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  1. I know that all of us in Asia always ***** about not having official support from SW FFG because of licensing issues, but finally, our FLGS has announced that the embargo has finally been lifted! Hopefully, it means that Asia will have its own official tournament support! Guess someone up there actually cares
  2. You have to remember that there are limits to producing models of that detail on that kind of quantity. And while some people may question why a figure does not resemble an actor's likeness, you have to also be concerned with royalties and copyright. Everyone believes they can do better, and they should. Just always be respectful and aware that its not a perfect world.
  3. @Sorastro Hi Sorastro, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful videos on youtube. I applied some of the tips on my first 800 pt army! Looking forward to the fleet trooper and rebel commando vids!
  4. I think it just comes down to player etiquette. Having played in two regionals, I make it a habit to ask my opponent after he moves for his action if he does not do so immediately. "Are you going to focus?" "Are you going to push (the limit)?" When it comes to dials, its simple- I tell my opponent I am committed to my dials. And simply wait for him to say the same. I think these are questions you need to ask so everyone is clear on the state of the game. If you are hoping that someone is going to forget something, and for yourself to take advantage of it- that's not really playing at your best. You and your opponent should be helping each other to have a good game. If you are tired, then all the more you should be talking to your opponent about the rules and giving each other reminders. Of course, good etiquette does not mean you give your opponent advice like "I think you should focus" or the like, but prompting them to make decisions. Everyone agrees that its a premier event, and gameplay should be upheld to the highest, and that should indeed be the case. However, what is equally important is for etiquette to be upheld to that same level. Win with respect, lose with dignity.
  5. Not sure I understand this point, since most Chewbacca builds are 3 ship builds... Today's context is what I think I'm having a tough time adjusting to! I didn't really get into Xwing until Imdaar Alpha and I was already running three high PS ships for that and following. Now I'm seeing high PS as good, but needing more ships as once one is lost my squad is hurting! I'm having a tough time getting a good balance... I see something like a Chewbacca build or three Firesprays as an exception to the needing more than three ships because of the large number of damage points needed to take them out! This is esp. True if you can force your opponent to split his fire on these big ships. A couple of lost shields on each ship is no big deal, whereas 6 damage on small ships usually means one or two lost. Back to balance ideas...I'm starting to think one or two high PS ships together with two or three midrange PS ships might be a good compromise... Thoughts! I think to resolve your issue, you have to look towards Roark. He fulfils two roles, gives you the PS 12, and provides zone defence against phantoms (to an extent). You don't necessarily have to use ships of high PS, but rather selective PS. There is a very big benefit with being able to move first, but also being able to shoot first. You need the numbers, but you also need the high PS, hence at this point of time, Roark provides a solution to both. Certainly, you can argue that if you have lower PS, you will not be able to reposition with a barrel roll (B-wing and E-wing) against a phantom or Fel, but X-wing is a game of prediction- in time you will be able to figure out the possible deployment points and trap him. You should not aim to play the position game with a Phantom as a Rebel, but rather box him in between your ships and the rocks. Moving first and shooting first is not such a bad thing. Again, this is only a suggestion, and it boils down to which ships you prefer, and your local meta. Locally, the chewbacca and phantom builds are running rampant, so I decided to go with lists that punch first no matter you are, and screwing up your target allocation (in other words, bring Biggs).
  6. Not sure I understand this point, since most Chewbacca builds are 3 ship builds... The new chewbacca builds are Falcon, with minimum three Z-95s or alternative 4 Z-95s. A falcon by itself it not considered one ship due its firing arc, HP, and Gunner/Luke Ability. With a Predator/Luke combo on a Chewbacca, you are guaranteed a consistent 3 hits on target, and occasionally two hits. Hence, the chewbacca build with Z-95s is a very stable list. Certainly, you can argue that X-wing escorts can provide the extra punch, but I would like you to honestly try the Z-95s at least once in a multirole capacity, either 3 talas or 4 bandits.
  7. Within the South East Asian Sphere, all the countries (Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines) use the North American Releases, in fact most of the American stock goes through Asia first before arriving in the states itself. China has its own licenser for X-wing, but I believe they are quite far behind on the waves. Korea I believe has its own licenser as well. Currently, Japan has no licenser for X-wing, and support is limited to expats due to the language barrier. You would have better luck in the EU, given the support it enjoys in Germany and such.
  8. Prior to Wave 4, it was completely viable to run three rebel (small) ships. However, in today's context, I would say you would be hard pressed to win a game with three ships, even with a falcon. Primarily due to Chewbacca and the phantoms, each of your three ships are honestly going to be facing four to five ship builds, and there will be no easy target for you to take out. Even if you run three ships of PS 8 and 9, all that needs to happen is for you to face roark. And worse still, if someone else swarms another unit with swarm tactics, your advantage is effectively negated. Even in a normal scenario, if you were to lose your ace due to a lucky shot (HLC'ed or four blanks), you are left with two ships. I would have to say that a fairly decent 4-5 ship list on either the imperials or rebels would be more effective.
  9. In my opinion, you can plan all you want, but a lot of the tourney will be down to luck- whether its down to how the dice falls or the pairing- you can not and should not try to predict too much. The only thing you can really do is to prepare two lists- and see which one may give you better chances looking around. In the end, eventually you will draw the rock, its just how you deal with it. If you're really scared, then just hand in your paper, and only take out your stuff when the pairings are made. Just bring something you are comfortable with to handle most situations.
