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  1. Hidden says to prevent all damage and discard. 22.12 says Abilities that explicitly use the word “prevent” always reduce damage or fear without the hero needing to perform a test. So I believe you discard hidden, and then do not test, unless there is fear remaining.
  2. But in Fallout 4, Intelligence and Luck stats help you gain XP faster, so like the video game, having those first will help you level a bit faster as well. I makes the 5 characters play a tad different. Do you want the guy who may level a bit faster in the beginning, or go with the Strength or Perception guy who will be better with weapons, since weapons tend to scale more with Str and Perception it seems. Thats how I see it anyway.
  3. Seems like the rules word it pretty obvious that you move the peg for all xp gained, then continue with the process. When a survivor gains multiple XP, he or she moves the peg for all gained XP, and then performs the steps for each level gained during that process. You don’t stop the peg till all XP is counted, then add the special tokens. ‘Also, that’s how Fallout 4 works. You can gain 3 levels at once, then you go in to pick your perks. So the board game mirrors the video game.
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