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  1. Dont encourage broken mechanics with money

    Well, you say that, but the I quite like Zuckuss in the Mist Hunter. Especially with Mist Hunter, Trick Shot and Advanced Sensors. And while the U-Wing isn't exactly amazing, I'm still quite interested in running a Bodhi Rook build the next chance I get...
  2. [TLJ] Porgs are the best...

    Which is all perfectly fine and good, but... ...but what about the Porgs on the Falcon? Do the sets at Pinewood Studios feature an overabundance of avian life as well?
  3. Anyway, boba fett just won a regional

    Sorry - I meant the Ketsu list I used was bump-centric. I'd deliberately dial in moves to try and bump with my Shadowcaster, then use Ketsu's ability to push the target back out to range one. She'd take her shot, hopefully reducing the target's agility even further for her wingmen. High PS small based ships did not like her, not one bit.
  4. Worlds VS. Coruscant Invitational

    ...could be worse, we might not have Worlds, but at least we have the biggest and best events! And think of those poor folks in Oceania and Asia still waiting for their first System Open and Continental championships.
  5. Worlds VS. Coruscant Invitational

    What are we up to, 540 players registered now? (I think the initial allocation was 420, with another 120 added from the reserve list?). The events just can't keep up with demand in the UK; pretty much all the Regionals sold out straight away with 120+ players - many could easily have sold more tickets but just didn't have the capacity. The Euros goes on sale at the end of the month as well.
  6. A New Order

    Opening conversation: Hux: "What are we going to do tonight, Ren?" Kylo: "The same thing we do every night, Hux..."
  7. No ship that small has a cloaking device... but wait!

    I do now, dammit!
  8. Anyway, boba fett just won a regional

    I've fielded a similar bump-centric list with a bit of success. I used Ketsu though, alongside Fenn and Old Teroch. It's brutal if you get your approach right.
  9. Not flying meta vs handicapping yourself

    Probably important to note that you can quite easily "handicap yourself" by "flying meta". If you usually run Imperials then suddenly decide to drop the list you've been practicing with in favour of a Miranda/Nym (for example) at the last minute because "you saw it was doing well" online, then you might not be too pleased with the results. Edit: @Jike said it better than I did; in mirror matches especially the advantage will go to the player with the greater experience running said lists.
  10. Not flying meta vs handicapping yourself

    If certain players out there feel they need to lean on a meta crutch to improve their tournament chances then that's up to them, but there's plenty of players out there happy to fly without the internet training wheels.
  11. "I've never" anonymous

  12. [TLJ] Porgs are the best...

    Deep fried crispy Porg wings, liberally spattered with Frank's Red Hot sauce... celery and carrot sticks plus blue cheese dip on the side.
  13. M12-L not being played.

    The Kimogila does have a K-turn, however. The Gunboat's ability to turn around it tied to their action bar.
  14. A New Order

    Please change the intro music to "Blue Monday". Thanks.
  15. [TLJ] Porgs are the best...

    Porgs were the least objectionable part of The Last Jedi for me. Plus they look really, really tasty.