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  1. It's a Christmas miracle, the Dungeons of Cirith Gurat is shipping now and has a US release date (december 7) ....
  2. Thanks for the responses. Thinking about it more, I agree with with you guys. If it didn't work this way, you could never benefit from the second action on Knife since it discards itself.
  3. So, something weird happened last night while I was testing out Minh Thi Phan and I wasn't sure how to rule it. She was attacking an enemy with the Baseball Bat's fight action. I committed a single card to activate Analytical Mind's response and drew her weakness (The King in Yellow : Act 1). I have to put the KIY in play and it takes a hand slot while Baseball Bat has 2, so I have to discard the bat to make room for that damnable play. Now the bat is gone and I haven't even drawn a chaos token for the skill check ... What happens ? 1. The cost was paid (1 action) and thus the baseball bat effect last until the end of the skill check, even if it is gone. 2. You continue to resolve a Fight action, but you no longer have the benefit of the bat (+2 combat and +1 damage). 3. Your action is just forfeited. or something else ... Any input is welcome.
  4. Or it's something on the quest card(s) that does it. Something like "Forced: At the end of the staging step, the first player reveals an encounter card for each resource on The Black Gate."
  5. "If it bleeds ..." really ? What's next ? "Get to tha Zeppelin !"
  6. Bifur + Rivendell Minstrel + Songs is a pretty good way to go to smooth out your ressources in a tri-sphere deck with an early card pool like yours. But to answer your question, yes it's certainly possible. Have fun with the deck building!
  7. So the FAQ tells us that when 2 options are separated by the word 'Either' one of them must be performed in full, if able. I wonder what they mean exactly by performed in full. Constant Tail (Trouble in Tharbad) for example says : "Then, the first player either removes 1 time counter from the current quest or each Spy enemy in the staging area gets +2 until the end of the phase." Can I pick the second option even if there's no Spy enemy in the staging area ? Does it counts as performed in full if the effect does nothing ?
  8. Tactics ally: Almost certainly Éomer. Leadership ally: Almost certainly Halbarad. Lore ally: Only one which really passes in that sphere is Ghan-Buri-Ghan(just a theory). Attachments: Don't really know. Events: Perhaps some Dúnedain focused event taking place in Dunharrow? How about ally Elrohir & Elladan (tactic/leadership or vice-versa depending how easy they want the 1 ally bro - 1 hero bro combo to be) and lore ally Halbarad (he's a ranger after all and lore loves those) ?
  9. Here's 2 questions that came up while playing that scenario. 1. The quest's 1B says 'Progress cannot be placed on this stage unless Helm of the Stormcaller is in the victory display.' What's the timing on quest resolution and explored locations leaving play ? i.e. what happens when the players quest successfully with Helm of the Stormcaller as the active location (assuming there's more progress then necessary to clear it)? Is it A) You place enough progress tokens to clear Helm of the Stormcaller to explore it. It goes to the victory display, allowing you to place what left of your progress on 1B. or B) You place enough progress tokens to clear Helm of the Stormcaller to explore it. You would put the rest on the quest as normal but the text on 1B prevents you to do it. Now that placing progress tokens is done, Helm of the Stormcaller is explored and goes to the victory display, allowing you to place progress on 1B only next round. 2. The rules of the scenario tell us that grappling tentacles are detached and added to the staging area when the attached location becomes the active location or it is explored. What happens when grappled locations leave the staging area in some other way (for example, with Mariner's Compass) ? I'm guessing the tentacles are also detached and added to the staging area, but it isn't clear imo.
  10. When I first read Slave Ship, I read "deal 1 point of damage to non-Ship characters" rather then "deal 1 point of damage to a non-Ship character" ... What a difference a few letters make!
  11. I found it pretty easy with 2 players. For me, Legolas was mvp for this one (actually he's pretty good for all the quests in this box). If you have him with Rohan Warhorse, Arod and/or Blade of Gondolin, and there's stuff to kill, he can usually clear the active location before the next refresh phase (and quest phase). So stuff like cursed temple and flooded ruins aren't a problem. Plus, the scenario has throngs of unfaithful that keeps coming back for this progress token machine to work.
  12. The good old A Test of Will reads: "Cancel the 'when revealed' effects of a card that was just revealed from the encounter deck." The 'revealed from the encounter deck' part has me wondering. When a Witch of Angmar ("When you resolve shadow cards dealt to Witch of Angmar, if they have the Sorcery trait, resolve their "when revealed" effects. (Resolve any shadow effects first.)") is dealt a Sorcery treachery as a shadow card, can you cancel the 'when revealed' effect with A Test of Will ? I mean, in that weird case, it wasn't really revealed by the encounter deck but you still have to resolve its 'when revealed' effect.
  13. " 'Not safe for ever,' said Gandalf. 'There are many things in the deep waters; ..." (from the Council of Elrond) Personally, I always imagined Gandalf was talking about deep ones or something Lovecraftian like that. A kraken will also fit the bill nicely.
  14. Obviously, the custodian is better at telling a tale, rather then being part of it.
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