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  1. Probably will get b-wings and Defenders at the same time.
  2. Ya I'm not gonna buy everything again. Third edition would have to be purely a rules update.
  3. The polygon shape came from X-Wing vs Tie Fighter Balance of power. Before that it was rounded and slightly egg shaped. It's last in Canon appearance was essential guide to warfare which used Fractualsponges model which does a good job in incorporating that egg shape I think.
  4. It's round in the original cutscenes of Tie Fighter. You're thinking of a later game.
  5. Game needs the Tie Avenger. Something between Advanced and Defender. It's also the last tie from the X-Wing/Tie Fighter video game not included.
  6. Draw. They are sending codes out in batches through the day it looks like, according to what Matt posted on reddit. So if you haven't got a code yet don't despair.
  7. It might make it too pricy as an item, but Resistance YT and then the black/orange T-70 and Orange triangle T-70 would be my preferred set.
  8. I'll buy new ships in different colors because this scratches my micro machine itch I grew as a kid. I'd especially love green Squadron A-Wings. Though I suspect we will get Hera's alt color scheme when it happens. Either way more pilots keep things interesting. Hope we see Hera and Ahsoka pilots.
  9. Rebels paint scheme Defender with the pilot from that show, plus Maarek Stele and a revised Tie/D configuration. Interceptor with Rebels show scheme and new pilots.
  10. Fractalsponge had his Starwings in the Essential Guide to Warfare before Disney bought the license, so until FFG released their model, his version *was* the canon interpretation.
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