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  1. Two shield regen seems good at first glance, if they use 2.0 rules for the reinforce than they will be much more susceptible to chip damage.
  2. Maarek Stele in his Defender. More Interceptor pilots Leia in a N-1 for Rebels
  3. Stabilized S-Foil so maybe treat your bullseye as your front arc for the purpose of line of sight. I know thats not gonna happen but would make B-Wings a lot more effective with cannons.
  4. What says I have to be happy with whatever FFG puts out? I'm a customer, I spend my money, so I get to voice my thoughts. There's ships in the Empire in more need of pilots than the Striker or Decimator. Would rather have a pack fully dedicated to pilots.
  5. This is disappointing. Its more upgrade reprints than pilots
  6. make a universal rule letting you fire cannons in addition to primary attacks. Price appropriately if needed for cards like heavy cannons.
  7. Even if you take the argument that Soontir is enough for good representation of the frame on the table, it still doesn't excuse the lack of generics and there's room to have a discussion about that. Personally I think most Interceptors should go down at least 1 point. Alphas at 33 means six on the table. I haven't done the math to compare it to Tie/In with howlrunner though and I think that would be an interesting comparison.
  8. Tie Interceptors need to go down a point
  9. Rho Squadron Pilot (35) Trick Shot (4) Passive Sensors (3) Proton Torpedoes (13) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Total: 55 Maybe something like this to dance around the rocks and try and live as long as possible?
  10. Let's not forget all the brick and mortar stores FFG and Asmodee burned with Barnes and Nobles releasing their stock and disallowing them to compete.
  11. Hope for them to drop to 33 points so you can take 6.
  12. Ordnance, cannons and turrets would add an extra attack and have the cost for that built into their cards.
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