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  1. tried Helms Deep - epic fail. Stupid ending with no riders of rohan. sigh. was really looking forward to this. Thanks FFG.
  2. Two Handed Solo violates table talk is very cumbersome to play. Really not an approved way and much easier than playing true MP when you can see both hands. I play MP with other people when I can.
  3. Money is a relative thing - I would assume it wasn't too much money for someone that bought so much without getting around to playing at all. Foolishness in my case. I am ever hopeful I will convince someone (friend or family) to play. My work schedule and demands don't help either (Optometrist, own my own practice, ridiculous hours some weeks). Lol an optometrist? What crazy hours can you possibly work running an eye clinic prescribing glasses?? Why you would buy the newest expansion pack (which just came out) when you already have a TON of u played stuff (including the CORE SET) makes no **** sense in the world. Unless you have money to burn. In which case perhaps you should tone down your self empossed ridiculous work hours and enjoy life a little.
  4. totally agree. Nothing has been more disappointing then the hobbit nightmare decks
  5. I totally agree with psychorocka. The problem is decks like dwarves and outlands and now gandlalf hero are super powerful. It doesn't take much effort to stupidly slap an expert treasure hunter on, look at the face up card and draw it. Combine this with his powerful staff and bilbo to fetch It and especially solo it's crazy powerful. Using gandalf and glorfindel and throwing in lore Aragon or Elrond is just stupidly powerful and game breaking, like dwarves and outlands. I disagree somewhat Glaurung- I too crave difficult quests. I've hated easy quests like stone of erch and such but I don't want to be pigeonholed into using only a broken, not fun to play archetype to beat it. The HON quests are hard, lake town is hard, and some nightmare quests are hard but you can beat them using any number of we'll thought out decks with varied heroes , some good deck building and luck. I love banging my head against loses and tweaking but winning with a fun, not over powers deck. I don't want to have to play thorin, dain, hero gandalf, glorfindel and hirulin exclusively to beat them bc nothing else can, which is what I also fear like others may happen.
  6. Hate gandalf decks. Too over powered esp when paired with glorfindel to offset threat
  7. Totally agree with Dan. Game is to the point where it is overpowered: -Dwarfes -Outlands -Elrond/Vilya -new Gandalf hero Built correcetly, these decks are easy to work and can smash most scenarios. For instance, to make new Gandalf work throw in his new toys and expert treasure hunter, pair with with Elrond and Vilya and laugh at the high threat by throwing in Glordinfel and suddenly you will never lose. Same iwth Dwarfes and Outlands. I like Elfstone bc its a great card but it requires some thinking and it doesn't always work. I think we need more cards like this and less 'auto-win' cards
  8. Are you interetested in solo? Try playing MP its not that hard.
  9. I thought I would ask a more light hearted topic about the craziest, funniest or downright insane stufs you have seen in MP games. Here is my list of 3 things 3. No Test of Will: Playing a three player nightmare hobbit quest with the trolls. Going mono deck, I have leadership and a tactics and spirit player. We keep hitting the dame treachery that moves you onto step two and get troll stomped. After the 3rd reset within about 2-3 rounds the tactics guy jokes out loud that the spirit guy (mono spirit) should just mulligan if we don't get Test of Will. He casually tells us that he has not included any of them (no Elenaor either). As I try not to drop my deck, the tactics guy asks to see his deck and confirms this is true. After wondering why he didn't at least sideboard it after 3 losses in a row he asks him how on earth he thought to leave it out in a mono spirit nightmare game. He tells us that he he wanted to focus on willpower and has loaded up on Favour of the Lady and such cards. sigh. 2. No Uniqueness: After sitting down for a MP game we get into the second round before someone drops a gandalf into play (OHUH version). He is sticking around. Next round a guy dumps Core Gandalf into play. I look at him and point out he can't do that as there is already a unqiue Gandalf in play. The worst part is that this guy is old, like 40-50 or something and acting like a child. He suddenly starts shouting about how no one wants him to play Gandalf anymore. He pulls out a rulebook and points to something random in there and throws it at me telling me to find this rule. I calmy point out that you cannot have more than one unique in play. He then tells me that he can't even play his Steward of Gondor then because I've already played it. I tell him yes and he loses it. Starts going on about how everyone but him can play these cards and we are making up rules. I point out this is a co-op game when he gets up and goes home. He then screams that everyone can play Gandalf over and over again. 1. Exhaust: After sitting down to a MP game one guy has Beravor on the table. We are committing to the quest and he exhausts Beravor and draws cards. I think he has counted the will power but I am not 100% sure but I decide to watch him more carefully. Next round he leaves her upright along with Denathor and takes an enemy. He declares Denathor as defender and immediately looks to the encounter deck and elects to keep the top card there. He then attacks back with Beravor and draws two cards (see what he is doing?). I point out to him that you have to exhaust those heroes to use those actions and then then cannot defend or attack. He tells me he did exhaust them to defend and when they exhaust he draws cards. He even puts his finger under the word exhaust and smiles at me. Obviously we are getting no where. After a game I leave because this is stupid. Worst part is that this guy told me that he and his son never win anything which means they must be horrible if he is using these rules. What have you guys seen?
