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  1. I have a copy of the hardback rules, are you looking for those only or the game too? I'm looking to sell my copy with rules included, only played 3 times.
  2. I'm only three cycles into the game, but my first go-to testing quest is Massing at Osgiliath, followed by Into Ithilien. I lean towards a one deck to rule them all style (though I make multiple decks frequently, I just try to build them so they hold up against anything). And if it can't beat those it's not going to hold up when the going gets tough. If I really think a given deck might be pretty weak I'll start with Nightmare Passage Through Mirkwood, which is the right a mount of difficulty that I can see the weaknesses of my decks. I don't really feel that there's a solid all in questing quest within the first three cycles. So I might use Into the Pit or Redhorn Gate, but those are generally pretty easy quests, so they don't tell me too much besides my capacity for willpower.
  3. Here's a related question that may or may not help clarify this. Let's say you're on the first turn of Carn Dum with Accursed Battlefield as your active location, making all quest cards in play gain Battle. You quest enough to clear out the location and place some progress. If locations left play before you placed progress on the quest, wouldn't that mean the quest loses Battle and you would have to recalculate the quest will willpower, not attack? I really doubt this is the intent, so the ruling that quest progress is determined before discarding the active location makes sense to me, and would make me think that you can't place progress until the turn after the Helm of the Stormcaller enters the victory display, assuming you clear it out during the quest stage and not at some other time with some other effect. I'm not as familiar with the rulebook and FAQ as some others, so not sure how this holds up with a literal interpretation of the rules (or if it's even helpful), but it helped me conceptualize it and understand why it (kind of) has to be this way.
  4. It's each POINT of damage, so you only cancel one point for each resource, not the entire attack. "cancel THAT damage"
  5. I think this is a screen size issue, but I will look into it. I was having this problem too a while ago, but it seems to be resolved for me lately. Same here, it seems to be working just fine now.
  6. Seastan, when using your builder on my computer the "number of copies of a card" option appears on two lines; so it's 0/1/2 and then 3 on a separate line, which looks kind of awkward. Is this an issue with my screen size or something or can you fix it? Rivendell Councilroom works fine for me, where each card only gets one line. Looks much cleaner that way.
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