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  1. My steps: 1. Wash entire model (black wash - Nulin oil) 2. Wet brush or actually paint entire model grey - leave recesses dark 3. Wet brush or actually paint entire model grey(50%) + white (50%) - leave recesses dark 4. Wet brush or actually paint entire model grey(25%) + white (75%) - leave recesses dark 5. Highlight with 100% white very selectively 6. Details - all pop colors - engines, sqaud markings, designs... I am at work and do not have any pictures of my models
  2. For my imperial repaints I selected a clean white scheme. It has the regal, refined imperial look and flips the generic evil is dark BS on its head. It is also a stark contrast to the reds, greys and blacks of most other imperial repaints. This may be an avenue to explore and consider. With a clean white base, you have a lot of options for color pops (squad markings, designs, numbering, kills, cockpit colors, engine glow...) Also, I understand that for many colors are considered as a reflection of the great Star Wars world. That the lore influences color choices. I am a 40k convert and love the idea that I can paint my models the way I want my models to look. I might consider how you feel about the lore, cannon...and if you would like your models to compliment or clash with said lore. I personally, like color and prefer to paint my models without considering the lore.
  3. I think it looks great! I have always been a sucker for split schemes and the bold and clean colors offer a great table top look. I say go for it! With finishing detail work to break up the model a bit (kill markings, squad markings, stripes...) I think the once "intense" yellow will remain bold but not distract many people.
  4. 100 Points 12 - Z-95 Pirate 12 - Z-95 Pirate 12 - Z-95 Pirate 32 - Contracted Scout w/ Plasma Torps, Extra Munitions, Overclocked R4, Deadeye and Guidnance Chips 32 - Contracted Scout w/ Plasma Torps, Extra Munitions, Overclocked R4, Deadeye and Guidnance Chips - Block with Zs, like bump master however offer insurance policy against low agility ships - heavy fire power in mass and excellent board control. - Weaker Scout build - plasma vs. proton & must eat stress (overclocked R4) Thoughts?
  5. Would you recommend dropping the Z for upgrades then?
  6. I have a similar build and took Mux instead of the Y-wing. With 2 hitters w/ pred (Kavil/Palob) you now get max benefit rolling 2x dice if needed against whomever mux targets. Yay combos. Just a thought.
  7. This list is all about scum shenanigans. The list will slow roll in the first engagement to allow palob to build up 2-3 tokens for his blaster turret. The pirate is designed to block and dogfight at range 1. I am worried that opponents will nuke palob early, though some will be tempted by mux. What would you target priority be? Mux - drops 1 enemy pilot range 1-2 to PS0 Kavil - 1 extra red die when firing out of arc Palob - steal an evade/focus from an enemy at range 1-2 Muc drops one ship to PS0 Kavil and Palob use predator to reroll 2 dice if needed - yay combos! 100 Palob: Predator, Blaster Turret, Moldy Crow (30) Mux: TLT (25) Kavil: Predator, TLT (33) Pirate (12 http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/409044/saturday-morning-v2 What thoughts or ideas do you have to improve this list?
  8. Obiwonka: agreed, an ion cannon pairs well with mux's ability. I worry that because he will fire first (highest PS) Mux will have a harder time hitting and strip fewer tokens than if he was armed with a TLT. Thoughts? Also I may drop the hull on Mux for initial dampeners and Bossk crew for the very reasons you bring up. Ralgon: More bossk!!!
  9. I wanted to put a scum spin on Paul Heaver's championship 2015 Worlds list. I tried to imitate all of his elements using the Scum faction. I am interested in using this list throughout the upcoming store championship season. Then, I used the arch type to construct a slightly different list that offers different strengths and weaknesses. This list is less balanced but offers a better hard hitting early game. 12 - Z-95 24 - Y-wing w/ TLT 28 - Mux w/ TLT & Hull 36 - Trandosian Slaver w/ Tactician and Gunner Pros: Balanced, stress mechanic, anti-ace, reliable damage Cons: MOV - half points for slaver, no ace of my own, limited mobility Or 28 - Mux w/ TLT & Hull 36 - Trandosian Slaver w/ Tactician and Gunner 36 - Trandosian Slaver w/ Tactician and Gunner Pros: 2x stress mechanic, anti-ace, reliable damage - gunner Cons: half points for slavers, no ace of my own, 3 ships, mobility What are your thoughts? Which is the most competitive? What changes if any would you make? Thanks!
  10. Has anything changed since integrated astromech (IA) was released? XXXXZ All Xs are outfitted with = R2/IA
  11. Or even: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/372013/5-ship-build
  12. With the new integrated astromech the older t/65s are more viable. A list I used to run a while back was imperial methadone. I wonder if imperial methadone could make a comeback using some of the new upgrades now available: 100 Points 22 - rookie x/65 w/ R2 & integrated astro 22 - rookie x/65 w/ R2 & integrated astro 22 - rookie x/65 w/ R2 & integrated astro 17 - Proto Pilot A-wing w/ AT 17 - Proto Pilot A-wing w/ AT You have blockers and damage dealers with improved green maneuvers. Seems solid.
  13. I like your idea. Bs with AC and Tractor Beams. Maybe something like this: 26 - Blue - AC/Tractor 24 - Gold Y - TLT/r3-a2/title 24 - Gold Y - TLT 12 - Z-95 12 - Z-95 hits pretty hard, especially when the tractor beam is on. B-wing fires first or use the TLT to strip tokens then blast away.
  14. I will be using the Inquisitor when he is released. I am considering: 30pts - Inquisitor w/ juke, AT, and title Paired with other elite pilots like vessery, vader and/or fel, the Inquisitor will be an offensive force. I am very excited and am very interested to see these new hips hit the meta!
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