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  1. This worked for me on Mac: - Deleted the current app - Installed an earlier version - Updated the animation speed - Deleted earlier version - Reinstalled latest version = Fixed. Hope this helps!
  2. Thats going to be a tough game against a quality opponent in Travis! We are aiming to play this weekend - It should be a close game regardless of who comes out ahead. I'm just looking fwd to getting Vader on the Hyperspace table with reasonable support!
  3. Great post - Excellent insights into the early evolution of flying tactics and build strategy. Nailed it!
  4. Thank you, love the new ghost options for scale! Is there somewhere we can donate as appreciation for your and others work on Vassal?
  5. They (Star Viper and IG-2000) are two ugly looking ships! I wonder if Madame Butterfly will be able to fold back into a normal looking ship like the Lambda does with it's wings..
  6. Tough call but I would usually give Soontir (or opposing Phantom) the initiative as I prefer the Decloak/movement/Barrel Roll advantage to try and get out of Soontir's arc. It then puts Soontir in an difficult position of using PTL or not as he will be doubled stressed if he wants to shoot Whisper with Reb Cap.
  7. *edit* 2 Phantoms shooting at 9 is a pretty good reason! Not quite what you are after but an interesting option.
  8. 38 Corran, VI, FCS 31 Blue, FCS, HLC 31 Blue, FCS, HLC 14 Dice at Range 2-3 every second turn is handy.
  9. Fair counter for turrets: Modified Tactics. Modified Tactics is a free upgrade that is available to all players and both factions. It requires thought, planning, practice and patience. *Disclaimer: This is not an attack on anyone's X-Wing ability, simply pointing out that thought, planning, practice and patience combined with modifing your usual tactics to different ships you face is a counter to everything you will ever face in X-Wing. Think about how/why/when a turret ship/squad is weak then build your tactical plan (this may include modifying your usual squad) around exploiting that weakness. Practice your piloting skills to allow you to enact your plan to best effect and have patience while you make mistakes and learn.
  10. Good work to everyone involved in enchaning this fantasitc game we have and thanks to the man responsible for creating this card. Having said that I don't think I would use this card (yet) as it seems like it's best suited as either an Insurance policy or for new players - Nothing wrong with that - a great addition to help some Rookies along or just give you that extra confidence going for that epic but tight move near a rock. The consistent value seems to be in denying the extra green through rocks. Will this trigger enough to be worth 2 points? I don't know but I will start to take some mental notes during my games now on how much this occurs and what would 1 less green dice have done. It's also good to see the card creator taking the time to interact with the players on the forums and provide some feedback on his playtesting. Thank you!
  11. I disagree:1. Echo is going to be better at maneuvering than whisper...pretty much always. 2. I do like Intel tech but not at the cost of recon specialist. You want to be shooting that ace before he shoots with Echo. If you're using Echo as a blocker you're losing 4-5 dice attack that probably takes that ace out. 3. Recon gives you 2 focus tokens for defense when you run into a gunner build. 4. You're paying +2pts for +1 PS that you're not using. 5. You'd have to rename the list: Whispers of Spinal Tap? Can you turn a Whisper up to 11? Fair enough and good points. I might just expand to better articulate: 1. Because Echo is more mobile I think it's adds an additional layer of complexity to keep her within Range 2 of Vader without bumping into ur own ships, enemy ships and asteroids. I think Whisper's Decloak is easier to manage consistently. You may be at a skill level where Echo's Decloak and Range 2 of Vader is a piece of cake though. 2. The reason for Intel was a better informed Decloak move to ensure you get a shot - the potential to block an Ace is added flexibility eg: You could block Soontir to deny actions while Vader unloads his Proton Torps. Just increases flexibility & options. 3. I would rather the Evade/Focus combo over double Focus - personal preference. 4. Mostly true but the 2 points is for an easier Decloak to stay near Vader (point 1) but the real money for me is the free Focus after shooting. Makes Whisper the better choice for me - again pers preference. 5. True! I have no answer to this conundrum..
  12. The best non-turret Phantom counter I have seen, used and been on the end of is: 44 Corran Horn, VI, FCS, R3-A2, Engine To make it even eaiser you can pair him with a VI Cracken to give him the ability to Barrel and Boost if required but I think it is a touch of overkill. The cone of probability for non-Echo Phantom is mostly predicatable and you just point Corran in the general direction and let the Boost or Barrel take care of the rest. Get a free Tgt Lock and shoot it twice for a double stress if it's not dead by then.
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