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  1. Detonate isn't an action, but rather triggers after either player takes an action. Both of your scenarios could include the detonate, the first would just have another action still
  2. I believe Detonate can be triggered after any action by either player. I need to reread the entry for Detonate X....
  3. Cheek

    New RRG!

    Meh, it's life. I happen to enjoy reading rules, so it works
  4. Cheek

    New RRG!

    The changes in red make them very easy to miss for some of us
  5. I agree. All it would take is new cards printed for him and his commands. So he could be an operative for the Empire or a commander for a scum faction.
  6. To counter that, you could instead keep 2 DLT squads in the back with Veers and use the leftover points to give them trooper upgrades. They're now Veers guardian troop fodder, since the DLTs are what we all really care about
  7. I prefer to run all/most DLTs. I keep trying to convince myself to use the HH-12 units, but it seems easy to suppress and then it's either ready or shoot, not both. I like flexible units more than I like specialized ones, too.
  8. Looks fun. My last game I played something similar. Being trooper light can really hurt, especially if you misplay your bikes. I definitely did, and the delicate bikes definitely didn't help me... But my Vader list has switched to 2 bikes, 6 trooper units and the big man himself. Let us know how your list works!
  9. Cheek

    Lighted Models

    These are really awesome! Great work! I'm looking forward to see Boba Fett with lit jets....
  10. If things get too close to your stormtroopers, just move into melee!
  11. Some local stores have been discussing running 500 point games on X-Wing night. Sorta as a recruiting tool for the game and to get faster games in the small space available...
  12. I've been thinking about this recently as well. Thanks for putting it down in words. My speeder bike die so easily, so I've started choosing my generic 2/3 pip cards to start the game and for my second activation and it helps me control when my delicate bikes ride into the field. I still haven't nailed down a solid way to use them, but I promised my wife I wouldn't be spending much on games for a bit (remodeling bathrooms and working on floors), so I can't just replace my bikes with more stormtroopers, yet... Anyway, good thought exercise! I think I'll try only using Standing Orders of I run out of command cards after my Commander dies, as that's the only way I see it being useful at this point...
  13. My buddy and I split a Core and each got one, so we got 4 Corps and 2 Support, but still can field a 4-500 pt learning game with Significant Others or friends interested in learning the game.
  14. I was kinda hoping that this thread would be instructions for putting the speeder bikes to good use. That being said, I don't have the pedals, turbine, or gun glued to my models yet for this very reason! The pictures above helped a lot, though!
  15. I plan to paint my Rebels as pilots. Which amounts to orange jumpsuits under their jackets. I’d like to add a helmet or two to the flight/squad leaders on the base. My story will be some kind of pilot commando strike force. Rogue Squadron or something fun like that. I would love pilot figures, but I’ll happily make do without
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