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  1. To recommend an awesome adventure featuring a genestealer cult and a H.P. Lovecraft setting. Had a lot of fun with this one: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/9313-the-castermere-look/
  2. Really great answers Fgdsfg, I very much enjoy your interpretations and will probably put a lot of them into effect in my game. Between all the responses I’ve got here I think I have a fair idea of how to portrait Xiao and use him in the campaign, as well as a decent grip on what I could expect from the Astropathic choirs. Thanks! You are absolutely right! I must have forgotten this is the Imperium of Red Tape, administered by Murphy's Law I’ll definitely steal this for my next campaign, this is an awesome setup! Telefaxus Glorificus... This needs to be a thing
  3. Love it. Makes me wonder how they get any message right though Make sense, gives him an edge without making the system completely overcomplicated
  4. Very helpfull answers, thanks a bunch both of you How far is very far? Across a planet? Across a system? Across a sector? Good advice, I do usually take the liberty of selecting and leaving out as it suits me. However, astropath communication in particular is taking on a deus-ex-psykerphone appearance and since my players is ascending this will come more into play. If the inquisition, the adeptus arbites and maybe even another power group has access to choirs of their very own, doesn’t that take away power from Xiao? I would really like him to come into play as someone with much influence that the players do well to stay on good terms with. However, if there simply is possible to “borrow” the arbiter’s choir instead, doesn’t that sort of deflate his power? Is his choir better in some way? I was partly wondering that, and partly if there is a way to steal a message “midflight”. Like a vox-thief, but psycic Also: Does the message travel at warp speed or faster/slower? I have a particular setting where a player who is nobility wants to send messages to his wife and young children. He is also becoming the party inquisitor. Can he use a choir as a noble for something like that? Can he even as an inquisitor use a choir for that?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how using astropath to send messages between worlds actually work. Apparently there is an astropathic choire on Scintilla controlled by Chief Astropath Xiao, who “does not permit anyone to send a message through his astropaths unless he deems it necessary”. Who can use the astropaths and what is considered necessary? Do inquisitors have the right to use them at any time, no questions asked? Can the message be secret? Is it possible to “tap” into an astropath message and listen in? How fast is an astropath message? What if an acolyte, a noble, an administratum employee, a tech-priest or a merchant needs to send a message off world? How important does the message have to be? If they can’t, what other options are there to communicate between worlds? How far will vox-communication get you? Does every planet have a choir? If not, how does it work receiving or sending messages to these places work? So many questions, so much confusion… Anyway, I appreciate any help
  6. I might be remembering wrong, but I though one could not dodge ballistic attacks, only melee? This is how we had duels one session: - The participants started with their backs turned to each other, twenty paces apart. - The duel was signaled to start. - This showdown had an audience and turning first would mark you as a coward, just like in Darkforce’s scenario. Therefore it started with a willpower test. - If succeeded the participant would roll awareness (based on hearing) to pick up if the opponent started to turn. - Making the check, both rolls for initiative (the one starting to turn last winning the favor of the audience), failure meant the participant rolls a d5 instead of a d10 for initiative. Failure by three degrees or more meant the participant notices nothing, does not roll for initiative, counts as helpless and most likely gets shot in the back. - Whoever wins the initiative shoots first and rolls to hit. If both misses the initiative is rolled as usual until either first or second blood or death depending on the gravity of the events leading up to the duel. In between willpower and awareness it was possible to do things like: - Intimidate (by every creative means necessary to psych their opponent, for example humming, clicking their weapon etc), forcing an extra willpower test. - Blather to confuse the opponent and making either their willpower or awareness check harder - Deceive, to make their opponent think they are turning when there’re not, pitted against his/hers scrutiny. - Sleight of hand or Silent move to turn without the opponent noticing making his/hers awareness test harder by every degree of success. - Or if the player comes up with a reasonable trick of their own. I think it went fairly well, one player won, one lost but none of them turned first giving them a bonus when interacting with the crowd afterwards.
