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  1. What about the top of a staff? That would work thematically and match the new cover art. http://game-icons.net/lorc/originals/wizard-staff.html
  2. Is this IN-val-id or in-VAL-id Region? Two very different things.
  3. You could call the Deep Realms the Bridge and Tunnel Region. All those unsophisticated goons from the Dungeon suburbs commuting into the City... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridge_and_tunnel On a serious note, I like Shadow Region. It indicates both a lack of sunlight and nefarious shenanigans going on.
  4. So, when encountered, put two counters on the trail, and whoever drew it removes a counter each time they have a turn, after which the trail gets discarded (shuffled)? That could work, but then you have the upkeep to worry about.
  5. I like the idea of using the Deep Realms as a conduit between the Overworld and Underworld, but there would definitely need some special rules as to not abuse it. Also, what about modifying the Chasm space and terrain card to be a one-way ticket from the Overworld to Underworld? If you land on the Chasm space or a Chasm terrain card in the Overworld and you roll a 1 or 2 for yourself or a follower, instead of losing a life or being killed, you fall through the Chasm to the Underworld in the corresponding space.
  6. Thanks for the feedback on my feedback. As I mentioned, some of my comments were personal preferences that I can play around with on my own as a homebrew or with house rules. As for your comments: Because this is a self-print expansion, I may add some extra cards to the Forge deck on my own just to play test it. I also thought about doing a new homebrew Relic deck anyway, as four cards is just too few IMO. We already house rule the Arknell to avoid a backdoor Crown option, so this may be the best option for our game in general. I really like swapping out the Ruby and Emerald for a Lodestone and Diamond. Good call, I think. Adds a bit more "high risk, high reward" flair too. Trails staying on the spaces: I actually thought about this last night as a comment/suggestion, especially since the Trails are the only Place cards and Places normally stay on the space until the end of the game. However, I wondered about how fair it was to the first player to find a trail vs subsequent players. Maybe if there isn't a trail already on the space and you draw one, you get to add +1 to your die roll on the Forge or Village? This gives the trailblazers who first find the trail a bit of a boost. Also, what happens if you draw a trail and there's already one in the space? Do they both stay? I really like making the realm halves to be part of their attached region. Plus, having the Path of Folly would reduce your die roll when rolling on the FF or EV, but it looks like that's the only Path card that would affect those spaces directly. The Paths that affect object carrying limit and the Lodestone might affect the FF space, though, so if people have to drop objects at the Forge, would those objects get shuffled into the Forge deck? Also, would this affect Deep Realms as well in the new rules, to make the halves part of the Dungeon and City regions? Having these small boards as separate regions always messed us up when playing Harbinger, so I like having them all be little bump outs to their respective regions. ETA: I love all the new cards. Are those going to be added straight out or do those swap out something else? I need to go back and read the comments I missed in the thread, so that might explain it.
  7. Regarding the cover art, I prefer the one on the left only because the expansion title and tag at the bottom of the right image being on the water is harder to read.
  8. We did our play testing last night, so here are our comments. Now, I've read through most of the comments in the thread but not all, so if I'm duplicating or mentioning something that's already been changed, please ignore it. We play tested with all the files available on Talisman Island yesterday morning, so I swapped out the Red Cap and updated the cards for typos/errata. And, as I'm an editor by trade, I'd also like to do a copyedit if I have time (and if you're interested), so let me know if that's something you'd like to discuss. Only two of us made it to the Lost Realm. My friend went immediately as the game started because he wanted to try it out, and I went in mid-to-late game as I wanted to play it as I normally would. He entered from the Woodland side, and I entered from the Highland side each time. My friend wanted to go to the Forge, and it took him 8-10 tries to even draw a Trail card, and he almost died. I went in later mainly to try out the realm, and I went back several more times to grind. The big Craft/Strength stats on many of the enemies were awesome to bump up my C/S stats before I made my run to the Crown. Neither of us went to the Elder Village. We both wanted items from the Forgotten Forge instead. There were better/other ways to gain the abilities from the EV, so something to keep in mind. We wanted stuff, not Destinies, spells, or stat increases. Some random thoughts on objects, abilities, and mechanics both during play and then afterward with hubby when we were discussing the play testing: Trails There should be more Trail cards or some way to increase your chances of drawing one. It was really hard to get them at times, especially with the constant reshuffling of the Border deck. The rules need to clarify the press on mechanic after you successfully navigate a Trail card. Do you move to another space immediately on that same turn, or do you press on your next turn? That wasn't clear to us at all, and we re-read the rules for that section several times. It would be nice to have an ability to draw more Border deck cards to add to your stack like some of the Tunnel cards do in the Deep Realms. This can increase that chance of getting a Trail card. Objects The Iron Key wasn't as useful to us due to the way we play the game.No one really even tries the Portal until they have a good chance to succeed in the Mines/Crypt, so we almost always have a minimum of 11-12 craft/strength