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  1. while I have looked at the rulebook and rules reference I'm still unsure about how units/attachments work with cards like ambush platform and earth cast technician Ambush Platform reads Interrupt: When you deploy an attachment, reduce its cost by 1. Combat Action: Exhaust this support to deploy an attachment from your hand. shadowsun's stealth cadre reads This card may enter play as an attachment with the text, “Attach to a non-Vehicle army unit. Attached unit gets +2 ATK and +2 HP.” Gun Drone reads You may deploy this card as a Drone attachment with the text “Attach to a non-Vehicle army unit. Attached unit gains Area Effect (2). ” I'm fairly sure that when used as an attachment gun drone gets the discount but I am unsure of shadowsun's stealth cadre and I'm not sure if either can be deployed with the combat action Earth Cast Technician reads Reaction: After this unit enters play, search the top 6 cards of your deck for an attachment or Drone card. Reveal it, add it to your hand, and place the remaining cards on the bottom of your deck in any order. Obviously the gun drone can be selected as a drone but I don't think shadowsun's stealth cadre can be selected what does everyone think? do I get the discount when using those 2 cards? can i use the combat action to deploy them? can i chose the stealth cadre from the 6 cards searched?
  2. since this is a new game I thought people would appreciate a list of common (in my experience) misplays 1. Always assume you opponent has doom/exterminatus/warp storm - while there is not a lot you can do about warp storm besides spreading your guys out (hard to do if you want to win planets) 2. while the warlord is ready assume an Eldar player has nullify -I have on several occasions spent 3-4 resorces to play a critical event only for it to be nullified by the eldar player 3. remember mobile -easy to forget -also remember that if a mobile unit is at the first planet it can be trapped by your opponent 4. standing/readying effects -Tau/Eldar/SM/Orks all have cards that can either ready themselves or supports to ready units 5. when considering a battle don't forget battle effects from planets other planets -AOE 1,routing or moving a unit can all significantly affect the outcome of a battle 6. when attacking with your warlord always consider "if they attack my warlord with everything they have left will it be bloodied/die" - if a warlord is bloodied that game is half won as they either have to avoid your units or sacrifice an attack to retreat their warlord 7.remember reducers - you will hit yourself when you pass and realize you forgot to use your -1 cost support 8.if a SM players is pinging a high HP unit instead of a target they could kill (and would then be unable to attack) assume they have fury in their hand and shield (all or nothing)
  3. the fact that someone asked the question would suggest hat it may influence their decision it really depends on if you are trying for the best hand or it you are trying to have a better hand that you opponet assume hands can be rated from 1-100 (uniform distribution) in the first case mulligan if you hand is bellow average (50 or lower) in the second case if you opponent mulligans they could get a hand from 1-100 and you should keep and 51+ hand you have, if they keep you can assume they have a 51+ hand and you only keep hands that are 76+
  4. You really need to look at race combinations as For example I have a tau/sm deck and a tau/eldar deck that with only 5-6 cards different but i consider my tau/eldar deck much stronger and they play differently (or im just geting better) at the moment i think SM/tau is the strongest and dark eldar/chaos the weakest but im hardly an expert
  5. Recently I have started playing conquest on OCTGN and I have found it interesting how the different warlords have very different criteria fir the best planet to commit to. For anyone who is interested herev are my thoughts on the matter All warlords have to consider 1 any units at HQ - this is obviously more important the more units you have 2 the command struggle - this is a big part of the game and warlords auto win command unless both warlordscare at the same planet 3 combat - can you win a fight at that planet (and does that change if the enemy also commits to that planet) and what will the fight cost you and your opponent 4 battle ability - either you or your opponet will get to use this ability and while it is satisfying to ****** a command struggle from your opponet if they then use the battle ability to seriously hurt you it may not have been worth it Tau warlord - poor in combat - wants a non-vehicle unit to be at the planet (not a problem if 1 is at HQ) - equally suited to helping win the first planet or helping units at other planets hurt the enemy (and prepare for later fights) - usually wants to retreat after first round eldar warlord - poor in combat - ability is great for winning command when both warlords are present - usually safe from retaliation unless there are multiple enemy units - wuth firsight can influence 2 command struggles - great at picking off lone units or exhausting big units in fights Space marine warlord - 1 word resorces its wgat he does - great at sniping 1-2w weak comnand units like rouge tragers or void pirates - once he gets his blade ge is great in combat - loves big fights as they provide lots of resorces but should chaos/IG - similar - unless you are doing damage (attacking with soldiers/warriors in IG case) their abilities are waisted - both ok in combat Dark eldar - good at sniping 1-2 weak units or 1 fairly strong as combined 4 attack with token - Not the best in large fights but if you build up tokens they can be devistating Ork -larg battles are what he does best but a good oppenet will avoid damaging ready units instead attacking exhausted units or the warlord (or overkilling to prevent shield saves) - also great if unit at planet is already damaged
  6. Just wanted to check my understanfing of how his interupt works Zarathur attacks a flyer for 1 1 damage (0.5 rounded up) is assigned to the flyer Interupt assignes another damage to the flyer a shield card with 1 shield would block 1 damage resulting in 1 damage a shield card with 2+ shields would block all damage
  7. yeah but you can generally set yourself up to have little to no units at HQ (or just stuff you dont care about) for example i send a kroot pack or 2 (basicly just enough to win against what they have at the planet) to the first planet to draw my opponents warlord there and commit my warlord elsewhere I direct my attacks at his warlord and die getting my 3-6 resources back and the doom next turn as a rule you need to concede a planet to get a good doom but you can set yourself up for a win-win if the opponet has to chose between conceding the first planet or committing their warlord also if you are Eldar/Dark Eldar you can use terror to send units to HQ then doom
  8. hi I mainly play tau and originally paired with SM for Exterminatus and the flyer, but after playing some games I found that I almost never get to use Exterminatus and flyers arn't as good as I thought. My new deck is Tau/Eldar and has 2 copies of doom which I now think is much better but was wondering what others thought on Exterminatus Vs DOOM!!!!! the biggest problem I have with Exterminatus is that my opponents rarely mass lost of units on the 2nd-5th planets during deployment and I have no way to force them to. doom however is almost impossible to dodge as whenever you win a 1st planet (how you win the game) units naturally go to HQ along with any troops that retreat
  9. hi I recently played a few games with a chaos/DE burn deck with but i keep getting beaten by eldar and their annoying nullify/doom/gift of isha/exhaust shenanigans to be fair when they doom me it it usually my fault for having so much at my HQ but in general they just deny me so much resources through lost/tied command and nullifying my 3-4 resorce events for 0 (and the occasional devastating doom). any suggestions on how i fight eldar with chaos/De burn or just in general also is anyone finding power from pain to be a good card as i rarely find it to be useful
  10. hi was just playing a game where i won a battle at carnath and wanted to target the first planet which had just been captured can I?
  11. Hi just played against eldar as tau and an interesting situation came up at my HQ i had my warlord and a experimental devilfish both my opponent and I committed to the same planet so after committing to the planet my warlord gives a unit at the planet an attachment my devilfish readies their warlord exhausts one of my units all of this is done as a reaction to committing to the planet but in what order do they resolve? Can my opponent exhaust my devilfish after I ready it? Can they chose to exhause whichever unit I give an attachment?
  12. Hi just had a game on OCTGN and my opponent tried to use nullify when I Used an event card to shield a unit but i argued that shield cards are not played but discarded from the hard. my opponent graciously conceded the point but I would like to clarify if nullify can be used to cancel event cards used as shields?
  13. You cant make any changes to the signature squad
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