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  1. Hi. I'm looking for an issues that might interest secret society allied to Inquisition for a session. Like those things that people say Illuminati do. Any ideas?
  2. Nope and nope. According to RAW you can exchange stuff only after successful Commerce test. Even without it it's quite tough to use: usually you wouldn't exchange rarer item for more common one. Besides my rule doesn't apply to all items, just valuables like cash, precious stone, etc. How did it go, Morbid?
  3. Changing the core of mechanics usually causes more trouble than it solves. If you really want to speed up the combat you should just prepare accordingly and keep it simple.
  4. Here's an idea on how to make loots more interesting for your players and grasp better feeling of what character's influence is. It's valuables. Cash, precious metals and stones, jewelery, treasures and more exotic kinds of stuff that people keep mostly as condensed wealth. Normal way to handle them in DH2 is to allow to trade them with commerce skill according to RAW. You, GM, give this piece of wealth an availability type, a buyer and there you go - it can be exchanged for anything. But this isn't always logical or fair. Bartering is very random in this game. One trinket can be worth null or fortune, depending on a dice roll. What about currencies? They're usually stable and don't change their worth every five minutes. You can't expect someone to agree on exchanging 5 euros for 10 euros, you wouldn't certainly do it, would you? That's why I think that there should be simpler rule for using valuables. Mechanically it works like this: First of all, when does the "valuable" start and when it remains irrelevant? Basically it's a treasure. A suitcase filled with money, a golden idol, rare precious stone found on an exotic planet. It's not what was left of your wage at the end of the week, it's more than your Bar Mitzvah or Confimation cash presents. It's substantial and worth sinning for. When character finds a trinket and evaluates it (if the currency is known to character it's automatic success on test, if it's unknown xeno precious stone, more difficult test is needed), game master tells him how big of a bonus he can add to his chosen Influence roll. Let's say the treasure is a pot of gold stolen from space leprechauns and the bonus is +10. Now it can be added to any influence test that character makes, but only once if succeeded (character buys whatever he wants to get with this gold). If the test was a failure, the gold is not expended. But if character is far sighted businessman or woman, he or she can turn that cash straight into assets by investing, lending the money, buying some friends etc. The treasure is removed from equipment and the character receives influence points equal to the tens digit of it's influence bonus. In case of the pot o' gold - one influence point. What do you think, chaps?
  5. That would be a good idea were it not for the possibility of whichever of the protagonists has the better techpriest being able to subvert the servitors and turn them on their enemy! Given enough time, you could end up with a character having a retinue of several MegaCredits worth of servitors! Well you don't have to provide legions of them. Or allow them to hack servitors so easily. Or just put automated turrets there.
  6. ...when player character sleeps with military crate full of plasma flasks under her bed, waiting for a better market to trade it.
  7. Yeah, loud and dumb servitors would make good guardians.
  8. Do you allow requisitioning whole units to your players? Like sniper teams, sentries, sentinels, artillery (in form of barrages)? What are their rules? I've been allowing to requisition artillery and mortar barrages. They're the same availability as ammo for them, but require Navigation Surface test to indicate the position of barrage to the artillery commander. Then he makes BS test and shoots at the target. But I was also thinking about requisitioning of NPC's and taking them on a mission, in Mission Assigned Equipment (don't wanna invent all the availabilities for them). Especially when the task at hand is very demanding. On the battlefield they would be under squad leader's command and issuing orders would require Command test. They would receive penalties and bonuses to tests depending on whether the Command test was a success or failure.
  9. I think they could get sentinel with a pilot and a lascannon. It can die after one shot from ork kannon and it can deal significant damage if used with caution. Characters won't be able to use it freely, though. Squad commander will give orders by using Command skill and it's test will reflect how well the order was performed. I was thinking that every DoF or DoS grants -10 or +10 to all tests made by sentinel.
