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  1. TC is as much to blame for the death of MonPoc as Disney...if not moreso when you push an online simulator.....so that I can play exactly the army I want without ever spending 1 dime.....not have to travel to your LGS or a friends house.... at that point WHY would i spend real actual MONEY to buy the game? Team C's greed and stupidity helped kill it like cancer although I have to admit...those buildings DID work well on the mat Sat night Gun...the scenario needs a lil tweaking...but the buildings and the mat were perfect
  2. Falcon cant wait to try it out
  3. I have played in PLENTY of tournament games (in other game systems granted), and believe me...I've been graded down on "sportsman ship" more than once because I committed the gravest sin in my opponents eyes I beat them completely fair, no rules lawyering, no iffy game play.......I simply WON, when obviously (to them) that it shouldnt have happened, so since they cant nix my game score....they lower my sportsman ship score in order to "get even" we have a name for those players....I just cant type it here without getting in trouble all that aside, Im not a poor sport for not letting you fix a mistake automatically. a LOT of whether or not I allowed it? is based on your sportsmanship be a jerk to me? I'll find a way to repay you...trust me I have a long memory....but play fair and be a good sport? I can return that just as easily I worked for a law office in real life....rules lawyers annoy me, and the ones that somehow think they are special and deserve to get everything their way? annoy me worse so...since its likely I will be called a poor sport either way? Im going to PURPOSELY pick the one that messes up your day as well Im a vindictive old man that way...you, me and the TO will spend the next hour + arguing the rules until you get sick and tired and leave/give in or they throw me out...along with the rest of my game club, cause they will walk to ask any TO about loosing 12 ppl from your tourney so...be a poor sport to me and try to ram your "short cuts" down my throat, and we will blow the entire tourney up...OR act like someone with a bit of maturity and we will "fly casual" all day and enjoy the game...win or lose your choice, not mine as for the skill level of the other player determining whther or not I allow a redo/fix? go to YouTube and watch the national championship round where the x-wing flies into an asteroid losing him the game even skilled players make mistakes, at least he had the class to accept that he messed up instead of whining about it
  4. And then I will become a pure SOB , call the TO to the table and if you cant play by the rules, you can take you plastic spaceships and go homeNOT because of the shortcuts, because of your attitude agree or disagree "shut up and deal with it" is the wrong response (The sad point? I AGREE with letting shortcuts THAT DONT AFFECT THE GAME be used....its your attitude that sucks)
  5. ok, I realize Im WAY late into this....and just starting in the game to add to my iggnorance I didnt realize till last night (watching YouTube) that turns affected swarm positions (yes that new) I would have let him move the block without even thinking TODAY however..... straight moves? sure...move the block....tell me you are using focus avoid...whatever....and we move on ANYTHING but a straight ahead move? You are going to use the template not trying to be an jerk, but I have been screwed on other games (played 40K, WFB, Warmachines, Hordes, etc for YEARS) by ppl "stretching the movement"....measuring from the front....then placing the back of the base instead of the front a simple mistake? sure...I'll let you drop a token a lil late.....if you forget something....unless its an OBVIOUS reaction to something i did? Im likely to let you go ahead at least once...maybe a couple...but then you get warned...and then I stop being nice Courtesy in a tournament is not a requirement, its a gift...dont abuse it
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