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  1. Anyone know if their local stores have access to this yet? Money is a bit tight and I'm not sure I can afford the shipping at the moment. Going to be stopping by my local gaming store later this week.
  2. You included weapon attachments but not mods, why? Because of the way talents are acquired in this pyramid form, the flow of how xp is spent feels different. Would you consider "Knight level play" to be unbalancing in this system?
  3. How come mostly everything else in upcoming allows you to preorder but not this book? Any ideas? Are they already sold out before they even get the book out?
  4. Idk if you've read any of the Star Wars books, but they actually have rules for mounted combat. I think it is their speed is equal to half their agility rounded up.
  5. It is called Additional limbs: creatures with more than 2 arms/2 legs gain an additional free maneuver per turn, though still may not perform more than two maneuvers per turn. In Special Modifications the Besalisk has this ability. I believe Dax(sp?) the alien that Obi-wan went to see in Star Wars Episode II: Clone wars was this alien race. The guy who told him about the kameno saber darts.
  6. Dialogue definitely. If you are working on a particular setting that has an established world, really try to incorporate what they say in that world. If you are making something up, try to figure out how the people sound like and what makes them distinct. Ya know who does this really well with games is Blizzard. Love them or hate them, they establish certain phrases as battle cries and right before an intense moment you will see main characters use those lines. I swear every time they do that it suckers me in. Determine if your characters have accents. What is their education level and how does that influence how they speak? I'm currently playing a "Mad" scientist in Star Wars. My character is not prone to action, he stops and thinks about everything around him, drawing in as much info as he can before acting. His speech is slightly arrogant, bc he feels his intelligence makes him better than others and he doesn't ever use contractions in speech. Sometimes making something feel more real involves thinking of how the character you have interacting with the PC's is different from them. Is he English? Have him drop a "Cheers governor!" Or a "There's a good chap." Is he a reptile and the others are mammals? Have him mention something subtly about that like "Wow, even new hatchlings handle that better than you." Doesn't have to be every line, but once in awhile will rope them in.
  7. When we think of certain settings often times we come across creatures with unusual speed. Zerglings in Starcraft, Skags in Borderlands, facehuggers in aliens, jockeys in left for dead, and I'm sure there are a lot of other examples out there. Most of these creatures can easily be minions. The issue with having them as minions is that they only have one move and one attack per round. The mechanics of genesys allow you to get away from these creatures, but if you've played these games or seen these movies some of these creatures move to fast for you to just out run them. So I went looking for abilities that would work. I liked the Kyuzo ability and might save that for rivals or nemesis (like skagzilla) but again, minions do not have strain. I tried looking for creature abilities and the only thing I could find that was close allowed them to move through rough terrain unhindered. That's not potent enough. My solution is: to rename the multi-limb ability that allows species to gain a free extra maneuver as long as they do not use more than 2 maneuvers per turn and give them that ability (maybe call it feral sprint/lunge). Allow them to move horizontal or vertical to any location within short range (we often see these creatures jumping up cliffs or distances at least 10m or so) and lastly possibly forgo having to use a maneuver to go from short range to engaged. The last one makes my gut feel like it is too OP, but I feel that it holds to the *feel* of what I'm trying to accomplish, so I'm torn. I don't have templates yet bc honestly, I want to use these abilities with possibly multiple different creatures. Bc they are minions, and bc they would have this great speed I would make them easy-moderate difficulty to kill for minions and do probably low amounts of damage. My initial thought was to have some kind of medium ranged/melee combo attack but I couldn't come up with anything that looked remotely fair/accurate for the mechanics/feel. This is the best I've come up with any thoughts or suggestions?
  8. Where do you see that? When I pull it up it says "Not available yet."
  9. lordannoyed


    So, this was brought up in the Order 66 podcast (a podcast devoted to the star wars system). They did a whole episode on it. I think one of them (if memory serves me, I think it was Chris) who thought it was if you take double your wound threshold then you would die, but then he noted that it doesn't say that anywhere. That was how he thought it should be ran, but then he pointed out that since there are no hard rules, it is kind of up to the GM to determine that. He even suggested discussing in depth with your players what death meant, and how the table was going to handle it. Not sure if that helps you or not.
  10. This might be a typo but your competitor is overpowered. If you take an average human, you have 2s in everything and 110 starting xp. If you look at laborer you can see they made brawn a 3 and presence a 1. So the 3 cost 30 xp, but the 1 refunded 20 xp so they subtracted 10 xp to give it a 100 starting xp. You have 3 in both dex and cunning with just a single 1 in presence. In Opportunist you have a racial named "Fortune favors the Bold." There is a talent with that same name so if you go to include all of the talents that might be a bit confusing. In SWRPG there is a signature ability with that same basic ability called "Unmatched Fortune." Other than that, it looks good! I might use some of these for my campaign.
  11. So I wasn't really sure I got what "Weird wars" was all about and the CRB is really brief when describing Tannhauser. I got the first novel yesterday and haven't put it down (being sick helps me to get some reading done.) I was wondering if anyone has seen any other sources for this particular game other than the 3 novels. And has anyone else read them? Just wondering if the other two are as good. I'm planning on buying them after I get through the first book.
  12. I wouldn't expect them to have a One Book Source that gives you all of the weapons or all of the archtypes or all of the talents simply bc we haven't seen that with Star Wars. Sometimes there is a little overlap of species in those books from EOTE to AOR to FAD. And you're not wrong for feeling that way! Just understand that all of the books they have out now has taken them awhile to come out. I think EOTE came out 4-5 years ago. So you might be waiting a few years before you see what exactly it is that you want to see. Where as the Star Wars books are getting pretty close to covering all of the careers and have years worth of weapons, talents, examples of how to use skills in unique ways, species to reference on how to keep your archtypes balanced, etc.
  13. Hype can be a good thing. It can give you just enough of a taste that it leaves you wanting MORE. The problem is if you can't deliver within what most might feel is a timely manner, then all you're going to do is make people more frustrated and feel like they shouldn't have as much faith in you. Like their star wars book "Fully Operational" was announced about 9 months ago? And the status is still not released. That has made me more frustrated than if they had waited longer to announce it and produced it closer to when they announced it. I don't doubt they will get it out eventually, and the quality of stuff they produce has me thinking they're just perfecting the material before they get it out. Still frustrated though and I've seen others on the forums just as frustrated. So I get them trying to hold off announcing stuff until they are closer to delivering it to our hot hands.
  14. This is really a flavor thing per person. What I do when trying to think up how am I going to make up a new character is I'll go through all of the previous aliens in Star Wars. I then try to find other races that have similar flavors. If I'm trying to come up with something new, I try to find the closest thing to it, and then see what kind of weight FFG put into their version. As for switching out skills? I don't see a problem with just flip flopping skills in and out for bonuses, just try not to stack stuff too much. If you don't want to buy all of the books to get all of the alien races, ogg dude's character creation program is free and it has all of the aliens there, plus some home brewed ones that the community has made up.
  15. Minor typo in the classes. I think at the very end you put up "Druid" when you meant to put "Hunter." I'm curious if you plan on playing this game on a virtual table top and if so what times you were looking for. I'd be interested in playing this game if it isn't starting at 2am my time. :-P Night Elf Mohawk GRENADE skill: Light Dmg: Only to those looking upon my visage will jealousy! Crit: Oh, everyone is crit who looks upon the Mohawk. Range: short Encum: 1 Price: Your social awkwardness Rarity: 11 special: When struck with this grenade you are the envy of everyone and you gain a triumph when you go to pity a fool for not being as sexy as you.
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