  7. I have to say I see that as a good way to really piss a player off. Spent the last three campaigns saving up enough gelt to buy that Power Sword? Nope, I'm taking it away from you because I don't want you to have it. Has a way of making a player feel like their efforts in that regard are totally useless, and would just be plain frustrating. I can only assume that the creators of Dark Heresy gave players a paycheck and then made tables of equipment you can buy, for the purposes of Acolytes buying and using the equipment in those tables, when they earned enough gelt to do so. I would never take away something that the players had worked hard to get out of petty spite, or anything but an extremely good reason. When I say that it is possible to come up with an excuse for removing things from PCs, through the inquisition, I do not mean the GM should do this. Rather that the PCs should be aware that it’s within the inquisitions power to do so. However, if you had a player who, like in this case, seems to overplay the greed characteristic, you could counter this by making money having less value by playing up the inquisition controlling their resources, and thus taking away the purpose of greed. Maybe as an active response from the inquisitor, seeing the obsession of worldly possessions as a flaw and trying to induce a more ascetic lifestyle in his/her servant. Or as a passive modus operandi on the organizations part of not allowing scavenging and unauthorized equipment. Proven acolytes would, in my opinion, surely enjoy more freedom and benefits, and their judgment being trusted. They would probably be allowed to customize their own gear, but (still in my opinion) it would be odd if this would rely on how much money they’ve saved up. Unless some very strange politics are at play, or they simply want the acolytes dead, I believe the inquisition would not send their agents into, say, the fray of an ork-invasion carrying nothing but a stub revolver, a mono knife and a “well you should have saved up for a power sword”. They would provide them with what’s deemed necessary for the task at hand. Of course it would make for a boring play to not get to keep any cool stuff, but that, in my opinion, is what petition is for. If the PCs prove themselves valuable then the inquisitor would want to invest in them, granting them cool stuff, trusting them to keep cool stuff that they have claimed during missions etc. I find it difficult to imagine that most cool stuff would even be for sale, unless they have very good contacts. For example, where would you even buy a power sword? Just because there is a price tag doesn’t mean it’s available. Coincidently one of my players wanted a power sword badly and had only been allowed to borrow one during very special circumstances. At one point however he manage to claim one during a mission and grudgingly handed it in afterwards. A few days later he got it back with the message “Declared free of taint. Keep it”. He consider that one of his best moments. Not because he got an awesome weapon he had wanted, but because “now I know [the inquisitor] trusts me”. And he has never whipped it out for anything less than absolute necessity. I have not played many games where loot have played major part, and that has affected how I GM as well. I do not claim this way of playing as the right or best way. What I want to communicate is that problems with players regarding loot and money could be addressed by using the fact that the PCs serves an extremely controlling organization.
  8. Of course not, there are as many ways to GM as there are GMs Sorry if I sounded a bit full of myself, I do that sometimes. Let me rephrase: It would be easy for any inquisitor or interrogator, especially if run in a more of a fascist manner, to control most parts of an acolytes life, including his or hers possession and spending habits. Considering that they actually work for the inquisition it would be hard to hide cool (and by extension inappropriate) stuff. Being brought up in that sort of mindset when playing dark heresy, I, myself, have difficulty imagining what the acolytes could spend their money on that the inquisition could not heavily restrict if they felt it to be necessary (or if the GM wanted to limit acolyte buying-frenzy). I feel it would be a reasonably excuse that the inquisition equip their agents with the tools they need for their trade, and take away what they think would affect said agents in a negative manner Like someone mentioned above (but with a different meaning): if they have nothing to spend their money on, the money become useless.
  9. How can greed actually work for an acolyte? The way I’ve been GM:ed and the way I GM my players money and possessions holds a very limited personal meaning to acolytes. He gain a lot of money, what does he do with them? There is a limit to how much can be spent on gambling, drinking, company etc. before it affects the agents performance. He can buy gear sure, but why? If it’s cooler than anything the inquisition is willing to equip him with then they’re just going to confiscate it, and if it’s not then there is no reason to buy it. The same with spending money for missions, you know, for bribes, accommodation, cover etc. The inquisition will provide the means they consider reasonable and reclaim any surplus. And, let’s face it, it’s not like he’s going to retire one day and buy a little house at the golden shores of Reth so there is no point in hoarding. Unless he plans to make a run for it… Acolytes are the property of the Holy Ordos (to add to the fascism-discussion), it’s not like they have a life of their own Bottom-line. What does he do with the money?
