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  1. I really like your list, but what I was going for was lots of tokens and dice manipulation, so do you think the 5th ship is better or keeping everything beefy but tweaked? I was actually thinking of taking Black One off of Jess and giving Cova Advanced Optics with a point to spare.
  2. Cost - 197 Cova Nell (58) - Leia Organa, Heroic Rose Tico (38) - C3PO, Heroic, Pattern Analyzer Green Sonnel (42) - Heroic, Crack Shot, Advanced Optics Jess Pava (59) - R4, S-Foils, Advanced Optics, Black One I based this on the list that has Poe and Finn rather than Jess and Rose. However, I was hoping to be able to power up Rose with 3PO, give Cova extra dice with Leia, and do the same with Jess by staying close to the rest of the group. It looks good (to me; on paper) but haven't flown it yet. I will be tomorrow night. Open to suggestions!
  3. All excellent suggestions! Thank you! I'm going to play around with this tonight and let you know.
  4. Thank you for all your responses, all! I'd love to hear from @gennataos about his list. I wonder if there's a place to find it online? One thing that seemed to get me last time was that my 5's went after their 5's and my 6 went after their 6. I was thinking of paring some things down to get a bid, allowing me to do movement shenanigans to outmaneuver them and make it easier to get them in my arcs/bullseye. Any thoughts on that?
  5. Hey all. First time posting a list, so if something like what I'm looking for is elsewhere (didn't notice it on the first few pages but could have missed it) please let me know. My FLGS's meta is mostly very maneuverable Imperial, First Order, and Scum ships. While there are a FEW swarms and Jedi, it's mostly those dang evil guys. I am consistently not able to get shots off because I'm getting outflanked, and I decided to build this list as a response to that. I ran something similar last night but have made some tweaks. I know this list is far from done, though, so I need advice. I want to be as mobile as possible, with my goal to be to always keep ships in my firing arcs (duh) as efficiently as possible. Poe Dameron (BB Astromech / Heavy Laser Cannon / S Foils / Predator / Advanced Optics) Talli Lintra (Heroic) Ello Asty (Heavy Laser Cannon / S Foils)
  6. I played IA a while back, about four missions in, but since I hadn't played in a while and got a boatload of new content (at 68% of all content vs. just the base game) I decided to play the tutorial mission tonight. I moved the initial Stormtrooper group, no problem, but when it becomes the heroes 1st turn, their portraits are surrounded by a black circle, and when I attempt to click their portraits to indicate they've activated, I hear a noise, but that's it. What am I missing to activate heroes? SORRY for the newbie question.
  7. After playing some Eldritch Horror tonight... it makes me sad that investigators won't be coming out as quickly as in LOTR, because that means mah man CHARLIE KANE won't be released anytime in the near future.
  8. Good to know about one year. I wish they would just remove the link if it isn't going to be updated.
  9. For me it's Thranduil without a doubt. Are there any characters as "big" as him that haven't been made yet? Have the designers given a reason why we haven't seen him, or he just hasn't fit into any of their plans thus far?
  10. I am in Houston this weekend looking to buy Treason of Saruman, but I can't find it!
  11. I appreciate the response! Makes perfect sense now, and not just in the context of this quest.
  12. Meant to post this in "rules questions."
  13. This is going to be an INCREDIBLY silly question, but I just can't find the answer by Googling or in the rulebook, though I know I've seen this before. When a card says I should "discard," is that from my hand, from play, or both? I'm playing the 2nd scenario of the Dunland Trap and it tells me to discard X, Y, and Z, but I'm not sure if that's hand, play, or both. I know some cards specify, but I assume if it isn't specific I do both?
  14. Wow, nice! Thanks for the tip. I'll actually be in Dallas next month so I'll definitely check it out. Are you from that area? I'll be in probably once a month and it would be nice to have someone to play with.
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