  10. Just a note, Ten Numb had Ion cannon instead of marksmanship.
  11. Hi Guys, I practically went downhill after my first game of swiss at the Singapore Regionals, but I stayed all the way to the end. We played 6 rounds of swiss, with a total of 35 players. The guys will eventually post the full lists (I think), but the finals came down to two players using a Chewbacca with Z-95 Swarm. Based on memory: Winner: Chewbacca with VI, Gunner, C-3PO, MF Bandits x 4 Runner up: Chewbacca with Engine Upgrade, Gunner, C-3PO, Predator Tala x 3 This is only from what I remembered (it was a 1am game). A phantom/interceptor/shuttle list made it to the Top 4, but I'll let Duraham spoil that for you. A Firespray with HLC, Howlrunner with 3 Academies also ranked in the top 4. Consensus is that some people prepared too much for wave 4 (e.g Phantom and Defender Defence), and became very weak against pre-wave 4 builds.
  12. Personally, when it comes down to X-wings, I feel you have to decide who you want to build your squad around. By far the most effective X-wing I have ever flown is Wedge with PTL, R2 and Engine Upgrade. If you can ensure your opponent has initiative, Wedge is effectively an interceptor, and with a chance of focus and target lock at the same time, you can rest assured that ties will fly off the board. I elect to use this version of wedge, simply because if I'm not in your arc, I can't be shot, making Biggs less of a necessity. Luke, is the one guy that when push comes to down to it, can win the game for you if you have R2D2 and Draw the fire. Shield upgrade is something that you have to decide if it is worth it. Draw the fire is an upgrade that can save you from a lot of normally disastrous situations. Chances are, if you have Wedge on the board, he's going to take the fire, with draw the fire, he will last much longer. Wes Jenson, can be a good support ship to protect your other ships from bombers or taking the heat off them. I recently played with R2 and expert handling. Again, with your high PS, you can move later, and then barrel roll, and still have a wide range of moves after that with R2. This will protect wedge, but also give you more offensive power. Biggs is the unit that I am conflicted about. The usual variant is really R2F2 with stealth device (or vanilla), but doing so gives you two problems, one you have no focus, and the other, your offensive ability is limited without focus and your medium PS. If you want to run Biggs, you must run a unit that can pass him focus, like Garven. Again, the problem with Garven is that his PS of 6 leaves Biggs focus less from guys higher than that. I really like the X-wing, but in a three ship list, you need every shot you can take every round, especially since you will be outnumbered in almost every game. My personal recommendation is build a two X-wing list, with a Hawk for support. Kyle and Roark with a Crow/Blaster/Recon spec not only provides support for the named x-wings at range 3, but they can shoot up to range two at anyone. Even with Carnor Jax around, you just need to position yourself behind your X-wings to get a shot in. With these in mind, I have used these three lists with various results: Wedge/PTL/R2/Engine Upgrade Wes Jenson/Expert Handling/R2 Kyle/Crow/Blaster/Recon Wedge/PTL/R2/Engine Upgrade Biggs/Stealth/R2F2 Kyle/Determination/Crow/Blaster/Recon Wedge/PTL/R2/Engine Upgrade Luke/Swarm Tactics/R2D2 Roark/Blaster/Recon/Crow Ultimately, it is really down to how you open with your list on the board. Wedge must flank in order to win, if you go head on, you are asking for trouble. Make your opponent turn, and since wedge can boost, you will always have an edge. Hope this helps.
  13. makotosato

    B-Wing Blitz

    I won a tournament with the following list: Ibitisam with Adv Sensor, HLC, PTL, Engine Upgrade - 45 points Blues with Ion Cannon and FCS x 2 - 27 points each Total: 99 points with initiative bid The whole point with ibitisam is to use Advanced Sensors with PTL, and then do a green move, effectively cancelling out the ill effects of PTL. If you PTL after you move, then you can use her ability. Either way, you can control when you have stress, whilst maintaining enough actions to make HLC nasty. Engine upgrade with advanced sensors gives you more than enough leeway to move. The blues with ion cannons will deter falcons/firesprays, and once the target is ionized, they can move in with TL+F for the kill. Highly effective against most targets. Either way, you will always be able to engage your targets at range three. The trick is to have the blues and ibitisam splilt up during depolyment, you want your opponent to choose between the blues or ibitisam. Most opponents would make a bee line for ibitisam, making it possible for the blues to flank and ionize. Ibitisam with her HLC will definitely give someone a bloody nose. The main issue here is that this list favors fighting rebels- you will have an uphill battle against imperials. If it comes down to a match between a interceptor and a B-wing, I would favor the interceptor to win. Also, if you opponent brings ions, then you can safety say good bye to one b-wing immediately. I would favor a single B-wing, namely ibitisam with Sensor Jammer and Elusiveness, if you really want to play the B-wing.
  14. Great! Are there any stores that support X-wing or is it mostly gatherings? In Singapore, we have a couple of shops that are really promoting the game, so just curious about how strong the X-wing community is over there. -Makoto Sato
  15. Hi Guys, I'll be in Japan, Kyoto from mid April to end May. Just wondering if there are any players in the kyoto or osaka region? Looking to get some games going. -Makoto Sato
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