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  1. As i was saying on Reddit, I think the biggest "change" here (besides leaving Arkham far behind) is the Campaign Log. It definitely sounds in the description as you can play these as standalones, or as part of a 3-story narrative. I presume it will go like this: You're in Arkham at a party where someone brought things back from an expedition, and the relics trigger "spooky things" to happen (and maybe even some of Yig's servants crash the party). What you learn at the party gets some benefactor to hire you to journey south to learn more about what awaits in the jungle. You learn of some kind of world ending curse that will commence at The temple of Yig where you finally stop the ancient one (or great old one, take your pick, fam) from awakening. My guess is that they'll throw in a "surprise" of carrying some stats/items over from one campaign to the other, but *if* they do this, it seems like it would be a significant app upgrade to help remember your "inventory,", unless they rely on your writing it down in a paper log like they do with traumas and certain story elements of the Arkham Horror LCG.
  2. This isn't my "starter" deck, I acquired Zebulon through a campaign story element. I missed the "no Fortune cards" restriction! D'oh! Thanks for the sharp eyes on that. I wish I knew who made ArkhamDB because it would be super helpful to get the "why" behind the error. Just telling me "forbidden card" led me to not be sure what aspect was forbidden
  3. Hey all, call me crazy (I have taken a lot of horror), but I tried for the first time today to enter my deck into ArkhamDB, and I keep getting an error that for Rex Murphy, I can't include the level 0 cards Lucky! and Dumb Luck. When I use their filter system, it seems to only "know" about the upper level versions of those cards. Is this a bug? How do I report it? Is there a workaround?
  4. I don't know if there's already a main feature request thread, but I wondered who else wishes that the app itself would track your plays and which investigators were in your party. It would be cool to see over time which scenarios we've played and the time played, win/loss, etc. Similar to the manual (and amazing) stats spreadsheet but a personal version built in-app with some key stats of each play. I think that'd be a great feature addition :)
  5. Hey all, I recently played this game with friends and decided to use my new chromecast to project the game to my TV so everyone could see without passing the phone around (until a puzzle comes up). However, I *don't* want everyone to see if i get texts, facebook notifications, etc etc during gameplay because a)privacy and b)it takes you out of the moment when something pops up. Is there any feature in the app (or coming soon) where the app can suppress notifications? My only workaround so far was to turn off *all* app notifications during gameplay then turn them all back on in the android global settings. Anyone have a better solution?
  6. Hey all, I'm a forum n00b here, so sorry if this has been asked before, but I just bought SOTW and I *think* there is a misprint on the "story so far" text for the investigators, and wanted to see if I'm right or just losing MY sanity In the Keeper Setup, section 4 selects where to put the Alien Statue. 4A) The Bathroom 1 4B) The Kitchen Storage Yet, in the story so far, where it seems to lead the investigators for the first clue seems to be in reverse, since 4A) "...Nola kept a journal of her studies, and he last saw it during dinner..." 4B) "...because she would only write in it before sleeping" Based on the Keeper setup, I would think "before sleeping" would lead me to Bathroom 1, whereas "during dinner" would lead me to the Kitchen Storage. Is this an actual misprint, or is the text correct and I'm just missing something obvious?
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