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    I think i know the answer to this but, do you run autothrusters on them? lol that puts this list at 100 points and makes more sense IMO. i have never even been to a regional tourney so im just trying to learn! Ahh, yes that I do.
  2. As Archie's partner in crime from Sweden I have to agree. It was great meeting so many cool people with such relaxed and friendly attitude. I really hope I will be able to take part of that again next year. /Roine the swedish BroBotplayer.
  3. Goffik


    I've been running Glitter, crack, fcs, hlc on B&C pretty much all tournament season leading up to Worlds. It's a great take all comers list if you know how to fly it. I've won 3 SCs and 1 Regional with it and went 6-2 at Worlds.
  4. No news yet, we've pretty much just received info regarding our regionals.Edit: I really hope you manage to go once it is settled when and where it will be though. The more the merrier.
  5. Only one I'm aware so far. Radio TCX ‏@RadioTCXPodcast 11m11 minutes ago Carson is currently 1-2. He is Flying Dual Aggressors (B&D), HLC, Glitterstim, Autothrusters, Crackshot, FCS, IG2000. Interesting. I really thought they would make a little comeback. Not to be critical, as im not flying at worlds, but i dont think that is the most competitive bots list in the current meta.I made to day 2 with the Glittercrack version (B&C) going 4-2 with both losses being relatively close games.
  6. I went 4-2 with Brobots (glittercrack version). What's your name so I can add your list? Roine Gothberg
  7. I went 4-2 with Brobots (glittercrack version).
  8. Please explain the weaseling? I have provided clear explanation of the rules. If a TO would like to go directly against the FAQ then I guess I cannot fight that. Good thing then that FFG has the following text in their tournament regulations "All card interpretations during a tournament are a marshal’s responsibility, and he or she may overrule the FAQ when a mistake or error is discovered." I would like to hear a marshal trying to come up with any kind of rational explanation why an available upgrade is impossible to trigger..
  9. Interesting take on the jouster/arc dodger definition. My own experience from this tournament season where I've been playing Brobots alot is that I sure has switched playstyle from jousting to arc dodging both between games and also in games, for example if an intial statistically advantageous joust goes all wrong due to extraordinary bad dice, leading to me switching to arc dodging.
  10. Difficulty, not inability. ´Please do the math for me how I get a range 3 shot against someone who moves after me and can count till 11. The Table is 22x4cm wide. Range 3 is 7.5x4cm, etc How do I get my range 3 target lock in a turn BEFORE my opponent can close into range 1. You move of minimum of 2 ship-lengths, there is no ship which has not at least a straight 3, together that's 6 ship-lengths, which is more than 2 range bands. Even the half length you could barrel roll backwards would not mage a difference on a small ship, while large ships move with a minimum of 3 and could barrel roll one backwards. Does not change the outcome. Your opponent can make mistakes, sure, but that is not difficulty that is just hoping for a screw up and out of your own hands. You could as well have one forward ship which gives away or shares his own target locks with ships in the back, but that is again circumvent that praised targeting mechanic for ordnance. ;-) Meanwhile the biggest issue for ordnance itself is not even the targeting mechanic, but that you have to spend your target lock for basically all torpedos and most missiles. Though this is a balancing talk, and not the focus of the topic. Homing Missiles and proton rockets have indeed their uses even outside of the scouts deadeye + infinitive focus + chimps combo . So grab the TL during the first pass and take the shot after K-turn. The sad part about ordnance right now is that it is all about the alpha strike, I guess the high cost for torpedoes has a lot to do with it. Had they been a bit cheaper it wouldn't be the end of it if a ship never managed to get the shot off.
  11. I partly agree with OP that as a game mechanic Deadeye is not optimal. If nothing else but for the fact I would like to see more difference between torpedoes and missiles. Torpedoes were fluffwise never a dogfight weapon, it was for firing at bigger ships and bases. If ordnance could have been redone from scratch I would have liked to see missiles having the option to use TL _or_ focus while torpedoes would need a TL to represent it being harder to fire in a dogfight. This would ofc require other balancing steps to make torpedoes worth it, perhaps increasing damage output and/or lowering cost. Looking at where the game is now I would unfortunately have a hard time seeing how Deadeye could be removed without ordnance fading back into obscurity.
  12. I don't see why a Dash player would want to pick the old damage deck..
  13. Goffik

    Wave 10

    Sounds pretty stupid to place it on an enemy with determination..
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