  10. once the game got hard it is interesting. quests are the main stay for this game and now they are good when made harder
  11. Gandalf hero is very powerful. Almost overpower but this may be only way to beat hard nightmare quest true solo
  12. TC has it http://teamcovenant.com/blog/2014/08/25/fantasy-flights-inflight-report-2014/
  13. He's not playing solo though. He's playing some hybrid two player version where he controls both decks so it is much more beatable then the true, real solo way you play Glaurung. Dol Guldur is much easier two player then solo.
  14. Glaurung please do not worry. It must be hard playing with a little daughter and trying to play when tired. No apologies please your videos are easily the best playthroughs I have seen and I am always amazed at how you can play solo and still win. Look forward to seeing you back in action shortly!
  15. acutally the hundred dollars for the whole set isnt too far off. But 90 bucks for just a scenario that will be POD in a few months? LOL come on...
  16. Ebay has you covered: $100 for the whole set http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fellowship-Event-Fog-on-the-Barrow-Downs-LOTR-LCG-alt-art-Aragorn-and-playmat-/131321819628?pt=Games_US&hash=item1e9363f1ec $90 for just the scenario http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lord-of-the-Rings-LCG-Fog-on-the-Barrow-Downs-Scenario-Fellowship-2014-Event-/201194022219?pt=Games_US&hash=item2ed819254b ...wow...
  17. Wow very detailed thanks! Seems like a beast of a quest. May need the new gandalf hero
  18. I would like to see a couple: - unavoidable (placed on enemy cards so that when an enemy attacks you cannot avoid it using event cards) - courage x (placed on player cards to indicate that they get +x added to attack when they attack alone)
  19. Yes I don't disagree certain quests are beatable only using powerful cards. I would use them if I need to, I guess I'm talking more about prefer not to. I've not tried RTMN solo lol. If Glaurung says it's hard not point for me to even try
  20. Are there powerful cards out there that you don't use either because you think they are over powered, not fun, or that don't fit your play style? For me it's a few: Outlands Spirit glorfindel + LOV + asfaloth Straight dwarf deck Elrond + vilya + star gazer
  21. Thanks for the update! Very cool If you don't mind - can you describe how you are playing? Is it solo or MP? Also which heroes? In terms of difficulty I find IT depends a lot on solo or maps and the heroes you use. If it's dwarves or Outlands and spirit glorfindel all the time then thebquest may seem easier then it is
  22. Does anyone know where I can get a smaller, custom threat counter (preferably card sized)? Makes it easy to carry everything in a deck box for gaming. I know Tales had a liknk to a azogames one but their kickstarer didnt work out so not sure if anyone knows hot to get their hands on somethign similar: http://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/accessory-review-azogames-trackers/ thanks!
  23. how does it compare to the black riders quests? Are they harder? Which do you prefer more?
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