  10. Ah, so it would be the first time the acolytes actually get a taste of what Haarlock is capable of? It could be nice to have a full blown street-apocalypse and have them realize that what they released might actually be worse. But I can’t see why I could not start off as an intrigue adventure. The RK is all about that after all.
  11. You might have to elaborate a bit on what your aims are with option 1 and 2. Why would option 1 occur after the Radiant King have been retrieved from Malfi? And how is option 2 connected to Haarlock retrieving the Radiant King? And I think it very much depends on what happened recently in the campaign and what will happen after this incident. If you recently run a full blow “all hell breaks loose” situation then maybe not do option 1 etc. However I see a lot of options of including an “infection of madness” in option 2
  12. Oh, nifty daemon-rifle, I like it! One thing though: assume the players are heretical little scoundrels and gets themselves a shiny new daemon-weapon, how will they know how to make bullets for it?
  13. Where is your Saint now?! There comes a time in every man’s life when he takes a look around and states “I’m too badass for this” XD Yes I would think that if you have access to a daemon making deals, naturally you would want to ask for some guardian/weapon/huge walls when someone called the kin-slayer is gunning for you ^^ Oh, idea: trap door to the warp
  14. Update! Nothing kick-starts the inspiration for planning adventures like studying for exams. This means I’ve been putting some effort into the outlines of “The Black Sepulcher - Extreme Makeover”, and I thought I hear your opinions. First of: I’m removing this adventure from the trilogy. That’s right! The thing that has been bothering me from the start is that this is an epic adventure with titans disguised as churches, sever hauntings and a prison-breaking greater deamon, and all of it serves to locate an insanely overprotected dataslate. I then toyed with the idea of removing the dataslate-plot from the adventure and this great sense of relief washed over me. So, yeah, the Black Sepulcher will not star a black sepulcher. Besides this other parts I’ve been working on with the adventure features: The Imprisonment of the Radiant King and the purpose of the Hekate family The Maledictus Hand and the Razored Wings as an important part of the plot Timeline The ghosts in general Gustavus and Hadria Koronath and his connection to Haarlock and the tyrant star Nikae and new encounter-scene Changing the encounters on the titan. Ambience and symbolism more appropriate to the Radiant King Re-writing some of the handouts and texts, especially Barabus message. Threat level adjustments Bits and pieces Do tell me if you want me to post more of the progress For starters: The imprisonment of the Radiant King and the purpose of the Hekate family The Tyrant Star is known to cause uproar and madness, and who is known to be an avatar of madness if not the Threader in the Dust? I’ve imagine the Devils all being drawn to the Tyrant star, but responding differently to this. I’m having the RK actively pursuing places where the TS will soon appear or recently visited (and thus becoming known as the Threader in the Dust) and having a bit more insight in the nature of it then the rest. This is what happened on Baraspine 723.M40 (yes, I picked that year without any solid information) during one of the great wars against the greenskins. The incident was quite mild, as far as TS is concerned, and almost lost in the planetary mayhem that was already in progress. However this is where Inquisitor DeVayne of Ordo Maellus arrived to the scene in the company of Rogue Trader Zanatov. Having studied and tracking the RK for years he finally saw the chance of subduing, at least temporary, this enemy to humanity while its attention was divided. DeVayne convinced the Princeps of Pax Macharian of the gravity of this threat and had her remove the titan from the warfront, cutting of all communications, and was eventually able to imprison the RK. The ritual killed the Inquisitor, the Princeps, and the major part of the titan-crew, the rest of them driven insane. Captain Zanatov, tasked with trusting no-one approaching the titan and its dangerous cargo, was left to guard the Pax Marcharian against xeno and man alike until DeVaynes interrogator, or anyone wearing the inquisitorial rosette, returned. No-one ever came. Captain Zanatov, still devoted to his mission, built the Haematite Cathedral to further suppress the evil leaking out from the titan. Eventually he had to come to terms with the possibility that something had gone wrong and that it might take years until an inquisitorial party arrived, if at all during his lifetime. He then spent his vast wealth and influence creating the false noble house of Hekate in order to cover up his presence and activities around the “cathedral”. The coming generations knew less and less of the cathedral and the family’s purpose, but all of them was taught that the family’s power and reign would only last as long as the Haematite Cathedral and