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  1. The saddest thing about this entire conversation is that now we have a "no weapons at OP events, please" rule in place, you just know there will be those people deliberately ignoring it because "it's muh constitewshunal right, bah gawd.".
  2. This. Although I'm quite looking forward to nearly a full week of pewpew in Krakow shortly.
  3. They're underrated. Mainly because they require a lot of practice, planning and thought to fly effectively, which ends up with a lot of less dedidated players writing them off in favour of the less demanding pillars of the meta. (There is no meta, only Zuul).
  4. Looking at this dazed and half awake, first thought was "Is that the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?"
  5. Let's see if I can remember who/what I played... Beef round one (L) TIE Swarm (W) Rexler/Whisper/Palpshuttle round two (LLLLLLLLL) 2 x Torrents / ARC / Mace (W) Kylo / Quickdraw / Upsilon (W) Wedge / Corran / U-Wing (W) Met lots of great players, had a lot of fun all round.
  6. Say what you like about EA; Criterion are a great developer and the Starfighter Assault mode is a lot of fun.
  7. I remember intermissions. I remember the staff carrying trays of ice creams around for people to buy Cornettos or whatever during the break. I also remember my home town having a beautiful art Deco style cinema with three screens, the main screen being a huge double tiered affair with a grand staircase, velvet curtains in front of the screen and a bar which was almost never open. There were queues halfway round the block on Friday and Saturday nights. (I also remember sneaking in the back door as a kid with some friends and catching Eddie Murphy's "A Distinguished Gentleman", a film I haven't seen since.) Yeah, there's an office block where that cinema was now, and a Vue in town which is modern, quiet and to be honest, pretty soulless.
  8. Answering this question is possibly the only reason to watch the film Passengers...
  9. I think I"be used up all my requests, to be honest. But I'd love to see the Sorosuub Luxury Yacht for Epic 2.0. Zero-G Swimming Pool modification and Twi'lek Dancers Team slots please!
  10. 4-2 with the Fab Five at the Italian Open. Shame the 2 came early on, though. One of the losses was a close run thing, the other was a battering. Still, not a bad result considering I haven't been able to play anywhere near as much as I'd like this year. ☹️
  11. I want to give Graz a try. I mean really want to give him a try. With Outmaneuver, more giggles.
  12. I managed to get a couple of coins and a medal before they vanished from the GNK kits. A shame, because I always felt like they were a fun prize. I know they weren't everyone's cup of tea but I liked them. Rather than selling them off on eBay, I think the correct method of disposal would be to bury them in a box somewhere, so future generations can dig them up and wonder "What the h*ll kind of currency is this?!"
  13. To be fair I'm quite glad I don't see Omega "Nope" Leader around quite as often nowadays... (Although I did enjoy some OL, OA and Kylo action on Fly Casual in the latter says of 1st Edition...)
  14. Another great event BTW, lots of games olayed, lots of fun had!
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