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  1. Oh, newbie... For educational purposes: It's worth noting that the 5 Autothruster Alpha swarm was also seen at UK Nationals, did pretty well too.
  2. Well there's the cinematic missions in the Epic ship sets for a start. Escape from Hoth? Don't mind if I do...
  4. How wrong could you be? UK Nationals (280+ players) was literally just won by three generics a week ago...
  5. Or FIVE. CARTEL. MARAUDERS. What generics lack in unique abilities, they make up for in numbers. Expendable bodies on the board.
  6. He struggles a bit because his ability - while situationally useful - deprives him of actions. And if a TIE Interceptor isn't stacking Focus and Evade, it's just a 3 health, 3 agility ship that'll fold under fire. Tetran makes it up to 5th on my list mainly due to good PS and the ability to take an Elite Talent - his ability is just a bonus if you find yourself needing to quickly reposition, or if you can get a range one shot on a fixed-arc ship using it. As for specific builds... you still can't really look past Autothrusters and Push the Limit, really. They're pretty much stapled to Interceptors. Wired may be a useful alternative if you want to try and exploit his ability.
  7. Good PS to help make use of that ability as well. The big downsides though are that his ability doesn't synergise with Interceptor's Best Friend (Push the Limit), and he loses his action full stop if he uses it. If we lived in a world of fixed firing arcs, he'd be really good.
  8. True. And some of the culprits are so vociferous that whacking them on the ignore list will end up disrupting a lot of topics. Of course, this IS the internet, so haters gon' hate; best you can do is shrug it off, stay positive and engage the posters and topics which interest you.
  9. There is quite a lot of s**tposting going on at the moment - mostly from the usual suspects - and it's definitely dragging the forum down for some. There IS an ignore function, of course.
  10. 1. Soontir Fel 2. Carnor Jax 3. Turr Phennir 4. Alpha Squadron Pilot 5. Tetran Cowell 6. Royal Guard Pilot 7. Saber Squadron Pilot 8. Kir Kanos 9. Lieutenant Lorrir 10. Fel's Wrath 11. Avenger Squadron Pilot
  11. "Wow - you're really gung ho!" What's better is giving him the "ignore my target" command so you can TAKE ALL THE GLORY FOR YOURSELF
  12. How is Elvis, and have you seen him lately?
  13. It's alright. It's OK. There's nothing wrong with that, we all have our favourites. Just wait there for a second, would you? Thanks. @Odanan we may need to send @Celestial Lizards for some reconditioning.
  14. What if we halved all ship stats? Rounding up?