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  1. It's Monday, you know what that means...
  2. Hot Shot Blaster isn't faction restricted, we're just waiting for the Empire to get it's first ship with access to Illicit slots!
  3. Well, as far as I know the only faction-restricted weapon in the game is the oddly Rebel-And-Scum-Only Arc Caster, so I'd imagine it would be a fair guess?
  4. Well considering the Jamming mechanic is currently only available via a cannon and a missile, which can be used by all factions equally, no, no I don't.
  5. It's nothing to do with "someone on FFG staff not liking something", and certainly nothing to do with "punishment to one of the greatest game communities". Which - if you read the officiall statement - you should be able to understand. I'm sure it's very disappointing, but there's no indication of any kind of prejudice against the Spanish gaming community. As Alex says, with only 6 European System Opens available and other countries deserving the opportunity to host one, difficult decisions sometimes need to be made.
  6. Yeah, that literally makes no sense when you look at the System Open article: If they're set to run simutaneously with Stage 3, then how can players eliminated from Stage 3 be the only ones eligible for it? Players eliminated from Stage 3 can join the Hyperspace Qualifier in progress - getting a bye for each round they've missed - but the event will already be underway by the time that happens...
  7. OK, so if we ignore the movement and line of sight limitations for the moment and focus on the ships' big strength - the ability to dish out a massive first turn alpha strike, either via cannons or ordnance - where do the Gunboats match up in the biggest Alpha lists in the game? I'm guessing PS10-11 Imperial Aces, triple Deadeye Scurrg and quad Deadeye Vaksai are probably going to be up there in terms of raw first turn damage output. How do the Gunboats match up?
  8. That's a lots of ifs and maybes though @MajorJuggler. Most ships can reposition quickly - if at the expense of stress and their action - with a K-Turn, S-Loop or T-Roll (or combination thereof). The ships that can't usually have another advantage - full stop, auxillary arcs, turrets and or bombs to make up the deficit. Whether the numbers look good or not, wouldn't these movement limitations - like the Imperial Shuttle - translate to an immediate disadvantage on the table? Certainly there are ships out there with the capability to make sure you never get them in arc again after the initial engagement. That said, the list you've posted looks interesting. Alphastriking (with missiles or cannons) is the ship's strength. I see a focus-then-scatter approach possibly working well - fly in formation, try and get multiple shots on a priority target then scatter to the four winds to reposition.
  9. @Biophysical - daft question maybe, but will Lightning Reflexes work after a SLAM maneuver? I've checked the cards and FAQ and can't see any reason why not. I know Crackshot is the obvious choice on HLC Rhos, but I wonder having a one-off 180 option might give the Gunboat that little bit of flexibility...
  10. TB Vessery is good, and in absence of points for other options you can add "A Score To Settle" to give him double mods on a particular opponent while either using your action to barrel roll or save a focus for defence. He does, however, have a major target painted on him right from the get go. I've played with Vessery a lot, and unsurprisingly he becomes public enemy number one very quickly, and without x7 he can't tank that much damage. ....agree with most of this. The inclusion of SLAM is... clunky, at best. Technically SLAM makes the Gunboat (and the K-Wing) the fastest small based ships in the game, but they have the turning circle of an oil tanker. That doesn't matter so much for the K-Wing, as you can force people into a chase with them, dropping bombs behind you and firing your turret as you go. The Gunboat, on the other hand, needs to get you back into arc, and even with SLAM that is going to be very difficult to achieve. Lambda-like is correct.
  11. Hold your horses Astech, there's still 5 non-Europe System Open locations to be announced.
  12. It's Sunday, you know what that means...
  13. Black and white X-Wings? Sweet.
  14. So, Aces Packs, Veterans Packs, Heroes of the Resistance and Epic ships.. we've seen a number of ships released with alternative paint schemes alongside new pilots, new upgrades and more since the game was released. But it seems pretty obvious that some ships are more likely to get an update in this manner than others. For instance, it's pretty clear that most of the Large base ships will never see this treatment; the Falcon did in Heroes of the Resistance, but the rest? Doubtful. And of the small based ships, there's some that are probably much more likely candidates than others. The original trilogy ships, for example - there are canon sources for alternate colour schemes for the X-Wing (Rogue One's Blue Squadron pilots), the A-Wing (Phoenix Squadron) and the B-Wing (Rebel's Blade Wing). Ships tied to a particular character or of a unique nature, like the G1-A and Inquisitor's TIE for example, are probably far less likely to receive this treatment. So which ships do you think are most likely and least likely to receive a repaint, and does that tally with the ships you'd most want to see re-released?