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  1. FTS Gecko

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    Of course it's fair. Meanie is complaining about next t being able to get a model that is exclusive to a specific FFG events, when his own. Stance is that he does not attend FFG events. "Ermaghard FFG? Cater to me! Why won't you ever cater to meeeeeee?" It's all self-inflicted. 99.9% of Meanie's complaints would be resolved by him, you know, actually playing the same game as the rest of us. And as for @Dwing - never before in the history of man has such a tiny amount of paint mattered so much to one person. It's a convention exclusive. No unique in game, just a pretty paint job on the model. Literally no big deal, except to the entitlement brigade.
  2. FTS Gecko

    "limited edition" ships?

    Good for you.
  3. FTS Gecko

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    That's entirely you own choice though. (Well, that and not playing 2nd edition to start with). Nothing's stopping you from going to FFG events other than yourself.
  4. FTS Gecko

    "limited edition" ships?

    Since FFG announced that the "Aces" pack repaints wouldn't be reprinted? Get those bloodstripe TIE Interceptors while you can, boys...
  5. FTS Gecko

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    What about Cluster Missiles? Deters formation flying, don't have to reload as often, opens up range 2 - could these work OK on a multi-Ionboat build?
  6. FTS Gecko

    Red Letter Media Meltdown

    Not second hand, they couldn't.
  7. FTS Gecko

    Red Letter Media Meltdown

    I guess melting an equivalent amount of Sequel era toys would have cost too much money...
  8. FTS Gecko

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Harpoons made everything that could take them good in first edition. Well, harpoons, Deadeye and Guidance Chips. But mostly Harpoons. I still think XG-1 Ion Gunboats are where it's at. But of course, a) I'm a traditionalist and b) I need much more table time in 2nd edition than I'm currently getting.
  9. FTS Gecko

    Wave 5 predictions!

    I predict the announcement article will arrive by May (the 4th)
  10. Actually, I said exactly the opposite. Of course you get an opinion. You're entitled to your opinion. But that's just about all you're entitled to. FFG do not make this game for any one person. What you may think would be good for you is not necessarily what would be good for the game as a whole. And as for following you around? It's kind of hard not to, when you're spouting the same turgid negativity on pretty much every topic on the forum...
  11. FTS Gecko

    What have you bought to convert 1.0 to 2.0?

    1 X 2bd Edition Core Set 1 X Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit 1x Galactic Empire Conversion Kit 1 X Scum & Villany Conversion Kit Job done.
  12. I'm not really a fan of the "competitively viable" philosophy. OK, it became a bit more pronounced towards the end of 1st edition when massively overwhelming offence/defence became the norm, but it's early days for 2nd edition and for the most part those kind of hijinks have been toned down. Besides, poor Turr Phennir! And no love for Alpha Squadron pilots (now with built in semi-Push?). Blasphemy!
  13. FTS Gecko

    Do I need it?

    TL;DR? You'll only want to buy the conversion kits if you plan on switching across to playing X-Wing 2nd Edition. And - official tournaments aside, as you've said you don't go to them - the main reason for that would be if you'd like to fly the new ships when they come out, which will all be 2nd edition only. If you want to carry on playing as you are, then there's no reason to pick up any of the conversion kits.
  14. FTS Gecko

    Fugly, the New Templates Are.

    This. My FLGS gave away some 1 straight "Bomb" maneuver templates with a small vertical tab to allow it to be placed and removed easier. Do any of the third party template manufacturers do this for all the templates? Seems like a quick win / missed opportunity if not!
  15. Sounds like someone needs to check their entitlement at the door. Anyhoo... The Interceptor has four pilots. If you personally would never fly three of them for whatever reason, that's your decision, but it doesn't magically make those options disappear.