  10. Ok, so I can add my own. Availability for all the new bionic senses is the same as for classic ones. Of course Good and Best quality augmetics have also all the properties of the worse ones. Bionic Sense: Thermoreception These are thermal detectors located in nanocavities in augmented's cheeks. They allow him to detect differences in temperature between surfaces that he can draw a line of sight to. It gives a character a Dark Sight trait. Good quality ones allow to fully "see" the surroundings with the sense, even with eyes closed. If the character had the Blind trait, he loses it thanks to this augmentation. Best qualty ones when used with humans allow to judge their attitude and emotion, comparing temperatures of different body sections. Perfect resolution of this sense allows it to help in tasks requiring great attention to detail. It grants +20 to the scrutiny tests when the temperature can provide valuable information or clues (character still requires adequate knowledge to make use of the data he acquired. For example he can judge time of death of the body by measuring it's temperature, but he still needs Medicae skill to do that). Bionic Sense: Electroreception Called also "Shark's Tears" are microampulae covering augmented's face. They allow to detect electric discharges in the environment and therefore be aware of nearby electric instalations if they're on. Their placement and whether they're being used can also be noticed. Good quality ones detect even the slightest discharges, like those forcing heart muscles to pump blood in living beings. Character with this augmentation can detect living creatures as if with an auspex, though without the need for Tech-Use test (only Awareness test required). Best ones allow to some extent "read" the data that cogitators or machine spirits are processing. Character still requires Tech-Use skill test to succeed, though. Bionic Sense: Canine Olfactorial Lobe Actually two implants: one is the olfactory detector mounted inside (or instead) of the augmented's nose, the other is a brain implant. Together they allow to detect smells and to draw complex conclusions from them. It obviously requires atmosphere to function. Basic model gives +10 bonus to detect smells and track living creatures. Good one allows to retrograde the olfactory profile of the environment. For example if there's a smell of blood in the room, the sense allows to tell when the blood was spilled and what other smells were present during this time. Movement of smells and their spacial relations can also be registered this way. Best olfactorial lobes can be used in all tests to Chymistry tests to detect, identify, craft and research various substances. It grants +20 bonus to them.
  11. Ok, I think I'm gonna make it looted Leman Russ and give it to the orks to drive. They'll turn Battle Cannon into Kannon (the same as mounted atop of Squiggoth Howdah, main difference is that it shoots once for two turns), because the latter does moar dakka. Besides it needs some weak spots. One of the sponsons will be gone - there'll be a nice minigame to try to remain on the left side of the tank at all times. The tank should receive Ramshackle trait (1d10 Critical Damage roll instead of 1d5 when RF). Or maybe not... No, it doesn't make the fight easier, it makes it more random. Also the battle arena will be stacked with walls to hide for PC's. They'll give them AR, but will perish when shot at, forcing them to change position quickly. But there could also be one display of power, one shot from da Kannon, that should tell players that one shot can be all that is needed to kill them. Any ideas?
