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  1. Oooooohhhh dis gonna be gud. What say you, Captain Obvious?
  2. Fixed that for you, no need to thank me
  3. FTS Gecko

    Happy Friday

    HFCB! Personally I'd replace all dice rolls with rock/paper/scissors.
  4. Again. Unprecedented and unpredictable global crisis. The vast majority of FFG's plans for the year have likely gone out of the window, through no fault of their own. Stop acting so bloody entitled. News will arrive when it arrives.
  5. What actually happened is Vader's taunting and naming of his sister caused Luke to forget his Jedi training and lash out with pure emotion and anger, giving him the upper hand (pun intended) against his foe but almost causing his own fall to the dark side. He was on the verge of winning the battle, but losing the war. When he realised this, he threw down his weapon, and was left helpless when the Emperor showed him the true power of the Dark Side. Leading to him getting his a** whooped and Daddy saving him.
  6. Everyone who enjoys flying high skill ceiling ships? High risk / high reward scenarios? Everyone who likes the Empire, or playing the bad guy in general? Everyone who flies TIE swarms in X-Wing? The TIE Fighter PC game put you in the cockpit of easy to destroy TIE fighters, yet it was one of the most popular games in the series. That sounds like an opinion based on personal ability / experience rather than the global consensus you're presenting it as. Battlefront 2 is a very fast paced arcade-action game. Like so many other modern action games, getting shot down and respawning is par for the course and to be expected and embraced. Despite that, I have no problem whatsoever regularly racking up 10+ killsteaks with regular TIE fighters, even flying against hero ships (which go down really quick if you, you know, co-ordinate with the other players on your team and gang up on them). End of the day, you get out what of the game you put in. No they don't and no it isn't. Take the X-Wing Miniatures game, for example. On paper the TIE fighter is much, much weaker than the T-65 X-Wing. Yet most TIE pilots are more than capable of taking down a Cavern Angels Zealot when flown by someone who knows what they're doing. TL;DR? This game clearly isn't Battlefront 2, skill matters more than ship ability and TIE's don't need shields.
  7. Yes, it's almost as though it's not business as usual during an unpredictable and unprecedented global crisis.
  8. I don't know about JB, but saw something from Oscar Isaacs the other day saying he'd only consider doing another Star Wars film if he needed another house. And IITC, Daisy said she was fed up with it after TLJ. I wouldn't blame John or Oscar if they didn't want to go back at all. They were all but wasted following The Force Awakens. I imagine like Harrison Ford all of them would only ever return if the Mouse threw enough money at them. Now Mark Hamill on the other hand...
  9. Seems like more and more people are piggybacking in the above narrative, suggesting the sequels will be categorised as "Legends" with the rest of the EU, or have their numbered Star Wars status removed etc. I'm loathe to pay too much attention to the view-seeking YouTubers with "insider info" of course, but these rumours aren't going to go away.
  10. ...that sounds like an issue with the community. A large percentage of the players want to focus purely on the (most) competitive format. FFG has to give the people what they want/ Certainly FFG has attempted to push more modes of play. I played Team Epic at the European Championships two years in a row, and it was hella fun, despite not getting the same number of participants as Hangar Bays. Worlds last year saw Epic (sans big ships, because it was a pre-release) and Aces High, and both modes were set to be featured in this year's big Organised Play events. As side events obviously, because as you pointed out yourself, most players seem to want to focus on the main competitive format. As for the question in the topic... short answer, yes, it feels that way. Long answer, yes, but a lot of things have become unimportant to a lot of people this year. We should have just been coming out of an intensive season of System Open events, and looking forward to Contintentals, Grand Championships and Worlds. We are not, because the entire world is in an entirely abnormal time.
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