its secrets. In terms of play: the Titan has been shut down to prevent the RK from manipulating the machine spirit and anyone interacting with it, which is exactly what will happen when the titan is re-activated, something that can only be done by someone carrying an inquisitorial rosette (My players have reached ascension and have an inquisitor amongst them). The keyhole(s) are not hidden behind a clock but rather behind the Hekate motto in carved letters (have not made one up yet, something along the lines of “The rock that never withers”, any ideas are welcome) where the “i” is stylized like the inquisitorial I. The Maledictus Hand and the Razored Wings First things first, they both need new names, at least the Razored Wings, suggestions? Secondly. The MH does not, at this point, feature in the rest of the campaighn, I’ll try to put them into use somehow, just have not come up with anything yet. In this adventure they are still the ones pulling the strings to free the daemon. They know as much as that bringing the inquisition to the Haematite Cathedral will aid the RK in freeing him and they have several times tried to have the inquisition investigate strange phenomena around the Haematite Cathedral. They are walking a fine line trying to catch the inquisitions interest, but not too much of it. The motive of the Razored Wings is still the same. They’ve gotten similar information as the MH but they do not want the inquisition (or anyone else for that matter) coming in and stealing away their source of power and devotion. They will try and stop the players by any means necessary and will put up a fierce protection around the cathedral (which will undoubtedly lead the players to believe that entering and unlocking the secrets of the cathedral is the right thing to do). The grounds around the cathedral have been their place of worship for years, but actual entry has been scarce. Mostly because it’s as dangerous to them as to anyone else entering. This means there will be some traces of their presence within the cathedral for the players to find, but not in abundance. The cathedral will actually lock itself to the RW if/when the players take refugee inside, but some may be let in if the agents need a little push in the right direction. However, once the players have reached the titan they will be invited en masse to fuel the demonic incursion soon to follow (shamelessly stolen from Cail’s campaign). Timeline Because, the Black Sepulchre doesn’t have one… I can’t for the life of me find out when anything happened in relation to anything else. I get the impression that Barabus, Gustavus, Koronath and Nikea all lived at roughly the same time. Whether or not that is true, I’m not using it. What makes Gustavus, Koronath and Nikea stand out from their relatives is that they all fell victims to the RKs influence in different way and that all of them died with one of the keys. A rouge time-line: - 723.M40 RK is imprisoned in the titan - 820.M40 Barabus leaves his last message and ends his life - 130.M41 That the Hekate’s ever been anything else than of noble birth completely forgotten by its members - 436.M41 Gustavus declared dead, his body never found. - 655.M41 The last time anything was heard from Koronath Hekate by the outside world - 749.M41 The last time anything was heard from Nikea by the outside world - (I’m guessing) 830.M41 Enters the players This means their bodies cannot have been found or the keys would have been removed, but more on that later. It does raise a few question of human decomposition, I though I’ll address them later on, but if anyone have a good source for time rate and effects of the decomposition of bodies in different climates, do post This is all I’ll have time for now (and it might be good to dismember this behemoth of text) I’d really appreciate to hear your opinions so far and some brutal suggestions if you have them I have not posted on this forum for long and I’m not quite sure of the traditions. How does people feel about long posts? Are links to documents more appreciated? Should I move this to a new/different thread altogether? As always I apologize for any and all spelling and grammar mistakes, English is not my first language I’m thankful for any input. Cheers!
  15. Yes! Legit reason to take a break from writing essays! The Dead Hulk: Short and shocking, the way I like them. I’m getting a lot of Aliens references while reading. A nice way of emphasizing the Slaughts as a threat. The incinerating light is a real treat, it will freak the players out - “turning orcs and tyranids into experimental servitors gets boring if you do it too often” I think this goes into the “too funny for the pyre”-category The Tomb of Horrors: I’ve never played any dungeons and dragons either, so I got nothing there. But as you say it need a bit more fleshing out to become more than mechanical room-dodging. Idea: Something out-of this-world-dangerous, like how-could-anyone-survive-that freaky, already disabled/destroyed/killed. Erasmus went this way, he probably left traces behind.
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