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  1. Salm rerolls all his blanks and Proton Torps have a built in focus. He doesn't really need PTL.
  2. Only for that attack. You'd need all your ships to have Outmaneuver to completely shut him down.
  3. Rather than digging this one up again, we've got one thread for it now. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/123925-whats-changed-in-x-wings-strategy-part-ii/
  4. In that case you'll be able to tell me what Rock, Paper and Scissors are, yes? Because the supposed Paper (TIE fighter swarm) doesn't get Scissored by the TIE phantom unless there's a sizable skill gap or the TIE swarmer has his head so throughly buried in Wave 3 backwards that he can't fathom breaking formation, and it doesn't have a guaranteed chance of Rocking the Falcon. A sufficiently mobile Falcon can avoid the TIE swarm and slowly pick them off: who wins here comes almost completely down to one player's skill at Falcon evasion and one player's skill at TIE swarming. If the Falcon manages to dodge enough TIE shots then the numbers are in his favour, if the TIEs keep the Falcon in arc for long enough then they get the statistical upper hand.
  5. The Scumhawks are debuffers, and I'm pretty sure based on the interview that one has the equivalent of jamming. And we all know how much PTL ships and Phantoms loooooooove the Jam action...
  6. Fat Han consistently beats lists that do. You need hit points to fight Han. The reason you're told to go for him first is because he's a huge chunk of enemy points and you need your whole list of focused fire to punch through his shielding. If you leave him for last, you risk only having a few ships to fight the Falcon and losing your advantage over it: it pays for the turret with a lack of firepower and (relative to your entire list) health.
  7. And how many swarms are we actually seeing? "[The] meta we live in" is Fat Han's phantom pizza parlour. Swarms can kill phantoms as long as they don't stick in formation and block the decloaks. You've got to learn the tricks of how to do it but a phantom is NOT a swarm counter. It's a formation counter. RPS exists in the sense that phantoms are almost hard countered by Fat Han, which is to say it doesn't. I'm interested to see how the six-dicer Keyan build'll do. That many (modified) dice should be able to punch through the defences of both Falcons and Phantoms.
  8. TIE phantom at Range 1 with Expose, or a Rebel 3-dicer with Expose and Jan at Range 1. False. Can't strip tokens? One less die. Jan can't buff this round? One less die. Given this list has six dice when running at optimum, you're still looking at a TIE phantom level attack from Keyan. Wes enables Opportunist by stripping tokens that may be there. Jan can buff Keyan as Keyan shoots (not on Jan's turn as some seem to think), Keyan internally spends his Opportunist stress to focus his attack. If Keyan has no shot, Jan can buff Wes. If Wes has no shot (or is dead) and Jan's turret attack can't strip any focus tokens then Keyan is still hitting with five dice thanks to Jan. If Jan is taken out of the picture due to stress or death, Opportunist is still running, so if the target's lacking in tokens (Keyan shoots last of the three) he can still fire off a five dice attack. If both Opportunist and Jan can't trigger in a round, we're still looking at a four dice attack. If Keyan goes down, we're still looking at a four dicer X-wing from Wes and Jan. This isn't some crazy interlinked combo where if one cog falls out it dies, all the little bits do their thing and if you blow up a little bit it keeps going at slightly less power, just like any other list in the game.
  9. That being said, if Waves 5 and 6 are in very close proximity this super-turret-meta a lot of people are worried about will be fairly short-lived.
  10. Nightmare to catch. Remember that you must Daredevil first though because of the wording of PTL. When Experimental Interface comes out different story (and then he gets three actions!) Stressless Daredevil, remember. Makes up for his lack of K-turnability, easily on par with Expert Handling.
  11. Are you suggesting Vader + VI + Decoy? Because he's only got one slot... EDIT: Oh, Decoy on Echo and VI on Vader. Derp.
  12. Wingman's good on PTL A-wings (fly two together and they get effectively stressless double actions), Decoy's good if you want to bring pilot skill down for some reason.
  13. Just going to throw out there that MajorJuggler's numbers (and forum opinion in general) are held in such high regard that it's easily possible that just by making a prediction the behaviour of the playerbase becomes biased to follow it. Exhibit A, TIE defender. It's making a comeback now people are playing with it but the initial defender was slated so heavily it was pretty much non-existent. Not saying that if Juggler said it was awesome there would be a surge in TIE advanceds, but where things are more finally balanced a good or bad perceived jousting value can make or break it for a ship's popularity.
  14. Wastes either Vessery or Rexler's ability most rounds. Rexler wants to focus, Vessery wants his allies to target lock. A superphantom with Fire Control System and Weapons Engineer is great for Vessery's ability, not to mention pretty **** useful for the phantom too.
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