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  1. Are you using an old version of Explorer? I had troubles with images with such. Upgrading to the latest version of Explorer and/or switching to Chrome may fix it for you. Im using Fire Fox right now. Thing that it says is that i dont have permission to post an image or something like that.
  2. Thanks for all the comments my friends. If i can figure out how to add an image onto this thing without it telling me i cant, ill be able to put up the force power chart that i did. Ill reduce the Silhouette thing from 1 to 0 since being able to start at 1 is a bit much.
  3. Hi all. A friend of mine has come up with an interesting idea for a new force power he wants to make and id like to see what ya peeps have to think about it and help me figure out the chart, xp cost and power descriptions. Ive got the basic idea of what i want the power to do and i shall past it below. let me know what ya think of it. Thanks all. Teleport Force Power Force Rating Minimum – 3+ Basic PowerBy using the force around him, he can use it to make short hyper space jumps to locations within sight or even across the galaxy with but a single thought By using a Force Power Check Action, the Force User may spend 2 Force Point and succeed on a Hard (+3 D) Discipline check, to move to any location within short range that he can see, All gear worn / carried travels with the force user. The Force User is Disoriented for the next round after using this power Strength UpgradeSpend 1 force point to increase the Silhouette size of the creature or objects teleported by the number of Strength Upgrades purchased This upgrade can activated once Magnitude UpgradeSpend 1 force point to increase the number of the creature or objects teleported by the number of Magnitude Upgrades purchased This upgrade can activated once Control Upgrade – Teleport ObjectsMay teleport objects in addition or instead of self within engaged range Teleporting piloting ships / vehicles use the pilots Pilot (planetary or space) as the opposed skill for the Discipline This upgrade can activated once Control Upgrade – Teleport CreaturesMay teleport creatures in addition or instead of self within engaged range. Any creature teleported is Disoriented for the round after they are teleported Unwilling creatures being teleported, make the Discipline roll to use this power opposed instead of the normal difficulty Control Upgrade – Maneuver 1 per round, may use this power as a Maneuver Mastery The force user only needs to spend 1 force point to use this power and he and any creatures teleported are no longer Disoriented Only needs to be within Short Range of the intended creatures or objects to use this power instead of being within engaged range The difficulty of using this power becomes Average instead of Hard Range UpgradeMay spend 1 force point to increase the range of the power by 1 band per range upgrade purchased This upgrade can activated once
  4. Thats a good point there. Thanks.
  5. Thats an interesting set of abilities there. Ill certainly come up with something using these. Thanks. My question would be this, wouldnt the sensei have all Unnatural Characteristics seeing as they are sons of the emperor?
  6. Awesome ideas there. Ill look into that. Thanks all.
  7. Thanks for thoughts my friends and thanks for the support. With all the stuff that ive read thru in mind, i can better look at how to stat a Sensei and it works far better then using a primarch since i can deviate from the main story to where i need it to go. Not going to reveal too much seeing as i know that one of my players might frequent these boards. Anyways, ill look into the FW stats and see what i can come up with. Those books are fantastic in their approach.
  8. Hi all. Just had another crazy thought, how would i go about stating, and making it resonable, a Sensei Now my plan for this would be that hed be wisked away by some unknown force while still an infant into the warp where he drifted until found by a group of space marines aboard a rogue trader ship. Ive already introduced the NPC as a primarch of the second legiones astartes. Id like to turn him into a Sensei but instead of being a psychic blank, hell be as powerful and even more so then the emperor if he were to discover his power that lies within. Mentally hes a child and physically hes only a teenager. Now my question would be what kind of stats would this character have and what skills? Keep in mind that he has no idea what hes capable of and has to discover his power but he will have a set of abilities that will be there at start. I know this is a crazy thought and some of you will say hes a plot device and shouldnt have stats. Id like for this thing to have stats seeing as id like to have stats for it so i dont do the GM fiat of saying everything he does works and also saying that he cant fail. Id like for him to have a chance of failure and have it up to a dice roll. Thanks all.
  9. Hi all. Forgive me if i posted this in the wrong thread and feel free to move it to the correct one. Anyones, just wondering where i go to recruit players for a Deathwatch game.
  10. Thanks for all the ideas. Ill certainly look into it. Now another question remains that has me thinking: Can an Astartes become an Inquistor? The reason why i ask this is because i think it would be cool as a background thing where a lost Astartes is found and assigned to an Inquisitor for retraining and to keep his origins a secret and his knowledge would prove useful to the Inquisition.
  11. Hi all. This question has come up ever since one of my players wanted to see if he could play as an inquisitor. The first question is how does he go about creating one. Second is how much XP would he have The third would be how would it affect the kill team
  12. Good ideas comming from here. Thanks again my friends.
  13. Hi all. A question has come up after i was runing my game earlier today. i was using a mission i created using the space hulk mission generator and i rolled for chaos to show up. So i thought of adding in chaos terminators to the encounter site. Now those terminators were tough opponents and the question of game balance came up. So fellow GMs how do i go about balancing encounters for a group of around 2 - 5 rank 1 marines? The encounter for the terminators was far too powerful them so i need some help balancing out the encounters from hence forth for the rest of the sessions.
  14. All good ideas my friends. Ill look into it and see how it works for the game. So far after the first and half way thru the second, theyve seen Tyranids and mutants alike and almost got killed by genestealers surprise attacking them in melee. Next up will be some truely horrific shiz as they board a hive ship.....
  15. I was thinking of having every character in the kill team make a WP test at the end of every missions. If they succeed, nothing happens, if they fail, they gain either a 1d5 or 1d10 insantity from the mission to represent battle fatigue and how constant battles, break down the space marines mind similar to Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome. Now ordinary humans wouldnt get the test to resist seeing as their minds havent been fortified to deal with the constant battles like the marines are. Any thoughts on if this is a good way to do it?
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