  12. Hey guys. I'm planning a sneaky session in Only War and I wanted to outline some basic rules, that would make it smooth and dripping with ambience. Feel free to post yours. First of all, the setting. PC's are infiltrating ancient bunker and discover xeno lurking in the dark. They're free to act as they wish, though the alien chooses to fight from the shadows, for it was spawned for this by the hive mind as a lictor (from DH2:Enemies Without book). Players will be provided with tactical map of the bunker complex. Here are my ideas on how to make sneaky session possible: 1. Draw venting system in a bunker. Be clever though. Don't try to draw separate "floor" for it, cause that will make the whole map messy. Draw only vents and group them into separate systems, by indicating them with a symbol. Then assume that it's possible to move between vents with the same indication if the navigation (or tech-use, fairly easy) test is done. Vents marked with another indication may not be accessible or should require more difficult test to pass (tech-use if it requires messing with machinery or strength-athletics if it requires some climbing for example). 2. Introduce multi-level awareness. It means that success in awareness vs stealth test shouldn't automatically allow to see the sneakee clearly and be able to recognize and/or shoot him. Up to 2 degrees of advantage in this test in favour of the one who's testing awareness should mean that he's merely suspecting intruder's presence and therefore isn't fully sure of it. This will allow the sneakee to hide or silently escape, not forcing him to fight right away. If you want to grasp this idea mechanically, I might have appropriate tool for you: alertness. Every time the character gains advantage on awareness vs stealth test, it gains alertness level. Number of those levels that can be tolerated depends on couple of factors. Basic number of AL is 3. When the last level of alertness is reached, the character is assumed to be fully aware of the sneakee and may take actions against him. It becomes lower or higher in different situations: - if character has Paranoia talent -1 AL - if character is on guard duty -1 AL - if character is relaxed, intoxicated, exhausted +1 AL - if character is fooled by sneakee's successful Deceive test (and he decides that the noise he heard was probably a rat or something) +1 AL 3. Allow for sneak attacks with a simple house rule: Point Blank (or Melee) Attacks that are also Surprising attacks make the target Helpless. 4. If the NPC's like to sneak, provide some clues that they do. Think of how they should behave when the fight starts: run away to the shadows, to prepare a new trap? Fight back until death? Do you have your own ideas?
  13. When you give the squad an opportunity to pet an animal, kitten to be exact, which was going to be burned alive by bunch of cultists. First thing they do after killing cultists - hack the little fuc*er in half. Now that they're thinking about it they want to have a servocat.
  14. Have you ever had a session in which PCs fought against the tank or sth similar? I'm thinking that I could try to throw Leman Russ against my PCs but I need some ideas on how to balance the encounter. Im thinking lots of cover for infantry, some anti armor weapons, lots of hiding places...
  15. It's not really fair to make bionics heavier than flesh. Just remember that having bionics installed requires appropriate place where you can even start to look for them, then it takes skilled medicae specialist to install them and after 2d10 days the bionics can be used. Players should'nt be punished ano more IMO.
  16. Yeah, because quality is gradual I think it's good idea, mechanically, to allow players to achieve poor quality equipment if they rolled 1 DoF and Good or even Best if they rolled 2 DoS or 3 DoS. It could ease the pain after failing the test or give a reward for stacking inf bonuses before it.
  17. And why bionic arm shouldn't be covered with synthetic skin? Best quality bionic arms should allow to do that.
  18. Frag grenades were great in Only War, because obvious reasons, but in Dark Heresy 2 they don't seem to belong to His Imperial Highness Agent's arsenal. If the acolytes operate in a hive city or just crowded city, they should become famous in no time, because there's nothing that spreads across the town like the rumours of explosions. Besides, aren't they quite easy to dodge with current rules? If not they should be. I'd change their stats so that main function of grenade would be luring the enemy from behind the cover - as it is in real life. This way you could set up traps, take greater control over the battlefield and with fewer lucky dice throws. So as to other types of nades, they're cool, cause they add tactical depth to the game and sometimes make even nice plothooks.
  19. Simple: if the character is in point blank range and surprised at the same time, it's helpless.
  20. Actually it's not that easy. You can multiply attacks in many ways, but there aren't many ways to increase damage in OW. Doubling damage inflicted is worth more than additional attack, cause the latter can always miss.
