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  1. GUNBOATS!!!!!!! on to TIE Avengers lads. Upwards and onwards!
  2. FFG should just unnerf the TIE Phantom and put out a statement that if ppl complain more they will unnerf the old jumpmaster build. Fear will keep the posters inline.
  3. Looks like a TIE Defender got jacked.
  4. Regen Fel would have been fun.
  5. It's pretty understandable really. FFG made the mistake of giving into forum moaning once. Now that the community has seen it's affective it will keep using that strategy.
  6. Or maybe you can't modify attack dice if they are out of arc.
  7. A one straight, a cannon slot, two missile slots, and a title that lets you fire a cannon and missile in the same turn. Get in range one, ion them, pound with unguided rockets. Repeat till the TLT is dead.
  8. Was released in Wave 3. Actually no. The Rebels Interceptor didn't have blood strips. Just a red band on the wing tips and a red patch on the back. It was also grey.
  9. Don't know if it's been mentioned here but last summer, at Sydney ComicCon, Katee Sackoff, who was the voice of Bo-Katan Kryse in The Clone Wars, said that the character was coming to Rebels in season 3. She also said that her parts of the show had been recorded. So, it looks to me that Bo-Katan is Sabine's mother. Nah - Filoni said in an interview that she wasn't. Just that Sabine's mother was 'in the throne room' in those Clone Wars episodes. So her mother is apparently someone else who at least knew Bo-Katan, and likely the reason Bo-Katan reappears. He also said Ahsoka wasn't Fulcrum. He's willing to lie to maintain suprise.
  10. When do the jump pack stormtroopers appear? I missed them.
  11. Yeah I was really hoping this would be the Star Wars movie to have decent squad tactics, use of cover. At least they didn't pull the Rebels stand and wait to get shot at point blank range level of tactics.
  12. You must not have seen the Bastogne episode about the doctor. It was rather tragic and one of the better episodes.
  13. Rogue One was an enjoyable film but it still has fundamental issues from a film craft standpoint. Even if you make up an some fallacy (or perhaps fantasy) about it following some war movie archetype, plenty of war movies and shows have made their characters more compelling in less time. Band of Brothers was a series, but showed how to introduce and have a complete arch for a group of characters in half the time
  14. I'd rather Rogue Squadron be an HBOesk mini series than a movie.
  15. That's 72 TIE craft total, including boarding craft, bombers, and fighters. So we're talking 48 fighters per Star Destroyer.