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    Gene-stealer cults

    To recommend an awesome adventure featuring a genestealer cult and a H.P. Lovecraft setting. Had a lot of fun with this one: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/9313-the-castermere-look/
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how using astropath to send messages between worlds actually work. Apparently there is an astropathic choire on Scintilla controlled by Chief Astropath Xiao, who “does not permit anyone to send a message through his astropaths unless he deems it necessary”. Who can use the astropaths and what is considered necessary? Do inquisitors have the right to use them at any time, no questions asked? Can the message be secret? Is it possible to “tap” into an astropath message and listen in? How fast is an astropath message? What if an acolyte, a noble, an administratum employee, a tech-priest or a merchant needs to send a message off world? How important does the message have to be? If they can’t, what other options are there to communicate between worlds? How far will vox-communication get you? Does every planet have a choir? If not, how does it work receiving or sending messages to these places work? So many questions, so much confusion… Anyway, I appreciate any help
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    How does the psyker-phone work?

    Really great answers Fgdsfg, I very much enjoy your interpretations and will probably put a lot of them into effect in my game. Between all the responses I’ve got here I think I have a fair idea of how to portrait Xiao and use him in the campaign, as well as a decent grip on what I could expect from the Astropathic choirs. Thanks! You are absolutely right! I must have forgotten this is the Imperium of Red Tape, administered by Murphy's Law I’ll definitely steal this for my next campaign, this is an awesome setup! Telefaxus Glorificus... This needs to be a thing
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    How does the psyker-phone work?

    Love it. Makes me wonder how they get any message right though Make sense, gives him an edge without making the system completely overcomplicated
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    How does the psyker-phone work?

    Very helpfull answers, thanks a bunch both of you How far is very far? Across a planet? Across a system? Across a sector? Good advice, I do usually take the liberty of selecting and leaving out as it suits me. However, astropath communication in particular is taking on a deus-ex-psykerphone appearance and since my players is ascending this will come more into play. If the inquisition, the adeptus arbites and maybe even another power group has access to choirs of their very own, doesn’t that take away power from Xiao? I would really like him to come into play as someone with much influence that the players do well to stay on good terms with. However, if there simply is possible to “borrow” the arbiter’s choir instead, doesn’t that sort of deflate his power? Is his choir better in some way? I was partly wondering that, and partly if there is a way to steal a message “midflight”. Like a vox-thief, but psycic Also: Does the message travel at warp speed or faster/slower? I have a particular setting where a player who is nobility wants to send messages to his wife and young children. He is also becoming the party inquisitor. Can he use a choir as a noble for something like that? Can he even as an inquisitor use a choir for that?
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    How would you handle a duel?

    I might be remembering wrong, but I though one could not dodge ballistic attacks, only melee? This is how we had duels one session: - The participants started with their backs turned to each other, twenty paces apart. - The duel was signaled to start. - This showdown had an audience and turning first would mark you as a coward, just like in Darkforce’s scenario. Therefore it started with a willpower test. - If succeeded the participant would roll awareness (based on hearing) to pick up if the opponent started to turn. - Making the check, both rolls for initiative (the one starting to turn last winning the favor of the audience), failure meant the participant rolls a d5 instead of a d10 for initiative. Failure by three degrees or more meant the participant notices nothing, does not roll for initiative, counts as helpless and most likely gets shot in the back. - Whoever wins the initiative shoots first and rolls to hit. If both misses the initiative is rolled as usual until either first or second blood or death depending on the gravity of the events leading up to the duel. In between willpower and awareness it was possible to do things like: - Intimidate (by every creative means necessary to psych their opponent, for example humming, clicking their weapon etc), forcing an extra willpower test. - Blather to confuse the opponent and making either their willpower or awareness check harder - Deceive, to make their opponent think they are turning when there’re not, pitted against his/hers scrutiny. - Sleight of hand or Silent move to turn without the opponent noticing making his/hers awareness test harder by every degree of success. - Or if the player comes up with a reasonable trick of their own. I think it went fairly well, one player won, one lost but none of them turned first giving them a bonus when interacting with the crowd afterwards.