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  1. I already have 2 A-Wings, 2 Tie Interceptors and the Imperial Aces set. More curious which is best (core vs. expansions) and if there is any point in having more Tie Bombers, Tie Advances and Hawks since I only have one a piece.
  2. I currently have 5 Tie's and 3 X-Wings from getting two core sets and a single expansion of each. I want to get 2 more Ties and at least one more X-Wing. I'm curious if it would be bet to get another core set or just individual expansions..? I know the differences are going to be the cards, but still being new I know know which way is better. Also.... I only have one Hawk, Y-Wing, Tie Bomber and Tie Advance. Which ones should I consider getting more of and why? Thanks!
  3. This is awesome! I know I'll be heading to Staples after work today.
  4. I am a huge podcasts fan and really enjoying your material. Helpful for a beginner. Thanks guys!
  5. Rasconzo

    Heroclix Refugees?

    I played Heroclix pretty hardcore until they canceled it back in 2008 (?), after that the community around here fell apart. We all played Monsterpocalypse for a while after that, but sadly they stopped producing that as well. X-Wing is the first miniatures I have played in many, many years.
  6. So being new to this game I was wondering... Do you all preorder upcoming ships? I've noticed all the sites have preordering as an option. If so, what's everyone plan on getting upon release? Seems the z-95 headhunter if going to be one to definitely pick up multiple of.
  7. And the cards fit in/are completely covered in coin slot pages? Didn't even think about that. Where do you get those at?
  8. Hey everyone. First, I want to thank everyone for all the helpful links and advice that I have received as a new player. It's been very informative. I recently purchased two Plano 3950 boxes for my ships and another Plano for token and movement pieces. Putting everything away today (it's stupid how excited I get by organization) I had the question... How do you store the mini cards? This is the first game I have ever encountered cards of this size. I bought protective sleeves for them when I places my large splurge order last week, so they are in those. Aside from that I just have them laying in my box. I know for the standard cards I can just go get some binder card sheets to organize and display them... But for the smaller cards I haven't been able to find any other options. Thinking I might look at the store tomorrow for a small/deep Plano style box to organize them in. What's everyone else using?
  9. Alot like Shanester40, I just got the X-Wng bug and ordered a bunch of stuff to start playing. Yes, this game is WAY cheaper than many miniatures I have played in the past. PLUS (another nice thing about this game), you can order exactly what you need. I used to play Heroclix and Monsterpocalypse and with those its the luck of the draw what you get from your booster. Got really expensive really quick in order to complete and tournaments. With this... Its strategy and just a little dough. Cant wait to get my fleet this week and get down to it.
  10. What? No Firespray? HIGHLY recommend that one next. It's a really fun ship to play with! Awesome list of stuffs though! Wish I could have bought that many expansions after I played only a few games... Now you just need a cool carrier for all of them! It's on the list. I had to put a cap on my order. Only had so much in amazon gift cards and disposable income.
  11. The only other thing that I would suggest is the regular Interceptor pack, as it has Soontir Fel in it.That is an amazing start though. Can't find any place online that has the interceptor in stock. :-/ Amazon has it, but $25 a pop!
  12. So here's what I splurged on today... 2 core sets, 1 Tie Bomber, 1 Millennium Falcon, 1 Tie Advanced, 1 Y-Wing, Imperial Aces set, 1 B-Wing, 1 X-Wing and 1 Tie Fighter. Thinking that will be a good start.
  13. First, my apologies for posting a common topic. Im no stranger to forums, on one for Harley owners and another for Glock enthusiasts... So I know I should have searched first. I didn't see anything that really jumped out on a quick search as the best resource for new players. Making a sticky would really be awesome. Second, thanks for all the links and feedback. Those are some good reads. I think Im going to start by ordering two core sets, a tie fighter, couple x-wings and the rebel set to start off. Thanks everyone! Glad to be a part of this community and excited to get back to gaming again.
  14. Hey all! First post to the boards. I have a few questions about the X-Wing game. In the past I have played Heroclix and Monsterpocalypse, both of which I really enjoyed but eventually the community around here fell apart. I recently played the base X-Wing game and really enjoyed it. Plus being a giant Star Wars fan... I think this is one of my favorite new games. My questions... 1) What all is recommend to really start playing aside from the core game box? What expansions and such are good to start off with. 2) In the expansions, are the cards the same for each type? (So if I buy 3 tie fighters, would all 3 have the same things inside?) 3) Any good accessories needed for regular gamers? I have seen plastic movement tiles and such. 4) What does everyone use to transport miniatures around? Would appreciate any insight and advice. Plan on ordering things of Amazon this weekend. Thanks!
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