  21. I wouldn't modify the rules by removing it's core if I were you. It'd just change the game's balance, pacing, difficulty and make things messy. Besides it's pointless to cook your brain over it if you're planning only 6 sessions with OW. But you can cut out the whole portions of mechanic. It really depends on you which ones, cause you may make some of them recurring themes in your sessions. For example if you want to play simple tactical simulator sessions you may cut out logistics and provide PC's with set of equipment before every mission. You may give up hospitalizing - make PC's regenerate by set number of HP every session, or just fully. Forget about vehicles - that's whole another RPG system for your players to understand. I wouldn't advise to abandon regiment and character creation though. For some players these are the funniest sessions in the world. I know a guy who won RPG competition with session with character creations only. Also try to convince your players not to play psykers - psionic rules are complicated and powers take more time than normal attack to roll for. Rest of the characters should be cool. If you're planning battle, make tactical map with simple task for PC's - storm a fortified position or defend it. It's good idea to allow them to see the map earlier (if has to be justified by the plot of course!) to let them make plans and predictions. Don't make it to big - 50mx50m maximum. Put there a lot of cover, rubble, craters n' ****. Use one or two types of NPC's per encounter and prepare cards with their stats and hit boxes that you cross out when they loose hit points. Don't make them use more than 3 different kinds of weapons. You may give up critical injuries for them, though they're fun when fighting orks and bosses. Don't think about their tactic during the battle too much. Plan it before sessions. Give simple tasks to every NPC on the field like "shoot enemy on sight" or "charge on sight" and execute it. Also you may choose max 3 different actions and make NPC's use only them, for example - Semi-Auto Burst, Surpressing Fire and All Out Attack. All these things will make sessions run smoothly and easily, cause you and your players have only a fraction of rules to remember. Of course you should say which parts of mechanic you abandon to your players. They might be investing exp points into them and get frustrated.
  22. But if you're shooting something with TB+AR=6, which is quite common, with 1d10+4 weapon, you deal 0-8 dam, with 9,5 dam on average, reduced by BT+AR=6. It's 9,5-6=3,5 damage in the end. By adding 4 to such weapon damage, you deal after reduction 7,5 dam, which is more than 200% increase! Your min and max damage also increases: to 3 and 12 pts!
  23. His name is not Sam Klein. I am working on a way to screw him over, and the best part is he did it to himself. He's playing a Dark Angel who wants to become a Chaplain, and in his mind, the primary function of a chaplain is to torture people. So while on the introductory mission I did, basically a prologue before they got to Watch Fortress Erioch, they were traveling on a ship and I let them explore it and to interact with various NPC's and such. His character decided to head down to the prison block to work on his torturing techniques, putting his attention on a very creepy twelve-year-old girl (I'm running with the idea that she is a legion daemon host, as in their are several warp-entities residing in her, yet they fight with each other so much that she is still, mostly, in charge) who had been discovered on a derelict Blackship where she had broken free and slaughtered everyone, which is how the Deathwatch got their hands on her, they had investigated the ship believing it had been the work of Dark Eldar raiders, eerily enough, she went with them without putting up a fight. His character then decided to torture her for four hours, not for information, just to practice his torture skills. This naturally brought his character to her attention, and now she has an obsession with him and is screwing with him even though she is supposed to be locked away in the Watch Fortresses holding cells designed to hold entities like her, speaking to him when he's alone and leaving creepy crayon drawings for him. It doesn't help that she's part of a larger Tzeentchian cult, who are going to be the ultimate big bads of this campaign. Right now, I'm torn between having little Agatha's big sisters and brothers kill him horribly, or break him and forcibly turn him to chaos. Meanwhile, his continued contact with Agatha will force him to get corruption points. I am working on making sure the other players get their own rivals/arch enemies, but it really worked out way too well how he just walked into his current dire predicament against a group of opponents who will definitely outmatch and crush him, especially if he tries to take them on by himself. Also, I do like your Necron Lord possession idea. You do get evil genius points for that. Don't wanna spoil the fun for you, but this is not the best way to build campaign. First of all, if there's an arch nemesis in a campaign, it shouldn't be exclusive for one player only. You never know if other players are motivated enough to fight for someone else's case, especially if he's jerk. It's better to create one villain, with rich history and ties to every player character in the group, instead of creating lots of villains. Besides if that player is an epic jerk, the kind you've mentioned before, you shouldn't distinguish him by inventing whole campaign around his character. Best strategy (besides talking to him about it) is to lessen any significance of his character's deeds while he's doing his private quests.
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