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  1. Yes you right it would take 4 shots, one set up and three to follow. However harpoon is so good you can use it without the splash damage triggering, it's good against ANY SHIP because it does a face down damage card if you can trigger the crit easily, and it doesn't make you spend the lock to fire. Who cares if they have a formation or not, my missile is now doing one extra damage therefore making it better than homing denying an evade. The splash damage ability is just icing on the cake. This card is a better concussion, homing, and assault missile and its good against formations or single ships.
  2. Three scurrgs with harpoon and chips to get the crit. Give me three missile shots against fairship and rex is dead, if I shot jess shes dead beneath shields and lowrick and Biggs are left with half health.
  3. Play what you know, play what you like, and play to have fun. Don't be intimidated by the best players in your area, even the most skilled players can be outflown our can make mistakes. Just play your best and see how you do, there's always another tournament anyway so no pressure. Everybody does bad at a tournament in their x wing career to don't sweat it if things go bad. Bring lots of water and something to eat and good luck!
  4. The real question is..... How can we put mindlink on these?
  5. Did somebody order TWO evades on a defender?
  6. Thing about flying imps is most ships have an optimal loadout that everyone is going to eventually come to the conclusion of anyway . There's more variability with sfs but you cant exactly be creative with the ptl aces. The real uniqueness is what combination of pilots you choose, and even then people know what's good whether they read it online or not.
  7. I think it's a separate version of the Q2 or just Q3 kits that was announced to have the world's card. Store championship kits will be seperate.
  8. Yeah! Crackshot is great against anything, even ships with evade. One extra damage when you need it is worth it any game. Against non evade aces like fenn, the basically gurenteed damage is nice though.
  9. I think it would have been best for me to just joust him, and get vessery and Quickdraw right in biggs face. He has a 3 die shot from biggs unmodded and 2 modded corran shots, while I have an omega, fully modded 3 dice vessery, and 2 fully modded Quickdraw shots that I don't have to give up a turn of firing like corran for. Especially if Quickdraw doesn't lose all of his Shields in the first pass I am even farther ahead. I would probably want to take corran down after biggs, the list is after all built around him. If I could have shot at ashoka with just one left though I might just try to kill ashoka before corran comes back in, especially if he's already fully regened. Overall I have not had much experience fighting corran and was worried by him, when I should have just realized I have a jousting advantage. My usual strategy against biggs lists is to drag them through the rocks and strike when they have a bad position, but trying to outmanuever nathan friggin eide in the rocks was a terrible idea. I also almost never rush forward with everyone, especially omega, but I should have recognized that he couldn't take a several rounds of all my ships firing. In the end I fed him Quickdraw and lost all my Shields in one pass, and had vessery out of position the entire game. I know kevin lentz in the commentary was also suggesting that I should have went for the open space, which I also didn't consider. I've spent most of my x wing career playing dodgy ptl aces, so straight up jousting is not a strategy I naturally consider.
  10. Thanks! And yeah I was happy with the result, was just trying to be very careful the entire game, anytime I go too confident into a matchup I end up losing. The list was definatley unconventional but not to be underestimated.
  11. Team covenant will be posting the video within the next month or two but search golds squadron podcast on twitch and it's towards the end of their most recent hoth streaming video.
  12. I considered that but going into hoth parattani was still very popular so fenn and assaj would typically have 2 focus tokens, enough for Quickdraw and vessery. Whether or not vessery spends his focus on defense before attacking depends on dice, but I almost always spend the evade so that's another reason. Also I like how crack is gurenteed, juke could never be useful and it's twice the cost. Might be worth looking at now though with less prattani, Attani is still very popular though.
  13. In fact, I usually play all 3 of those aces slow at the beginning of the match, slowrolling so that I can feel out where my opponents going and confuse them. This can be a detriment though, as you saw in the top 4 game, where it actually would have been to my advantage to bum rush nathans list. Also in the process of slow rolling the defender I got him way out of position. I've learned it's important to not always commit to one strategy.
  14. I typically hold Omega back in the initial approach, doing 1 turns and barell rolls to stall in the corner I start in. I don't always put omega in the opening joust just to make sure she's safe, and I figure the one or two damage I give up by leaving her out of the first engagement is well worth it if she lives to the end game. I usually play very safe with omega and never sloop or k turn if I don't have my evade and lock, and sometimes I'll just disengage and come back in when it's safer. Against fenn I like to have her kinda sneak up on him while the other Aces come at him from different angles. If your fenn and have quicldraw coming in and vessery getting behind you omega is not gonna be your priority. Also many people don't realize that against many lists if you don't kill omega your screwed. Basically I hold Omega back until she can enter combat safely, and usually she finds a way to sneak up on fenn or defenders. The beauty of my list is everyone is a big threat to fenn, so I don't have as much pressure to get her in the fight early.
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