. Certainly a different style of combat.
  12. My dad use to tell me: if its not where it should be, look where it shouldn't be.
  13. I am sad, but not discouraged. The cinematic Marvel Universe has been fantastic so far, despite it not following the same exact path as many of the past comics. This does not negate all the past stories and make them meaningless; rather it paves a path for new stories to be told or retold in new ways. *crosses fingers for Kyle Katarn to be a big character in the new EU*
  14. Always been a fan of the E-Wing, ever since I went to a dozen stores trying to find the Action Fleet E-Wing as a kid. I am going to buy at least 2, maybe 3-4.
  15. I am surprised I havent seen the YV-666 Light Freighter suggested yet.
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