by the time we try the Portal. It could be useful in a few specific situations (you have a Warlock quest, someone has the Talisman of Censure, you have a Gnome or Shovel/Map), but my friend drew it randomly from the Forge and it was pretty useless to him early game since he wasn't strong enough to navigate the Inner Region yet, and by the time he was ready to make his run, he was already high enough in stats that it didn't matter. Giving the Key an additional ability or two would make it much more useful, IMO.Maybe you can use it on a space in the Highland or Woodland. Maybe it can be used to sneak in the back door of the Eyrie or Queen Mab's Lair and give you a rolling bonus when confronting them. Maybe it will allow you to subtract from your die rolls on spaces in the Inner Region (not combat). You could subtract from your roll on the Crypt/Mines, subtract from your rolls to determine how many lives you lose, and subtract from determining NPC creature craft/strength or number of creatures before you battle. The Ring of Denial was awesome because my friend was the Gypsy and I was able to deny him reusing one of my spells on me and then he couldn't take the Ring because even though it's basically a Counterspell, it wasn't a spell itself. I think the Forgotten Forge needs some additional items because only six cards seems a bit small and could get stale. In Deep Realms, because you draw random cards from the Shop and Treasure decks, you don't always have the same objects in the Tunnel spaces every time you play. Maybe make it an eight card deck to make it a bit more random? Some card ideas:Pickaxe: Use as an axe (+1 Strength in battle) and it can also allow you to roll one fewer die in the Crypt. It's like a combo Axe and Shovel. Karak's Map: You don't have to roll in the Crags, you can ignore the Chasm space (roll on Original board or don't have to discard an object/follower on the Cataclysm board) and roll one fewer die in the Mines. It's like a combo Map and some of the Dwarf character abilities. Plus an homage to the Karak Doom space maybe? Runesword: Fits thematically and there's already the card in the regular Adventure Deck to use. It would be nice to add a few additional cards to the Border deck.At least two more Trails and a couple more objects would make a 40-card deck, with a 1:5 chance of drawing a Trail instead of a 1:6 chance. Beef up the objects available without having to visit the Forge. Maybe add something like the Lucky Charm and Luckstone, which are from the Highland deck but use fate? Very border in flavor, IMO. The Ruby and Emerald seem almost too low key for this deck, plus with Cataclysm, it's harder to turn in gems. The Lodestone would be a cranky addition, but good for making people have to drop objects in the Border spaces so then they'd be shuffled in the Border deck. That mechanic is missing, or at least we didn't see much of that ability in our play testing. Followers/Strangers/Events I know you don't want to dilute the deck, but there weren't many followers at all. Maybe add some in or allow some of the enemies to be taken as followers if defeated (see Border Reivers comments below). Maybe add some cards to match the Dryad and Forge Master for the corresponding side?The Dryad drops you at the Forest, but there's no corresponding card for the Crags. The Forge Master is a follower that helps you in the Forgotten Forge, but there's no corresponding card for the Elder Village. Enemies Border Reivers: At first I thought the "i before e" typo came into play here, but then I looked up Wikipedia and I got educated. But, just a heads up that there might be some comments about a typo there from other people. Also, since they were the best light calvary in Europe at the time, maybe they can become a follower if you defeat them to give you a Riding Horse or Warhorse type ability? The Realm doesn't really have a mechanic to get some horse action, does it? Outlaws and Fae: I think there should be more of them, personally. There are only three of each, so their additional C/S bonuses in the regions gets diluted a bit. Maybe adding one of each would increase the chances of drawing one. Spaces Forgotten Forge: For the die roll of 2-4, why do they have to draw a card randomly? Why can't they just draw the top card? The cards are shuffled and face down, so they should be random anyway. I'm not sold on the Elder Village mechanic using the Destinies. I mentioned previously that my friend and I wanted stuff, not abilities, so it might be worth it to rethink this one some more. Totally just my opinion on the Destinies, because I know some people really like them, but I might tinker with a homebrew for the Elder Village space anyway. This might be a way to get some Woodland objects spread around, so adding an object deck with cards like the following might work as a homebrew or expansion booster down the road:Nuadu's Torc Lugh's Cloak Book of Binding Faerie Wand New object that lets you do something with Destinies (allow characters to draw/force to discard based on fate alignment like Forge Destiny or lets you swap out a Destiny for some type of payment) Something like the Scales of Balance (but not dependent on alignment) that lets players draw/cycle spells Path cards vs the Dwarven Highway and Elven Labrynth: I get the reason for the region "bubble" for the Dwarven Highway and Elven Labrynth, but that exception for the regions for Path cards feels really convoluted. Also, I know it's a way for people to not constantly be able to cycle through Path cards on the Woodland side by popping into the Elven Labrynth and then back into the Thicket, but actually, I kind of like the option to do that. Sometimes you get really crappy Path card options, so it's actually nice to have another way to cycle through some of the Path options. Plus, would you then draw a Path card when you enter the Elven Labrynth from the Dwarven Highway space? That seems weird to me, because then if you go to the Elder Village, you'd drop the Destiny anyway. Anyway, just some thoughts, suggestions, and ideas for expanding the realms. We really enjoyed playing last night, and I can't wait to see the final form!
  9. Oooh...I like this idea. We came up with an idea with the Cataclysm board for certain denizens to act as gatekeepers for the corner regions so we don't start the game with all regions available (and some may never open up, based on which denizens you draw), so I might tweak this a bit so we can play a campaign with both the original boards and Cataclysm board. Instead of the sixth omen replacing the board, the sixth could instead add the Fireland tokens to the outer region of the original board and then the seventh omen replaces the original board with the Cataclysm board if no one has won the game before the seventh omen strikes. At that point, we could reset the playing field based on your idea and then use the denizens to open the corner regions back up. The gatekeeper denizens we came up with are: The City - Captain of the Guard The Woodland - Fairie Caravan The Dungeon - Monster Hunter The Highlands - Master Builder Any corner region (wildcard) - Wanderer
  10. bowlwoman

    5th Edition

    I like the idea of adding some d8 or d20 dice for expanded rolling effects. We house rule the Treasure Chamber space in the Dungeon to be if you defeat the Lord of Darkness, you don't use the amount you win by as the determiner of where to place your character. We roll a d8, regardless of win delta, and you go to the space as indicated by your roll. So, you can barely beat the LoD and make it all the way to the Crown of Command, or you can beat him by 12 and wind up in the Forest or Temple. It keeps people from doing nothing but grinding and then getting an automatic backdoor to the CoC without a Talisman. And a pirate expansion.
  11. I'm actually trying to mimic the Adventure Deck cards as closely as possible so I can make a region blender deck, so this will be a good way to play around with some different gluing and printing techniques to see what I can replicate. I know other than getting them professionally printed on something like a playing card finish won't make them identical, but hopefully I can get them close to the regular cards.
  12. This looks fabulous. We're doing a big campaign game on Dec 30 (our last game of the year), and I am so glad I can print these out to play test. I have a big pack of linen card stock just itching to be used. We're not telling our gaming buddy that we'll have this expansion to add, so it will be a nice holiday surprise for him! I will definitely keep track of our feedback and will send along any comments/kudos from our 4-person game session.
  13. I'm coming late to this party, as I just found out yesterday about the whole FFG/GW split (I turned 40 in mid-September, and my mind was on all sorts of other things). So far, all the work and comments are outstanding. A couple of my cents thrown in for good measure: I really like the idea that sanityismyvanity has for the Elder Village space, using something like the High Temple mechanic, but should there maybe be a lower limit on amount of trophy points allowed? If I go in with three 1 S/C trophies, that's a pretty cheap way to get a chance at a destiny. Also, what about something like this for the Wayfinder Compass? http://ejlowell.deviantart.com/art/A-Time-For-Rest-588332880
  14. Fabulous work. I'll be looking at these for a Christmas present for Hubby. Would you also be interested in doing any work for replacement pieces for the character miniatures that shipped with the game/expansions? My kids have very graciously lost our Dragon Priestess and Ranger miniatures, and the spear has broken off of our Amazon. Being able to get replacement pieces that at least look like the characters (instead of using the paper tokens or third-party miniatures that don't exactly match) would be awesome.
  15. I am an editor and I have cringed at some of the typos and other random stylistic/mechanics issues I've seen on occasion. If you want an edit of the entire thing when you're done, I'd be happy to volunteer my services.
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